Toyota Sienna Future Models

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From what i have read in these forums about the upcoming sienna these are the Pros i could think of

larger van (present sienna is just a bit smaller)
Split (60/40) flip down 3rd seat ( very good solution)
Increase in engine Hp & torque (dont know by how many)
Slider hidden in window appearance wise looks good
Side air bags
windows that go down (if they can make it sleek and flowing with the exterior)
DVD entertainment system

Things that might be interesting is if they have a

slide by side 2nd row seat.
Full size spare
Rear heating ducts
a 5 speed tranny to improve gas mileage


  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Member Posts: 932
    I took the spy photo of the Sienna on Edmunds and photoshopped it. I believe it may give a very good idea of what the front and side of the new Sienna will look like...I just don't know how to post it.
  • eddie777eddie777 Member Posts: 33
    I think other Cdns shopping for Toyotas would find it very informative also, here's the link: 329/RTOYO//?query=toyota

    So you're shopping for a CE 8 also? Let me know how you do. Despite the recent news, given that the 04 Sienna might qualify as a "hot" new car, I still think getting a significant discount would be difficult. Best of luck though.
  • tony22rtony22r Member Posts: 45
    Toyota should slap on a TRD Supercharger!
    The 3.0L DOHC V6 will easily produce:
    285 horsepower @ 6000rpm
    297 ft*lb torque @ 5000rpm

    Firm up the suspension all around with fatter coil springs, add a rear stabilizer, beefier front stabilizer bar, 17" alloy rims, rear spoiler, sport steering wheel and dashboard layout with tachometer from the Celica GTS, rear disc brakes and bigger ventilated front discs. Oh yeah, that makes me drool...
  • tony22rtony22r Member Posts: 45
    4.7L DOHC V8 (245 horsepower, 315 ft*lb torque),
    Lexus transmission to handle the torque.
    3" body lift, 3" suspension lift, TRD off-road suspension package with locking differential, replace rubber-booted CV-joints with solid metal U-joints, lower gearing, 265/70R16 offroad tires on 16" steel wheels, black overfenders to accomodate big tires, full gauges (tachometer, oil pressure, temperature, charge), full size spare tire mounted on roof rack (with shovel, jack, gas container, and light bar), front bumper brush guard with light bar.
    Hell yeah! Then Toyota can start a new class of minivan offroad rally racing... Har har har...
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    Will the 2003 Sienna model incorporate the feature of windows that actually can go down? Like the Mazda MPV currently has?
  • johnshewjohnshew Member Posts: 1
    According to

    The 2003 model has been refreshed, now boasting a 210-hp 3.0-liter 24-valve DOHC V6 engine with VVT-i. Translation...a minivan that performs with extra-smooth idling, increased torque and power, all the while driving more fuel efficiently.

    With sleek lines and soft curves, this is no ordinary minivan. Over 30 features have been upgraded on the 2003 Sienna, making for a more enjoyable ride.

    All the models benefit from the front- and back-end redesign, an on-glass antenna, wheel covers and more body cladding colors. In addition, the XLE showcases color-keyed mirrors and integrated fog lamps.

    Once you experience Sienna there's no turning back. Its inside has been generously upgraded with amenities like: new cloth interior, optional adjustable heated seats (XLE, leather only), available side-impact air bags (SRS), a sliding third-row seat, an available JBL sound system* and an available rear-seat entertainment system (VCR, A/V input jacks). And with two back rows of seats that slide, fold and detach, the Sienna allows for up to seven seat configurations.

  • machiavellimachiavelli Member Posts: 260
    Don't get your shorts in an uproars, but the '03 is still the current generation, basically unchanged since it was "freshened" for 2001 model year. The '04 will be all new. Wait for the '04
  • mackabeemackabee Member Posts: 4,709
    is the same as 2002, just received the brochures and I don't see anything different from the 2002. Supposedly the 2004 which will be out in the spring will be the "all new, redesigned Sienna" I don't know what Toyota is thinking right now, the Odyssey is kicking our [non-permissible content removed] and they come out with the same van for 2003? Get real!

