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Ford Escort ZX2



  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    No, he let me go. He said "I'll let you go with a warning this time, and I won't catch you doing this again right?" Good enough for me :-)
    I used the same excuse in my olds cutless supreme, "It won't go that fast" but it didn't work for me either!

    You shouldv'e really had some revenge on that guy and cleaned his truck!! :-/
  • I was at work the other day, and I unfortunately had to park at the far end of the lot, right next to the picnic/park area. When I went to go home, I found bugs of all kinds (termites, flys, etc...) covering my car. What the heck? Apparently someone tossed a soda on my car. I wiped it down with a wet rag, but that didn't help much. So, I just went home and hosed it down. Too dark out to really wash it, but at least I didn't have to step into the Temple of Doom the next morning. Oh well. At least I know not to park there anymore.

  • photog0264photog0264 Posts: 314
    I feel for you Macalvert... I have never had the bug problem like you desribed. However several years ago at the beach in my Toyota Truck I once made the mistake of parking beside a family. When I came back they had a little girl throwing popcorn to the seagulls. Looked rather cute at first until I realised they where making little white bomb drops on my truck bed. Damn was it hell to get clean out. I miss that truck every winter but I don't miss cleaning it up.

    You Freddy where very lucky with the cop.

    After the truck splashed me I was so angry I didn't trust myself to say anything. Funny thing that day was full chance encounters with idiots. A couple hours early at the Air Show some guy recognised me from the Camera Shop I work in. As I was waiting for the F-14 Demo begin he asked if he could see me other camera that was on a Mono-pod. I told him to be careful as it was loaded with film. Just as the Tomcat roars down the flight line I hear this "twang". The imbecile had opened my camera back. His response was "oh I am sorry I didn't know it was loaded". My reply was through tightly gritted teeth "it's okay" and I grabbed the camera and ran. If I had stayed there one more second he would have needed proctologist to remove my mono pod from a certain orifice on his anatomy. As it is I only lost 6 or 7 frames but damn was I angry. There was also a couple other idiots I met there but I will save them for another days tales.
  • photog0264photog0264 Posts: 314
    Today (Wed) I saw a another Tropic Green ZX2 but this one had a realy cool white stripe on it. The stripe started out in a point on the hood just in front of the Ford Badge; then flared back into a V, and came down in to a 9 inch wide stripe on the doors. Very nice looking indeed. It also had a a pair of white stripes on the spoiler, with a small thin strip between them. The white on the green looked realy good, and had even me wondering about doing something like this. Probably not given that I hate to ruin the paint work.
  • On the way into work this morning I saw a Black ZX2 in flames. I am not to sure what had happened but there was the Fairfax County Fire Department battling the fire.
  • I bought a new ford zx2 a month a go i had a couple of questions.The first is when i start the car and it comes to idle i here a faint knoking noise of course the dealer could not here it because it was to noisey in the garage,could any one tell me what the noise is the car is automatic. The second question is the gear shift selector has a lot of play in it is this normal.
  • On the way into work today I saw a 1998 ZX2, with some rather tacky mods done to it. Picture if you will, huge oversize ground effect fender flares. Undersize tires and wheels with the axels extended out from the body on each side by about 8 inches. Between the wheels and fender flares the car looked to be about 2 foot wider from left to right than my car. They had also attempted to smooth and polish out the Escort ZX2 logo engraved in the rear bumper. This you could tell because what was left of the ZX2 was off center on the Bumper. There was also a little bit of a recess where the word Escort was. The tail pipe had also been replaced by a huge coffee can style one. The paint job wasn't too bad and consisted of white center section fading to the Bright Atlantic BLue on the front and tale sections.

    Over all I would say this qualifies as one of the tackiest ZX2 mods I have seen in recent memory.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    I'm starting to see a lot of cars out here with those mods now. Some [non-permissible content removed] even pulled that setup on a BMW. I never will understand it, unless they just miss the "Hot Wheels" cars mommy bought them when they were children - or maybe they are still children. Not only is the handling going to be goofy, but wear on the front end components will be terrible and of course there is the bonus of the world knowing you are a moron. Damn, I'm sounding like my father.....
  • I personally don't see the point of changing the wheels and axels like that imbecile did. I could go along with it if improved handling but if anything it would make handling worse. Especialy in inclement weather such as snow or ice. I guess I am just a bit too practical and old to appreciate the esthetics of this type of mod.

