Audi A6 Maintenance and Repair

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Sorry, I meant to type "their".
I purchased a new Audi A6 in 2000. Since then we have gone through 3 sets of breaks, the check engine light has been on several times, the gas mechanism recall item, replaced tie rod ends, static in the left front door speaker, temperature gauge was fixed, and the car is constantly drinking oil. We have to put in at least 2 quarts of oil between the scheduled oil changes. Once the low pressure light went on. It's not leaking, as there isn't any spots - but it's burning it. The garage told us it was normal to burn 1 quart every 1,500 miles. I never had a car that burned oil at this rate. Most cars I've owed, I've never had to put oil in in-between the changes. And now, it's shifting hard. It's under warranty for another 11,000 miles - but I'm afraid to keep the car beyond that time. Anyone else having troubles?


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    I have a 1998 A4 sedan and experienced many of the same problems that you're having with the newer model. The check engine light, gas and temperature gauges stopped being a nuisance after several months. The oil scenario kept up for quite a while and the radio has been replaced on three separate occasions to no avail. Seemingly, the car does not like classical music stations --that's when the weird static kicks in.
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    I have an Audi A6 1998 model and every time I take my foot off the accelerator to slow down, the car bucks. It is an uncomfortable feeling and I never noticed it before. I had it serviced but to no avail. Has any one ever experienced this problem and if so could some one explain how this problem could be remedied. Thanks.

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    I have a 1999 A6. I've recently had noise in the front left of my car. Two repair shops couldn't find the problem. I was wondering what kind of symptoms your tie rods had, prior to replacement.

    By the way, based on my experience, I would not keep an A6 if it was out of warranty.
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    I too have a 2000 Audi A6 2.7T. The only problems I have had with mine is a shorted out cooling fan which was fixed, and my check engine light was come in twice. Once it was for a faulty accelerator pedal sensor, and the other time it was due to a problem with the cooling system. Both times they were promptly fixed by the dealer with no issues. My radio antenna was disconnected and it wouldn't pick up any AM radio, but that was also taken care of. Other than that, the only other problems I have had are that at some point, both front windows have come off their tracks, and have had to be fixed by the dealer. But I have not had any strange noises, and am completely in love with my car. It is a great car. I have had both Mercedes's and BMW's, and had similar experiences with them. I find these to be minor problems that you will have with any car. And as for not having an A6 out of warranty, I wouldn't have any of these cars out of warranty. The repair costs on any of these cars is outrageous.
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    My 99 A6 Quattro is also always in the shop. Recently my car did the same bucking action then the engine light came on. The car is right now in the shop having its throttle replaced. The techs say there is a mercury switch in the throttle that goes bad.

    I think I'm done with this car; even though I love the ride.
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    60 K service and first brake service needed - rotors not scored but cupped? Original set of pads...seems reasonable one set of pads per set of rotors!
    and at the time for $1100 they will retrofit the new and improved thanks.
    65K new water pump a deal at $110, oh and the$550 the way you have a massive leak in the valve train....$900 no thanks....time to share this car on the lease return. Done with this brand...too bad because I really liked this the shop seems to be developing an affinity for it.
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    Help on two items,
    1= fair price to install two outer cv boots,and
    2= any time of year in temperatures varing from
    - 0 to + 95 and time intervals from daily to once a month there is a smell very similar to burning parafin wax, this has been happening for 18 months or more.
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    Axle shaft (front), R&R:
    1995-99 A4, A4 Quattro, A6, A6 Quattro, 90, 90 Quattro
    Std trans
    one side.... 1.3
    both sides.. 2.4
    Auto trans
    one side.... 1.8
    both sides.. 3.4

    Boot, replace
    one (inner or outer).... .6
    both (one side)......... .9

    Axle shaft (rear), R&R:
    A4 Quattro, A6 Quattro.. 1.8

    Boot, replace
    one (inner or outer).... .5
    both (one side)......... .8
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    "lemon lawed" vehicles in the Nation, unfortunately. I like the cars, they're just rolling trouble.
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    I'm at 4375 miles on my 2002 A6 4.2 and have loved it so far. But then came today. The entire audio system went out -- radio, CD player, OnStar Telematics system, phone. It's Tuesday night, Audi cannot give me a shop appointment until Friday, and I was planning on leaving this weekend for a driving trip from Connecticut to Georgia.

    Given my planned trip, I would have hoped the dealer would have agreed to look at the problem sooner, in case parts have to be ordered. My tough luck. They got their $55,000 for the car. Why would they care about my problems?