    : (

  • tony22rtony22r Member Posts: 45
    re: .."the Odyssey is kicking our [non-permissible content removed] "..

    I agree mackabee,

    It's that 240hp V6 and fold down 3rd row seat in the Honda!
    Besides those 2 factors though it really was a toss up. We went with the Sienna because decades of Toyota reliability and dependability had us hooked. (although that sludge thing is scary)

    That fold down 3rd row would be very handy but the horsepower was moot; my minivan dragracing days are over, hehe.
    Still, kudos to Honda for advancing the state of the art (of minivans).
  • machiavellimachiavelli Member Posts: 260
    The '04 Sienna will almost surely have the folding 3rd seat, and it will definitely have a larger engine and be bigger/heavier than the '98-03. It will be as big or bigger than the Ody.

    In the meantime, you can get some good deals on the current model. If you think the Ody is a little too big for your tastes, you still have a few more months to get the current Sienna.
  • edle777edle777 Member Posts: 19
    I know I'm dreaming but an ideal solution would be a short and long Sienna version (ala Caravan and Grand Caravan).

    The new Sienna sounds perfect . . . if you want something that big. If not, you're forced to choose between one that may be a good size but lacks features or wait for the new one, that does have the features we need but will likely come in too big a package.
  • jmezzjmezz Member Posts: 36
    i had heard from toyota that they were changing sienna for 03 and should be out maybe by september. can anyone offer anything more definite
  • jholzbergjholzberg Member Posts: 1
    Toyota updated their website & 2003 Sienna info is on there - it looks pretty much the same as the 2002.
  • machiavellimachiavelli Member Posts: 260
    From what I've heard/seen/read, the '03 (current) model will have a short run, then the '04 model will replace it in Spring 2003 (6 months or so from now)
  • jeffp8jeffp8 Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know the approximate date for the 04 Sienna release? It weighs heavily whether I wait for that vehicle or buy one now. Also does anyone have any specs, length, width, etc. on it? I hope Toyota realizes that the Honda took first place because of the larger size and fold down 3rd seat.
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    Keep checking Future Vehicles for info.

    2004 Toyota Sienna Minivan Van

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  • vixtervixter Member Posts: 34
    We are expecting an all-new Sienna to debut in Canada around the end of January 2003. May even be released as a 2003.5. Most preliminary info posted on this forum is correct from what I've heard.
  • vixtervixter Member Posts: 34
    Rumours are also floating around of the new van getting an iteration of the all-new 4.0L vvt-i powerplant found in the upcoming V6 4Runner. V6s will be available in 4Runners come January as well. They supposedly pack about 260hp. An AWD Sienna w/ this engine could prove to be another strong competitor to the Honda Pilot.
  • yliangyliang Member Posts: 9
    Any disadvantages for buying vans from canada to
    USA ? I believe cheaper in Canada.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    Take a look at this article.

    Gray Area: What You Need to Know About Canadian Cars in the U.S.

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  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Member Posts: 932
    An Edmunds Town Hall member posted that the 2004 Sienna could come in an AWD version.
  • jci1jci1 Member Posts: 34
    Hey Edmunds, what's up?
    Do you mean to tell me that you cannot get any information on the 2004 Sienna? I see spy pictures all over the magazines for new models coming out up to 2 years from now. Are you saying that no one knows ANYTHING about a car to be sold in the next 6 to 8 months? Surely Toyota has this model completly built, if not in true form then certainly on paper. If we know the 2003 model is a short run model, then we also know that the 2004 is close. It's unfortunate that some publications spend so much time researching the latest Porsche or Jaguar or Maybech (sp?) when us poor old mini van buyers just want the facts please.
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Member Posts: 932
    The new Sienna was underwraps a few months ago when my mom was on business to the Ann Arbor design facility. She saw it, but couldn't really tell anything from disguise. Check this out:

