2014 Subaru Impreza lease question

jlf123jlf123 Member Posts: 2
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I would like to know what are the current residuals and money factors on the 2014 impreza 2.0 sport premium w/ 12,000 years, 36 month lease. Is there dealer money from factory on 2014 models?

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  • jlf123jlf123 Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for your prompt reply! Is this residual and rate what the national ad is based on? Which models? We are looking at a 2.0 sport premium ELK.. Base MSRP $20,795.00
  • slamshifterslamshifter Member Posts: 42
    Sorry for the cross post on Legacy forum. I finally found the Impreza forum...please provide 2015 Impreza Premium MF and RV for 12k miles and 36 mos. thanks!!
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