Balancer Shaft Seal

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Yes, the $650 quoted includes re-doing the timing belt for a second time in less than 12,000 miles. I am more angry with Honda for not making people aware of what they knew was a minor flaw to fix, but had major repair costs associated with it if you didn't do it. I would have had this fixed immediately if I had known about it. I have always been diligent about performing scheduled maintenance to this vehicle on a timely basis. Needless to say I will never own another Honda !!!!!


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    There may have been a TSB (technical service bulletins) on it, but Honda Mo Co does not allow to post their TSB's. Why? I don't know.

    I do recall on Goss' Garage radio show last year, he did mention it.

    Maybe the honda customers can pressure Honda in allowing to post its TSB's.
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    What year and make are we working on?
    Maybe I can find some info on a tsb, but be aware that if the vehicle isn't under warranty, the TSB won't be much help at saving you money.
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    I cannot recall all the years, but it is mainly with the 2.2L engines.

    You'll have to contact a honda dealership, as the tsb is not available on-line (nhtsa charges you a fee)
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    it's a real shame that this problem was kept from the public
    I found out about it after 180.000 when i went to honda to buy a timming and ballance belt
    if I went to a parts store for an after market I would have never known {this was before I found out about great sites like this one]
    I do my own repairs but that really sucks when you find out after a timing belt change
    if the seal popps out like they claim your going to loose alot of oil very fast
    it does not sound like a leak that your going to pick up on
    I think it would be a wise investment to get the fix
    I have 250,000 miles on my engine and it still runs like new. checked valve lash clearance a couple of months ago and found them at the prefferd clearnce really didn't have to touch them but I brought them down to min. specs
    what I'm trying to say is that this 2.2 is a great engine well worth the repairs
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    This was a recall. Mine was done when I had my water pump/timing belt done at 90k...I forgot to ask about it, but the dealer went ahead and did it and told me about it afterwards. It'd be nice if more dealer service depts were more proactive like this one (Randy Khuel Honda in Cedar Rapids, IA.) It's a shame I'm looking beyond Honda for my next car (nothing against them; I've owned three and I'm ready to try something new) because the service is so good.
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    Just a Product Update. As I understand it only 1994-1997's were affected.

    Now, a seal CAN fail on any car, not just Hondas.

    After almost 100,000 miles, anything can happen.

    I understand gaby's frustration, but another make or model could just as easilly done the same thing, perhaps sooner!
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    Make: HONDA Model: ACCORD Year: 1994

    Service Bulletin Number: 00073 Bulletin Sequence Number: 188 Date of Bulletin: 10/00

    NHTSA Item Number: SB618908
    Component: ENGINE
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    do you have. Have 132K on my 97 I4 and have been told the shaft holding the intake valves has an oil deficency problem causing wear. I notice a lot of 97 accords with noisy vavle trains. You have a similiar experience with valve noise, particularly when temp is below freezing.
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    I have a 94 accord with a 2.2 engine
    we are comparing apples to oranges
    I'm the orange coming from florida my engine doesn't see freezing. the cooling system is so good eng. temp stays at normal no matter what
    never have to deal with frozen oil trying to get to the top of the engine
    maybe a thinner oil for the winter months would help or syn.
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    The balancer shaft failure was due to a design flaw by Honda engineers. A simple $4.00 clip would have prevented the balancer shaft seal failure. By the way, this is how Honda corrected the problem---a simple $4.00 clip that holds the seal in place.

    isellhondas--sure seals can fail but not at the rate that the 5th generation Accords did!
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    if the dashboard was fully instrumented, and the driver was looking at it periodically, even if the engine blew all the oil out, a Driver (note the capital letter denoting superior in the field of "drivers") would see big trouble and get to the side of the road fast, probably saving the engine.

    /screed off/
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