  • dorene2dorene2 Member Posts: 28
    Okay guys. I need to stop reading these things! I was going to put my name on an '03 Lunar Mist Symphony coming in in September even after taking into account preliminary talks about the 2004's. I knew all the info about February and bigger design, but really loved the size and manageability of the '02/'03 Sienna. Almost bought a Honda, but also could not stomach their arrogance about price and product. I like the Odyssey, but was not convinced I liked to size (or shape). I'm afraid that I won't like the '04 design and then all the '03's will be gone. I hope I will make the right decision.
  • dorene2dorene2 Member Posts: 28
    Well, I coontinue to plunder on my way without your advice. I placed a $500 deposit on a 2003 Lunar Mist Sienna Symphony which should be in mid-September. Through internet pricing I got $500 over "invoice" which placed me at $26,016, over $200 below carsdirect. price. I'm thinking that's good. I'm only afraid when Sept. 1st rolls around prices may lower. Of course, my sales rep says she thinks they'll go up! The eternal optimism of the car salesman overwhelms me! Oh well, if anyone has any last minute advice I'd love to hear it!!!
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Member Posts: 932
    If you are comfortable with the price and size of the current Sienna, go for it. I think that the Symphony Edition is very sharp looking. The new Sienna will probably cost are because it will be a new design and since it will be bigger. I've found the Sienna to have plenty of room throughout. If you are wary of driving large vehicles like minivans (worrying about parking, etc) then go with the 2003 because the 2004 will be bigger. You really can't go wrong. The only thing you will be missing in the 2004 is a bigger engine, larger body, and more features.
  • dorene2dorene2 Member Posts: 28
    Thanks so much for the feedback. I think you really nailed it with my reluctance towards the Odyssey size. Being a four door sedan person all of my life, I am hesitant to park and maneuver such a large vehicle. You should have seen me trying to pull up to the curb even with the Sienna! I keep saying that I'm not convinced that I need all that size in the Odyssey. I may be saying differently after purchasing the Sienna. I really do like the look of the Sienna Symphony, epsecaially in Lunar Mist. Do you have any feedback on the price? ($500 over invoice-about $26,000 before tax and title)
  • dorene2dorene2 Member Posts: 28
    Thanks for your feedback. I think you really nailed it with my reluctance of the size of the Odyssey. I am really fearful of parking and maneuvering a vehicle of that size. You should have seen me trying to pull even the Sienna up to the curb after the test drive. I have been saying that I wasn't convinced that I need the size of the Odyssey. I have been a four door sedan driver all of my life! This is a big move for me! Do you have any feedback on the price ($500 over invoice- about $26,000 before tax and title) Thanks!
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Member Posts: 932
    Sorry, I don't have any info on the price.
  • mykidsgrannymykidsgranny Member Posts: 2
    I was at the Kentucky factory in May. They are moving the Sienna production to another location....rumor was Canada. They are definitely talking longer and rumored the third seat goes into floor.
    I think your discusson about parking the longer van is a good one. I have been driving a Dodge Ram Diesel and go around the block several times to find a parking place. The Odyssey is only a foot shorter than the truck. Also I like to put my cars into the garage and even though I have an extended garage for the truck the longer van would really make it tough to get around. Something more to think about, fitting into the garage or carport.