    With my apologies to any who maybe offended by my next paragraph. In parts of the Washington Metro area that are heavily populated by immigrants, and minorities, we do seem to see an over abundance of these types of Mods. Radical Ground Effects, seriously lowered bodies and sound systems so loud you can hear them a mile away. What I don't understand is why? I could go along with it if it improved performance or comfort. But not if it takes away from the handling of the car. Most often these mods usually appear on Hondas with only a smittering of the other small cars getting them. Seeing the ZX2 so moded out was rather strange. Maybe it's a cultural thing that this poor Brit can't grasp.

    I am curious did that red S/R I mentioned peak your interest Ralex? I know it is a hell of long way from you. But it is still there as of Tuesday evening.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    The cars in this area that have small wheels sticking 10 inches outside the fenders seem to belong to our Mexican population predominantly. Each culture seems to have it's own concept of "custom" car. Here, we see few Hondas treated that way, but rather 10 year old American cars, even station wagons. I subscribe to the notion that in this country a poor mans car is his art. The automobile has always been the subject of it's owners artistic expression. Some choose to take advantage, others do not and even those who do not modify their ride are still expressing themselves. Their choice of vehicles and reluctance to personalize them speaks volumes. Most are probably not unlike you and I who wish to leave our car pretty much stock, but something must be done to personalize - one or two little things that distinguish our car from it's assembly line siblings. Of course, give me and MR 2 and I will probably leave the factory configuration untouched.

    I have really decided to avoid the S/R, Photog. It still has most of the features of the ZX2 that I dislike; shifter position, bad seats, pedals too close to the steering wheel, goofy steering, gear ratios too far apart, etc. It's still an awesome car for the price, but I think I will hold off for something German or Japanese just for the ergonomics. They build cars to fit human beings whereas Ford builds cars to fit general ledgers. The right VW or Miata or Celica will eventually come along. I'd like to find a used 6 speed Celica next year (if I knew the owner) or even a used MR2 in a year or two. In this part of the country such vehicles rarely show up on used lots though. Going to be a tough search.

    It will be tough to avoid modifying the Z anymore between now and then. Seems like that will be wasted money if I'm not going to keep the car. It desperately needs struts. The Eibach springs are just too bouncy with stock struts. They are under 200 bucks, but hard to find. Of course they are a pain in the butt to put on as well.

    Here's a question for the group assuming whe have a group. My B&M short throw shifter does not have enough angle on it and ends up being a reach. Is it possible to bend these shifters, or do they just break? I need to put enough bend in it to move the shift knob back about 2 inches.
  • I never thought of it as an artistic expression. Which I suppose is what it is. In my case my mods where aimed more at the practical rather than the artistic. Even I will admit though they do add something to the cosmetics. Probably because of my up bringing is the reason for my pragmatic approach. Though not lacking in artistic expression; was always taught to look at the practical rather than the artistic when it comes to cars. In many Hispanic countries they are much more flashy in a public way with their expressions. Versus Anglos which lean towards the conservative with only touch of flash.

    Minor thought here; my validation for going with a Green ZX2 as opposed to another Black one was proven correct tonight. Some kid talking away on his cell phone pulled out into traffic without looking. He was driving a very dirty black older model Escort without his lights on. If I hadn't been paying attention I would have had an encore performance of my previous bad luck. As it is couldn't see him until I was almost upon him. If that where to happen I think I would call it quits on the ZX2.
  • After wading through hundreds & hundreds of posts about the ZX2.... I gave up and bought one yesterday! Its a red S/R that begged me to buy it. I drove a 2000 & a 2001 Nissan SE with the 145 h/power engine (both auto & manual) but no rebates and very little markdown from the dealers! Also tried the Mazda Protege ES... and it was ok... nothing like the shifter in the ZX2! Also had a horrible offer on my trade! I thought at first I would buy ANYTHING after owning a Hyundai Elanta (99 model) for a year. Three replacements of the throttle position sensor and the horror of the engine quitting in traffic time after time made me decide to buy something that would stay running! I owned 2 Ford escorts GT's.. slightly modified and they were semi-fun to drive. I also once owned a Sunfire GT which had such loooooong doors that I could never open them enough to get out of the car when in the garage! The only thing I ever thought was outstanding about that car was the steering wheel controls for the radio/cd. Also had a 97 Sentra SE-R which was a blast to drive. Why I ever traded it in on the Hyundi chalk up to insanity! Anyway, one test of the S/R and I had to have it! All the posts here have given me soooooo many little mods I can make to this sweet little car. WHY OH WHY has ford not put a trunk release something in this car except with the remote. Thanks to your posts.. there is a very simple fix for this... as well as a carbon fiber dash kit... splash guards... some intake mods... and some killer sites S/R owners have put together!!!! Basic facts on my S/R: Dealer sold it to me at invoice minus the 1500 rebate from Ford. MSRP 15,998 with sunroof/ premium sound/6 disc changer/all door remote/power group/mats. Could not find one without the roof/cd options anywhere so I settled.
    Checked Edmunds for actual prices and the dealer took about five minutes to meet my figures. One note here for anyone who owns a Hyundi... they have NO RESALE VALUE!!!! Visited 15 different dealers prior to my purchase and the best offer I got for my car was 6100.. worst offer was 5600. Trade in value was 7300... The dealer I bought the car from wanted to know how much I owned on my car and I said 7300. They offered 7300 and I kept a straight face and said... welllllllll ok lets deal! (actually owed about 6100.. so something to remember when you trade???????)One thing I had to go over with them was the need for premium fuel... and none of the salesmen were aware of this requirement.. so they took it to a gas station and filled it with premium! when I picked up the car it was about a 15 minute drive to my home...... but for some reason it took about 2 hours of driving to get home! One thing I will install today are some wheel locks! By the way.. if anyone else has the 6 disc changer in the trunk, well my solution is to cut cd's of all my favorite music on my cd recorder and I will end up with about a hundred of my favorite songs loaded in the car! Anyway, thanks to all of you who have provided sooooooo much info about the S/R. Hope to add to the posts as I take the long way home every day!

