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Toyota Sienna Future Models



  • dorene2dorene2 Posts: 28
    I never thought about the size of the Odyssey or possibly new Sienna and our garage before seeing it discussed here the other day. After that We ran out and checked the size of each of our two separate garages and one would not fit it at all and the other would be awfully tight just by measurements alone let alone actually trying to drive it in there and then open the door to get out. That point helped drive us to our decision on purchasing an '03 Sienna. I am so glad these discussions come up, they are very helpful! We really like having our vehicles in the garage especially due to our wonderful Buffalo winters!
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Posts: 932
    Yes, the Sienna will shift to Canada whereas the Solara which is now in Canada will move to Georgetown. Its engines already made there and the rest of the car will be manufactured there.
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Posts: 932
    Another good reason to have the current Sienna is that it is the safest vehicle ever tested, as reported by that one crash test. You can't get that kind of guarantee with a whole new Sienna.
  • dorene2dorene2 Posts: 28
    I thought I negotiated a pretty good deal with $300 over invoice on a 2003 Symphony, but I guess you beat me with $250! Good for you!!!! But at least I know I am in the ballpark with my deal. I wasn't sure since there has not been much talk about '03 prices in these discussions or "what did you pay" discussion. Mine will be in the second week of September. Let me know how you like yours. Did you get the beige? we went for the Lunar Mist. Have fun!
  • dorene2dorene2 Posts: 28
    I have to admit I was a bit leary of the "unknown" vehicle. You have to consider safety as well as style and reliability. Who knows what that thing is going to LOOK like! You know what they say about release year vehicles! Look at all the kinks Honda had to work out of the Odyssey! Maybe by the time they work out the new Sienna I will be ready! I can't wait for my Sienna to come in! "The waiting is the hardest part!" (A little tribute to Petty)
  • coolguyky7coolguyky7 Posts: 932
    I think you made the better choice. I really like the looks of that Lunar Mist Symphony Sienna!
  • Agree that Dorene made a wise, informed decision. New vehicles (even with Toyota) are more likely to have problems than models after a year or two of production. The current Sienna is just the right size for many people.
  • Thanks guys, you really made my day and eased some of my mental tension over this decision. I am going to see our Symphony on Thursday!
  • I agree that it would be nice to see some preliminary photos of the 2004's, but of course, that could just add to my stress. I have to think back to the 95 Windstar nightmare a friend of mine is living through. That first year of production model has cost her a bundle what with three head gasket replacements, two transimissions, sliding door falling off four times, etc. SOme was covered by Ford, but not all.
  • jci1jci1 Posts: 34
    Come on Edmonds, dig down deep and get us some info on 2004 Siennas!
  • Please, please, please..........
  • sbell4sbell4 Posts: 446
    The van looks 100% better and the inside has been completely redesigned also.

    This is what I noticed:

    (1) will be available in March of 2003
    (2) 230 HP withe the VVTi V6
    (3) curtain airbags will be available for all three levels
    (4) power windows can be rolled down for the sliding doors
    (5) one touch foldable rear seats
    (6) telescopic steering wheel
    (7) bottle holders are intergrated in the map pockets
    (8) there are hooks that can be folded down throughout the van to hold purses, bags etc. all over the interior.
  • Anyone knows? Tx
  • Thanks for the info. If we are expecting March availability, when do you expect Toyota will start releasing some info?

    Also do you have any information on the size of the vehicle?
  • ash21ash21 Posts: 10
    sbell4 where did you get info on 2004 model.
  • sbell4sbell4 Posts: 446
    jdubbs - I do not know
    ash21 - September 9th at the 2003 Toyota National dealer meeting in Los Angeles.
  • I haven't seen anything on this board regarding a possible hybrid Sienna, anyone heard or seen anything about the possibility?
  • Toyota has been working on alternative engines for larger vehicles. Toyota's other minivan sold in Japan, the Estima, uses a hybrid system and all-wheel-drive so it's not impossible that Toyota could implement these systems in the new Sienna. For all we know, maybe the Estima will be the next Sienna...however I doubt it. It's too much like the Previa in style, which is what is still named in some parts of the world.
  • Edmunds has a spy shot of what they think is the next Sienna. It doesn't seem to be much bigger than the current one. Isn't the new one supposed to be similar in size to the Odyssey and Grand Caravan?

    It's evident that the sliding door's exterior track will be incorporated into the glass like the Caravan.

  • zxttzxtt Posts: 1
    Remember that the difference in length between the Sienna and Odyssey is something like 8 inches out of about 200. Without lining the van in the shot up with a reference van you can't tell how big it is.
  • the new Sienna will be FWD or AWD, 18' longer than the current model and it will be sitting on the same frame that the Tundra and Sequoia are on ( I know this from talking to some of the contractors that installed the new Sienna equipment at TMMI (I work at TMMK, on line 2 (Sienna + Camry line)))
  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    Are you sure its 18" longer. It would be more like 8". if its 18" longer then they will redesign it within an yr!!!
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    18" longer - wouldn't that make it a foot longer than the Odyssey. Way to huge for me!
  • ash21ash21 Posts: 10
    Deepan: What do you mean by "they will redesign it within a year".
  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    well that was a tongue and cheek comment. my point was the size of a Grand caravan (~200") was the ideal size and ford, chevy and Honda followed. Why would toyota extend it by another 10" or so and test a new market. They know the odyssey is selling like hot cakes and followed them by designing the magic seat with split so IMHO it would be around 200".
  • We're currently in the market looking for a Minivan. Love the Toyota but its not big enough at 192". The Honda is 200" and even thats a little small. Five month wait does'nt excite me either.

    So can anybody clarify the length ??? An extra 18" makes it 210" long ????? Not the 200" that the Honda is currently. I'd be interested in the extra length. We're looking for a Minivan to cart 3 giant (130 lb) dogs in and the extra length would be great. How wide ????

    I've also seen pictures of the proposed 2004 Nissan Quest. Very nice exterior's not just a box on wheels. Any news on the exterior styling?
  • mrnimmomrnimmo Posts: 271
    >the new Sienna will be FWD or AWD, 18' longer than the current model and it will be sitting on the same frame that the Tundra and Sequoia

    I haven't read anything that it will be a body on frame design. I think you mean it will be built at the same factory as Tundra and Sequoia due to the length of the vehicle.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    I highly doubt Toyota will make the new Sienna 18" longer, or 210". It would get much heavier, and any extra hp from the larger engine would be wasted carrying the extra weight around. It would not be a minivan anymore. Remember a full sized Ford van is 212 inches long.

    If Toyota had two vans (would be nice after all they have 5 SUV's) they might make one of them that large, but not as their only van.

    My perfect Toyota van would be slightly smaller than the Sienna with The 2.4 l 4-cyl engine and a manual transmission (Tall Camry Wagon). It would be perfect for my needs since I just use the car to go places, and don't drag race or tow anything. I can garuntee Toyota will never build that.
  • A much larger Sienna would be longer than Ford Econoline but with less interior space due to lower height.
    Why not have 2 minivans since Toyota already has 5 SUV's of various sizes?
    A "tall" Camry wagon would be nice but Honda tried it with the first Oddysey which did not sell well here.
    If they did adopt your suggestion of a tall Camry wagon, why not have 3 Toyota minivans:
    #1. Tall Camry wagon.
    #2. Keep current Sienna size.
    #3. Have larger Odyssey size with the fold into the floor rear seat.
    Toyota has been very successful with many sedan sizes, many SUV sizes, and 2 sizes pickups with various configurations.
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