    I found a dealer in Washington who will give me Costco price which is only $250 above invoice on 03 Sienna. I like the beige myself. I am less worried about ending up with a Canadian "gray car" ordering the Sienna rather than the Odyssey.
  • dorene2dorene2 Member Posts: 28
    I never thought about the size of the Odyssey or possibly new Sienna and our garage before seeing it discussed here the other day. After that We ran out and checked the size of each of our two separate garages and one would not fit it at all and the other would be awfully tight just by measurements alone let alone actually trying to drive it in there and then open the door to get out. That point helped drive us to our decision on purchasing an '03 Sienna. I am so glad these discussions come up, they are very helpful! We really like having our vehicles in the garage especially due to our wonderful Buffalo winters!
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Member Posts: 932
    Yes, the Sienna will shift to Canada whereas the Solara which is now in Canada will move to Georgetown. Its engines already made there and the rest of the car will be manufactured there.
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Member Posts: 932
    Another good reason to have the current Sienna is that it is the safest vehicle ever tested, as reported by that one crash test. You can't get that kind of guarantee with a whole new Sienna.
  • dorene2dorene2 Member Posts: 28
    I thought I negotiated a pretty good deal with $300 over invoice on a 2003 Symphony, but I guess you beat me with $250! Good for you!!!! But at least I know I am in the ballpark with my deal. I wasn't sure since there has not been much talk about '03 prices in these discussions or "what did you pay" discussion. Mine will be in the second week of September. Let me know how you like yours. Did you get the beige? we went for the Lunar Mist. Have fun!
  • dorene2dorene2 Member Posts: 28
    I have to admit I was a bit leary of the "unknown" vehicle. You have to consider safety as well as style and reliability. Who knows what that thing is going to LOOK like! You know what they say about release year vehicles! Look at all the kinks Honda had to work out of the Odyssey! Maybe by the time they work out the new Sienna I will be ready! I can't wait for my Sienna to come in! "The waiting is the hardest part!" (A little tribute to Petty)
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Member Posts: 932
    I think you made the better choice. I really like the looks of that Lunar Mist Symphony Sienna!
  • marjokermarjoker Member Posts: 10
    Agree that Dorene made a wise, informed decision. New vehicles (even with Toyota) are more likely to have problems than models after a year or two of production. The current Sienna is just the right size for many people.
  • dorene2dorene2 Member Posts: 28
    Thanks guys, you really made my day and eased some of my mental tension over this decision. I am going to see our Symphony on Thursday!
  • dorene2dorene2 Member Posts: 28
    I agree that it would be nice to see some preliminary photos of the 2004's, but of course, that could just add to my stress. I have to think back to the 95 Windstar nightmare a friend of mine is living through. That first year of production model has cost her a bundle what with three head gasket replacements, two transimissions, sliding door falling off four times, etc. SOme was covered by Ford, but not all.
  • jci1jci1 Member Posts: 34
    Come on Edmonds, dig down deep and get us some info on 2004 Siennas!
  • dorene2dorene2 Member Posts: 28
    Please, please, please..........
  • sbell4sbell4 Member Posts: 446
    The van looks 100% better and the inside has been completely redesigned also.

    This is what I noticed:

    (1) will be available in March of 2003
    (2) 230 HP withe the VVTi V6
    (3) curtain airbags will be available for all three levels
    (4) power windows can be rolled down for the sliding doors
    (5) one touch foldable rear seats
    (6) telescopic steering wheel
    (7) bottle holders are intergrated in the map pockets
    (8) there are hooks that can be folded down throughout the van to hold purses, bags etc. all over the interior.
  • viktoria_rviktoria_r Member Posts: 103
    Anyone knows? Tx
  • jdubbsjdubbs Member Posts: 8
    Thanks for the info. If we are expecting March availability, when do you expect Toyota will start releasing some info?

    Also do you have any information on the size of the vehicle?
  • ash21ash21 Member Posts: 10
    sbell4 where did you get info on 2004 model.
  • sbell4sbell4 Member Posts: 446
    jdubbs - I do not know
    ash21 - September 9th at the 2003 Toyota National dealer meeting in Los Angeles.
  • jrtatoljrtatol Member Posts: 1
    I haven't seen anything on this board regarding a possible hybrid Sienna, anyone heard or seen anything about the possibility?
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Member Posts: 932
    Toyota has been working on alternative engines for larger vehicles. Toyota's other minivan sold in Japan, the Estima, uses a hybrid system and all-wheel-drive so it's not impossible that Toyota could implement these systems in the new Sienna. For all we know, maybe the Estima will be the next Sienna...however I doubt it. It's too much like the Previa in style, which is what is still named in some parts of the world.
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Member Posts: 932
    Edmunds has a spy shot of what they think is the next Sienna. It doesn't seem to be much bigger than the current one. Isn't the new one supposed to be similar in size to the Odyssey and Grand Caravan?

    It's evident that the sliding door's exterior track will be incorporated into the glass like the Caravan.

  • zxttzxtt Member Posts: 1
    Remember that the difference in length between the Sienna and Odyssey is something like 8 inches out of about 200. Without lining the van in the shot up with a reference van you can't tell how big it is.
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