  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287

    Congrats on the S/R. Glad to hear how much you like it. I couldn't make a good deal on an S/R so I just hung on to my 99 ZX2. All the yellow ones I found had sun roof. Found black S/Rs without it, but didn't want to keep black clean (current Z is green and that's bad enough).

    Are you saying your S/R has no trunk release? My '99 ZX2 has yellow trunk release switch (button) left of steering wheel down low....have you looked down there?
  • WOW..... such a deal, guess it would have helped to read the owner's manual. Yep, I got a trunk release.. thanks for the info. By the way, had to do some food shopping today (single guy) and it took about an hour's worth of driving to get to the store. (the store is down the street from my townhouse!)Also looked for wheel locks.. took the lug wrench from the trunk to take one lugnut into parts store. Could NOT NOT NOT remove any one of them. Back to the dealer tomorrow tomorrow to drop off check for last part of payment.. and will insist on having them re-tightened for normal person's ability to remove! Had three teenagers asking about what S/R means when I got home. AHHHHHH... second childhood (or midlife crisis) is grand! By the way.. i'm 5'8" tall and not heavy so the sunroof works out ok. Also made my first personal CD... so I have 74 minutes worth of my favorite songs ready for my next ride.
    AHHHHH.... the trials & tribulations of life with a ZX2!
  • On Sunday I had a Coupon for a free super deluxe car wash. You know the ones where they actually spend the time to polish the car by hand? (and yes there are still one or two of those around). While I was waiting for my ZX2 I wondered over to used car lot owned by bank. The Cars in this lot are recent reposesions from around the country. At any rate on this lot was a magnificent Zinc Yellow ZX2 S/R in pristine condition. IT only had 1200 miles on it. Normally I don't go for Yellow cars (memories of 20 years ago and My 1st. car a yellow Datsun B210 Honey Bee I guess) but damn it all did this car look good. If memory serves a couple months back I made fun of yellow ZX2s; I take it all back now. This car really did look sharp all polished up. Now I can see why Ralex had the love lust in his words when he saw a yellow one for the first time. I was so smitten by it, iF I could have afforded it I would of layed down $13,000 on the spot, without even trying to haggle!!! As it is I will have to make do with just some photographs. Which I will be posting when I get the images back from the lab on Tuesday. In a couple years if I can scrap together some money for a second car I WILL BE LOOKING for a ZINC Yellow ZX2 S/R. DAMN DAMN Why couldn't I have found this car a month or two ago, when I was buying my second one. I didn't want the red S/R that I looked at because they are police magnets and seem to involved in a higher number of accidents. However a yellow one like the one I saw would have changed things real fast.

    Happily, or unhappily depending upon how you look at it there is NO WAY I could afford three car loans right now (the first is for my Late Black ZX2 and second it the loan I had to take to make up the difference when I went for my replacement GREEN ZX2).