    I got rid of a 2000 Jaguar because of chronic electronic gremlins. Looks like the Audi is headed for the same junk heap. Caveat emptor.
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    My 99 A6 started giving a grinding noise 2 weeks ago - noise came from the front of the car when making a right turn. A week later it happened in left turns too. Got the car back from dealer today - first they replaced right CV joint, to no avail. Then they replaced left-front inner wheel bearing - problem solved.
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    My 99 A6 does this too, at high speed 50+ MPH) when I let-off the gas slightly the tranny (quattro) acts like it wants to downshift, but it doesn't. It's really annoying when cruise control is on and traveling on a level surface.
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    could someone please give me some advice as to what to do with my brand new lemon A6...

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    I have 2002 A6 CVT. I liked this car until recently I drove at night and suddenly lost all my interior lights, power windows, power sits and power locks controls.

    I bring my car to dealership ( "Audi of Huntington Valley" in Philadelphia) and 4 days they are trying(?...) to determine what the problem is.

    Is somebody had any electrical problems in Audi 2002?
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    What state are you in?

    A6cvt - please contact me offline at [email protected]
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    I'm in Illinois

    Right now I have a case number with Audi and I guess this is Audi's initial dispute resolution mechanism. I have read cases about the Magnuson-Moss Act but I don't know if I could win. I don't understand what exactly this act is all about. Is this the step after the lemon law? Even if they give me a new car I am not going to be happy with the situation. A new car plus some monetary compensation...would be better. Help!!!

    By the way, I had the car for two weeks when this all happened. 2002 A6 CVT

    Thanks in advance.
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    usually shadows each state's lemon law. Each state's lemon law has mileage, time and visit frequency requirements. Mag-Moss is set up around "warranty of merchantability" and is more lenient towards vehicles with mileages over 12-18,000.

    Neither statute allows for a new car AND monetary compensation. There are no allowances for irritation, inconvenience, etc - recoveries are usually limited to the value of the vehicle, with respect to the severity of the case (4 transmissions in 20,000 miles is worth a bunch more than a persistent rattle in the dash or problem with the stereo).

    If Audi doesn't step up, and quickly (within 30 days or so), they aren't going to do anything for you and don't believe it when they say they're "looking into it" for you. Contact an attorney in your state - you can go to and look up folks in Illinois. I know there's a lemon law practicing lawfirm in Chicago. Good luck.
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    Thank you!! I'll keep you all posted.
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    I haven't had any problems other than tearing off the front bumper a couple of times. But Audi assures me it's my error, pulling into parking places with cement bumpers and not stopping several feet behind them...
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    Just had my first "out of warranty" service. Thought I was bringing in in for an oil change and ended up with a $950 repair bill. New rear brake pads and rotors, new tie rods, alignment, and a new tire. I've had it with this car with all the recalls, gas gauge problems etc. Time to go back to a Honda. I've had 2 of them and never had any of these problems.
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    get a good private German car shop.
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    i have a 2001 a6, the brakes started to squeak at 15000 miles..i took it in and they polished the brake pads...still squeaked...brought it back service said the right rear brake pad disentegrated..they replaced pad and had to polish the rotor because of the damage from braking with no pad...i asked for them to replace the said no...brake pad went out early because of my refuses also...what can i do...this is bs..i dont drive or brake hard..and how does one brake pad go out and not the other one thats on the same side if it is my driving?..
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    ask them to explain how they determined your driving caused the rear pad to disintegrate at 15,000 miles...

    Remember, be nice. I add that only because as a former service manager, when people came into the service dept screaming and ranting, I shut them down. Regardless of what you feel you're owed, the dealer doesn't warranty the parts on your car, Audi does. Also, they lose money by doing warranty work and the techs hate it - sitting down with the service manager may shed light on the issue.
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    I've seen pads crack, too, but it's rare.

    The dealer won't replace the rotor because it is still in spec and the factory will not re-imburse him for it. So he doesn't want to eat it if he has to pay for it.

    The problem here is not the rotor, which is probably fine, but to find out what caused the problem.
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    No, they do not. They just don't make as much profit as if they were doing customer pay work.
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    at the end of the day, they lose money. While doing massive warranty work where their technicians get paid 60% of retail, parts makes 20% instead of 50% and the department misses out on retail work. Yes, that's life and part of the deal, but warranty work is "break even" at best, and usually loses money.

