2000 Chevrolet Siverado Tire Sizes

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I have ordered a 2000 Reg Cab SWB Silverado LS and
I am a little disappointed in one of the
limitations placed on me by Chevy. My truck will
be used mostly for trips back and forth to work and
not towing. I will use the truck for towing my
boat which is 3000 pounds a couple weekends a
month. Here is my problem - The only way I can get
larger tires on my truck is to get the firm
suspension. Since almost all my driving will not
involve towing I want the standard suspension. The
truck comes standard with P235x75x16 with the
standard suspension but the tires I really want
are the tires offered with the firm suspension only
the 255x70x16 tires. Does anyone think there
would be a problem switching the tires out at the
appropriate tire dealership when the truck arrives?
Will the standard suspension handle the little
bigger tires? Am I knit picking to want the larger
tires? From exterior appearances will I be able
to tell the difference betwee the 235's and the
255's? I am getting the 5.3 V8, auto, with locking
differential. Thanks for any thoughts on this
subject you might have.


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    I had the same problem, when ordering a 2wd LT, although I did want the trailoring option with larger tires, but didn't want firm ride all of the time. I opted for the Ride Control Option which allows you to switch between Firm and Normal ride. That option should work for you and allow you to get the larger tires.
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    I have a 2wd LS Ext Cab with 3.42. It came with Goodyear Wrangler P235/75R16-106S ALS WOL tires on steel rims. I've gotten good mileage 18-24 mpg but with winter coming on thinking about changing to a winter tire with more bite. No towing, occasional hauling, mosting commuting. In searching the Internet most sites are not listing a P235/75R16 either its too small or it's a passenger tire (wasn't happy about that). Does any one know if BFGoodrich, Michelin, General, or Yokohama have this size tire or another recommendation. Thank you.
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    I have also been on the tire hunt and this is what I've found out. No tire dealer wants the 235/75/r16 tire because it's too big for cars and people who own trucks don't want a passenger tire. The best thing to do is upgrade to a little bit larger size (245/75/r16) but then you will need to have the truck re-calibrated because the shift points will be slightly different. Just about everybody makes that size and it is a good looking tire in a LT series. I have not purchased tires yet because of $ but I will do my best to dog out these Generals I've got and get some Michelins within the next year or so.
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    A friend of mine needed new tires for his Dodge Ram. He got 24K miles on the Michelin LTs. He spoke with a tire dealer about the tires. Dealer said that it was about normal for the Michelins to wear down a lot at first and then hold the remaining tread. The dealer told him to go with 265/75/r16 because they are cheaper than 245s. The 245s are more popular so they cost more. Go figure.
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    I have 43K on my Michelin XLT4 tires on a '97 K1500. I keep them at 42-45 PSi and still get a decent ride. They are 265/75-R16 and still have another 5+K on them. If it was not the winter approaching I could keep them on for another 6 month or so.
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    What the door says is with a Max Load.

    My 3/4 says 50/80...but I run 40 all around

    - Tim
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    Thanks g8tr. I check with the dealership service department. The advice was I can safely move up one size without an immediate re-calibration. The specs allow one size upgrade without major problems. Been busy at work, slowed down, now back to researching tires.
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    I'm looking to find some tires in the range of 255/85R16 (approx 33x10) to fit the stock 6.5" rims. Has anyone had experience with Dunlop Mud Rover or BFG Mud Terrain T/A tires in this size or recommendations for this size or similar?
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    What make of 285 tire do you have? I read in other places that people tried BFG A.T. of that size and they rubbed. Have you checked it with the suspension really compressed?
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    I like the Wilderness A/T P265s. But haven't had them in good snow or mud...yet.

    I recommend running them less than 35 psi if you are empty. Mine have been wearing a little bit in the center. MarkBuck explained that the object is to maintain the same size contact patch whether you are empty or full. That means more air pressure when loaded, less when empty. By how much I forget. He seems to have a good handle on this. Maybe he will chime in.
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    Here is a web site that helps explain how the tire size is calculated - www.tirerack.com/tires/frames/tiretech_f.html - it sounds like you are loooking for the diameter of the tire and not the circumference. Maybe you want both but you will have to do some geometry to get the circumferece. The 235/75R16 has a tire tread width of 9.25 inches and a overall diameter (height) of 29.88 inches. The 255/70R16 should have a tire tread width of 10.04 inches and a overall diameter of 30.06 inches. From the tire sizes you listed at the end, we already stated the diameter of the 235 to be 9.25 inches, the 245 would be 29.52 inches and the 265 would be 28.52 inches in diameter. On a tire that big I suppose you could say they are essentially equal.
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    "From the tire sizes you listed at the end, we already stated the diameter of the 235 to be 9.25 inches" should read 29.88 inches, pulled the wrong number.
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    These factory tires are an oversized passenger car tire. That's why it is designated 'P'265/75R/16 instead of 'LT' and they are way to smushy...sidewalls are way to light for a truck. 4-ply rating--I put a rock right thru the tread and destroyed one tire first time out on a simple gravel road so don't get too carried away with thinking they will do much on a truck. I went to LT265/75R/16 Bridgestone Dueler A/T's in a 6 ply and the ride and handling are noticeable better. They are suitable for some off-road use where the Firestones were worthless. Bridgestone has developed a some super round technology and they are very smooth. At least two wheels did not even require any weights when they were spin balanced. I did think about 285/75R's but I can't get a definitive answer about whether that will work correctly.
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    worked for me.bf goodrich all terrian tak.rides better,turns more stable,LOOKS MARVELOS.
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    I have a '99 Sierra 4x4 Extended Cab which came with original wimpy looking 245 75R16 radials on 6.5" steel wheels. Lotta truck...little wheels...well figuratively speaking anyway. I didn't want to go through with any body lift of any type but I wanted the largest "meat" I could fit without rubbing. I did have to purchase 8" rims, but did manage to get Goodyear Mud/Terrain 305 75R16's under those fenders with no rubbing or turning restriction whatsoever. My wheel shop suggested a rim with less backspace to carry the extra width away from the suspension and that only resulted in the tire overlapping the fenderwall by 1/2 inch...so flares could be optional. That's pretty much a 33"x12" tire with a real mean looking tread. I purchased a Power Programmer III from Hypertech to reprogram the speedometer,custom shift points,and ABS adjustments (real piece of cake setup) and was pleased with the smoothness and better braking. Now we have an extra 2" of body lift with this tire and a more aggressive stance. I do suggest talking with a good wheel specialist if you are going to go this wide to make sure backspace and offset are optimized.
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