    Give the department 3-4 hard core whiner customers with 20 item repair orders to repair nitnoid stuff, and you lose technicians, too.
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    I just bought a 2003 A6 with CVT. After 2 days, both my rear windows won't roll up or down. I tried the driver side controls along with the rear window controls. I took a day off of work to drive 2 hours to the nearest Audi dealer in Scottsdale, AZ. OK, get this, the loaner cars are Acura Integras...hmmm, I guess Honda cars are more reliable than Audi's. If i would have known about the loaner policy, then that more than likely would have turned me off of the purchase. I was debating between the A6 and the 2003 ES300, the prices and equipment were comparable, but the looks and power were noticeably different. At least, the Japanese makers offer a good loaner vehicle. I'm having to drive around a 2001 Integra with cloth and smells of BS!!! Geeeeeeze! I'm so disappointed with this problem because I love the looks and drive of the vehicle. I heard horror stories about German car reliability, but I was hoping for the best because I love the A6 so much. Hopefully, this will be the only problem I will have, but I'll post again after I get my vehicle back in the next few days. Wish me luck.
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    Most manufacturers offer NO loaner program. The majority of Americans would love to drive a 2001 Integra than the "shoe leather express".

    Quit ranting about the Acura - it's reliable. The rants about the Audi are deserved. Good luck.
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    You're bordering on manufacturer/dealer issues. The manufacturer was buying your car back, the dealer was going to have to do all the work - the dealer gets raped by having to give away an A6 - I can't blame them - it ain't happening.
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    they would have wanted me to turn around and buy another car from them. Therefore, they not only lost out on one sale but numerous. At 24 years old, I have alot more cars to buy as do my relatives, friends, co-workers, etc. I do blame them; I am confident that they knew the car had problems when they sold it to me.
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    about car problems. I meant the dealer wasn't getting in the middle of ANYTHING after the manufacturer steps in - ain't happening.
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    What exactly were the problems with this vehicle that turned it into a "lemon?" Was it the CVT transmission that caused all the problems?
  • hall42hall42 Member Posts: 12
    It leaked engine oil. They never did figure out what the problem was. Last I heard, the service manager told me that "it was leaking out from everywhere"
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    I think that it's a mistake to say dealers lose money on warranty work. They may not make as much as retail off the street work, but we all know that stuff is overpriced anyway. $100/hour for work that we all know is done in half the book rate time....give me a break.

    I would like someone to explain to me how a shop at a dealer, able to buy parts at a presumeably lower cost than an independent shop, avail themselves of Audi tech support and training, with a built-in customer base and very little advertising required for the shop itself....can lose money being paid 60% of their regular rate when independent shops have none of the above advantages and MAKE money charging rates not much if any above Audi's warranty rates.

    The difference in independents and dealer shops is MANAGEMENT. My experience with most car dealerships is that they're poorly run, have bad attitudes, and a plethora of do-nothings hanging out all the time. The built-in customers provided by warranty work are one reason why they may be so fat, dumb, happy, and lazy. They should be greatful for the warranty work. Otherwise, nobody would use them much at all.
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    First, I don't know any dealer that gets $100 an hour for warranty work, save for Ferrari. At the Dodge dealer I worked at, our retail rate was $70, warranty was $51. At Chevy it was $68.50 and $47.

    OEM parts cost 2-3 times as much as aftermarket parts. That starter that Joe's Auto Shop gets from NAPA runs $79.95, the OEM version is $250. Also, the parts department has a set profit level (per agreement) for parts and it's usually 10% over cost. That's not profit - that doesn't even keep the lights on.

    When you factor in the $51 shop rate - the tech (a good one) gets $22 an hour, insurance and shop supplies take $10 and all but $5-6 of the rest is eaten up in dealer overhead. With parts making 10%, which doesn't cover the paycheck for the guy who hands the part to the tech, there's no money.

    I assert my position again.
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    I was just wondering if anyone has driven the 2.7T w/sport suspension and compared it to the "standard" 2.7T?
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    Well, I got my A6 3.0 back from being serviced for the rear window problem. The service techs realigned the window guides, but couldn't explain why or how the rear windows got off track. As for zueslewis's response to my ranting of the Integra loaner, I agree that most manufacturers do not even have loaners, but I was not talking about MOST, rather I was concerned only with the luxury level cars. Oh yes, I am a "spoiled" Audi owner because I freak'n deserve it with working hard to get where I'm at today. MOST luxury dealers offer loaner cars and they are at a comparable level to the vehicles that you are driving. Besides, I felt like the dealership should have gone the extra mile considering I only had ownership of the vehicle for only 2 days before experiencing this problem. I talked directly with Audi Corporate (800-822-2834) and was pleasantly satisfied with the cooperation and effectiveness of the Audi advocate in regards to my initial experience. Angela took it upon herself to immediately contact the dealership to make sure my vehicle was completed on time, washed, fueled and the loaner fee waived to give me that extra convenience. She also mentioned that Audi's policy on loaners is exactly what I thought...the dealership should have a comparable audi loaner like an A4. Hey, 40K might not be alot to zueslewis, but it is to me and so I expect a certain level of service. Anyhoo, enough of my ranting and because of Angela, I will still recommend Audi to friends. The A6 is an awesome car in every which way, especially the CVT, and the many compliments I receive on a daily basis makes up (a little) for this initial problem. Hopefully, I'll have problem-free ownership for awhile. Have fun driving to you Audi owners out there!!
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    after the loaner, carwash, tank of gas, etc, most people felt like I was supposed to shine their shoes, too.

    Luckily, I now make three times what I did as a service manager - if I bought a new car, I wouldn't expect anyone to kiss my bottom, just take care of my problems and don't screw up my car when you're changing the oil. Just because I've "made it" in life, I don't treat people in a condescending manner, like many luxury vehicle owners. Just my opinion.

    The reason I won't buy an Audi, BMW, Porsche or Mercedes is because of what the average Joe thinks of people who drive those cars. I realize that only 10% are probably to blame for the stereotype, but I don't need the flack.
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    just curious...what car are you driving zueslewis? Whatever car it is, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do my A6. I sure hope I did come across as condescending because I treat people like how I want to be treated. I didn't think I asked for the impossible or even more than what was deserving. I never blamed any individual or talked bad about them to Audi Corporate, I just simply expressed my honest opinion on my initial frustrations and the lack of flexibility to retain a completely satisfied customer. Otay, nuff said.
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    I meant to say, "I sure hope I did NOT come across as condescending..." Man it's getting late and I'm getting tired!
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    Hi rlenguyen,

    I think you are getting off on the wrong foot with this car. I mean, it is unfortunate that the windows didn't work but really every automaker has a few problem cars. It is statistically impossible that this will not happen.

    So if the dealer gives you a loaner and fixes your car for free, I don't see the gripe.

    Now if it were a recurring thing, or the same problem having to be fixed over and over again, sure I'd get pretty hot. But this sounds like just the usual new car "bugs" that many many people go through. Dealer promises to fix your car under warranty. If he does, he is fulfilling the contract you signed. Audi didn't promise you a perfect car.

    New cars HAVE warranties because automakers know that a certain number of them will break.

    Anyway, I hope it's all fixed up and you don't get sour on it. It's a great car.

    HALL42---I had to delete your post because you can't solicit class action, etc. on Edmunds. You'll get a notice with the post in it, and feel free to edit out the dealer name and references to legal action and then re-post all the stuff about your lemon buy back, okay?

    thank you

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    I have my '86 Mustang GT SCCA car and a new Yukon Denali.
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    I also have a 2002 3.0 mine back in March. I love the car too. I haven't had any problems yet. Just broke 6500 miles this week. The only thing I did notice was that a couple of times after parking at night, and turning off the lights, the lights on the license plate in rear stay on and I have to turn the lights on and off again inside to get it to go off. But, it doesn't happen everytime. Glad they fixed your car without a problem. What color did you get? I got the Black exterior w/ the Black leather inside. It looks sooooo great when it's clean...I didn't realize getting a black car it would need to be washed every weekend...but, it's worth it I guess. Good luck with your car.
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    Heya bondguy,

    My A6 3.0 is also a beautiful Black on Black...when it's clean. Actually, it's a bit dirty, but still gets compliments. I was reading in the manual that I could get Automatic Locking System installed, which will lock all your doors after exceeding 8 mph and will auto lock if you happen to forget to lock within 60 seconds after the ignition key being removed. When I called the dealership (and this is the best part), they said that it's FREE to first time Audi owners. As to the HOST, I thoroughly agree it's a great car and didn't mean to imply otherwise. I get frustrated even over little things, but I want to make it clear that, this is truly the best car I've owned yet. Hey, zueslewis, those are nice rides...hope you enjoy. Anyhoo, thanks for letting me vent a bit.
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    We bought our 2002 A6 2.7 in May and 2months later it began making a "howling" noise on uphill or difficult acceleration. I brought it to the service rep. at the dealer who told me that the noise was normal and they could find no problems with the vehicle (after it was there all day). A couple of months went by and the noise continued. I tried to tell myself it was normal or it would just go away as suddenly as it appeared in the first place. Recently the car which usually had so much pep and pickup in it that I felt like I had to rein it in, struggled going up hill and seemed to hesitate. I brought it back to the dealer last Wednesday (today it's been there one week)and there it sits. They tell me that they are on the phone with "Techline" and conducting tests. They have been on the phone 5days!!! Yesterday they told me they figured out that the turbo needed replacing and the part was to arrive today. Now the part is to arrive tomorrow. We shall see. I cannot understand why it takes a week to figure out what is wrong with the car. I am going to call Audi Corporate and get in touch with an Audi Advocate - thanks for the suggestion. Has anyone else heard of this problem - turbo, howling noise or the fact that they can't figure out what the problem is?!!!
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    My car is less than a year old with 21,000 miles ... I have replaced the front discs twice, the back discs once, "modified" the back discs and replaced the front rotors because they were pitted ... the brakes still squeak. Audi had my car for two days due to the squeak because they were "on the phone with Audi corporate ... determining whether to replace or modify the back discs" ... however, at the end of the day, they did nothing because they found "no problem".

    Any suggestions? Audi offered that I should alter my driving habits (which were just fine for Volvo, Nissan and Honda).

    In addition, I had an experience similar to message 15 ... all electrical functions failed while driving on the highway (e.g., no lights, blinkers, window function, etc.). It was apparently a loose ground wire, but posed a substantial risk of injury, in my opinion.

    I am thinking of applying for arbitration under my state's lemon law due to the risk of injury associated with brake problems and the subsequent loss of value to the car.
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    Well, last Saturday I took my '03 A6 3.0 in to get automatic locking programmed and it worked for about 3 days. Now, I'm trying to be patient with all these "little" problems, but it sure does get frustrating. I have it scheduled to get it reprogrammed this Thursday. In addition, I've been having problems with the CVT when in the reverse mode. It seems like it's slipping and will roughly jerk the car a few times before "finding the gear." This happened on numerous occassions in the whole month that I've owned the vehicle, but only intermittenly. I tried to explain it to my service manager and the only thing he said he could do (if he can't replicate the situation) is to hook it up to diagnostics. Oh well, all I can do is hope for the best come Thursday.
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    My Wife and I leased a 2001 A-6 2.8. 6 months later we've experienced what seem to be a everlasting series of brake problems which 2 Audi Dealers cannot properly fix!
    It started with brake noise then led on to shuttering. The first time we brought the vehicle to the Dealer,we were told everything checked out ok upon inspection. The problem continued and eventually got worst. We decided to bring back to vehicle and they ended up changing brake pads and resurfaced the rotors. Of course, their techs never did drive the vehicle. YOU HAVE TO ASK THEM TO TEST DRIVE THE VEHICLE otherwise your wasting your time! As I drove the A-6 home, a new brake problem now appeared. It seems that my brakes now shutter when i turn right.
    I brought back the vehicle the very next day and demanded someone test drive this vehicle. To my amazement and to the techs. We have a BAD WHEEL BEARING! How in the heck is this possible? I only have 7ooo miles on the car. I should be experiencing this until at least 80K-100K miles. The darn part took over 3 weeks to get in. After the repairs were made, finally. Everything seems normal for about a month. Then sure enough I have another brake problem. We said enough is enough. We contacted AUDI of America and complained about the continuing problems we are having with our A-6 and the incompetence of the dealer to properly make repairs. We told them we want this problem fixed and do not want to go back to the same dealer to do so. The advocate did make arrangements with another area Audi dealer to do the repairs. We agreed and the car ended up in service. To my continued amazement/ The brake pads were replaced and the techs found out the rotors were Warped! Again why does this happen? i only have less than 9000 miles on the car! The service manager was very professional and had even offered to drive the vehicle home to make sure no problem still existed. We were relieved and finally happy until 2 days later. We got another brake problem. It seems my brake lights stayed on! When I am driving you can't even tell if i am braking or not if your driving behind me! my on dash computer stated a "brake light" error message. I was so furious my wife ended up taking the vehicle back to the dealer for them to examine. By this point it seemed hopeless. I know Audi makes great cars but we felt like we got stuck with a lemon for the rest of the lease. 5 months later we brought in our vehicle for maintenance and again to the techs suprise we STILL have a brake problem. This time both brake pads and rotors are rusted. According to my wife the tech was puzzled. After checking with my collueges who both own Audi's if they have ever heard of these problems before. One of them stated. The reason why you have these brake problems are due to the vehicle sitting too long on the docks! (rusting, warping,etc) I finally decided to gather all my reciept and contacted AUDI of america and was given an OPEN CLAIM Number for reference while they investigate into this matter. Has anyone ever heard of such craziness? I choose this car for my wife because of the safety of the Quattro system and instead we end up worrying whether or not the brakes even work.
  • zueslewiszueslewis Member Posts: 2,353
    with stock brake pads and brake rotors. It is, unfortunately, a fact of life with nearly every automobile made today. Not driving the car to diagnose a braking problem is unnacceptable. Acting like they've never heard of brake rotor warpage is a joke as well.
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