    Curiously on this lot, they also had two tropic green ones (vintage 98 and 99 respectively) and third 99 in some really horrible looking Sand Colour. I am glad they stopped this colour, as the car really does make the car look tacky.
  • Don't know what state you're in but I bought mine for invoice + 1500 cash back...$13,389. It had the sunroof & premium stero with trunk mounted 6 disc changer. Didn't want either but couldn't find one without it. I have the #$#%^&^ Red color.. cause the only other choice I had was black. There is also $1500 cash back from Ford on a 2000 model... soooo why if you get tempted... and God help you if you drive the S/R model would you not consider a new one???? Seems lots of folks who have posted here about the S/R model paid invoice also. Tempting ain't it???? By the way... there will be a 2001 model... and wonder if there will be an S/R included. OH for 10/15 more horsepower... what a dream!
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    No more S/Rs. the 2000 or so produced for the year 2000 were it. ZX2's in 2001 but no S/Rs. I think Ford is so screwed up on their small cars. Why don't they bring the Puma over here???? Why aren't all ZX2s S/Rs? What's the point? They must thrive on bad PR.
  • rrhoe,
    I am going to stay with my Tropic Green ZX2 I have had enough new car fun for one year. My first ZX2, a black one, was involved in two accidents only a month apart. The second one totaled the car, and made me a believer in the ZX2 for life (The accident almost took my life is why). I won't bore our regular topic members with a rehash of my bad luck (I try to be compassionate where I can). However if you do a scroll back through this forum to the very beginning, and enter the first and now frozen ZX2 topic you can see my history.

    My current ZX2 is a tropic green one, and still after almost two months and has less than 2000 miles on it. My first Black ZX2 had almost made it to 5000 miles before she was killed.

    Much as Loved that Zinc Yellow ZX2 s/r there is no earthly way I can afford to pay for it. Though technicaly used it was for the most part brand new. Damn though she was nice looking, if only this and if only that... I think I need to buy a Virginia Lottery ticket tomorrow.

    Ralex is quite correct, apart from a VERY SMALL number ZX2 S/Rs which will be reserved for special customers. The S/R has been dropped from the 2001 line up. Rumours abound that the ZX2 may not even finnish it's 2001 year run. IT is my understanding that they are pretty much using up parts for the 2001 year run.
  • The ZX2 is, as far as I am concerned, dead in the water. I think it is a bad idea to buy one if you want any sort of resale value at all. In my opinion, a short run like this on a compact car will generally result in a lack of demand for the used cars, and they will have to be practically given away. I hate to say it, but I firmly believe it.
  • While true that the resale value of the car will be minimal... the fact that Ford made so few of them will help somewhat. Remember the Dodge Omni GLH model from a few years ago? Also the Colt turbo. They had very little resale value on a trade in... but if you ever tried to buy one advertized in the want ads.. they were pretty high priced. I know because tried to buy a GLH 3 different times. The price was way up there, looked at 2 of the 3 and both were sold by the time I got to see them. In both cases the seller got what he asked. In any event, I plan to drive mine for a long time... and i'm sure someone will offer headers and other mods to push horsepower up a little. The handling is already first rate (my opinion)and the car has a nice style to it/decent gas mileage and a blast to drive! Too bad someone from Ford never checked out the responses here to see just how much interest there is in this car! The number of posts here must be some kind of record. By the way, I wonder if they sold all 2000 models of the S/R???? Never heard of them being advertized anywhere. The only thing I remember being written about them was a one page article in Motor Trend or Car & Driver about 6 or 8 months ago. Never saw one advertized in the car section of the Houston newspaper which I read every day to keep up with cars. One last thought... wonder how the S/R would stack up against the Sentra SE-R? I had a 97 model which rode a little smoother, but I think the S/R handles better. Seems the 0-60 time for the SE-R was 7.8 (per old article in some car mag.) What we need for the S/R is a front strut tower brace/some decent headers/a little better intake system (i'm already working on this)and lots of mid-life crisis. Everybody have a damm good day!
  • If you are not bothered about the resale value and want just a damned good little performance car. I maybe be possible to pick one up cheap sometime mid-next year. I do know I will be looking at a second car sometime next year. Assuming my wallet supports it may even look at a second Automatic ZX2. To act as a back for my manual one.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    I'm not too worried about resale. Remember, we didn't pay very much for these cars in the first place. I also expect a good price if I sell it as opposed to trading it in to a dealer (as in the GLH example). Now if I could just locate a Ford Puma......
  • I don't think you'll get a good price no matter how you sell it.
    But I agree, it is a good car, and resale is not a priority for me either - I just mentioned it because that is a big concern to many people.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    You're right there Freddy. I think resale is probably one of Honda's biggest selling points and it absolutely kills Hyundai.
  • At the moment 98 ZX2s seem to be averaging in at about $9000 to $10000 with around 35k on them. However I am sure it will drop once ZX2 production has ended. When I first started looking at ZX2s my biggest concern wasn't the resale value either. To me the car clicked with me, and so I went for one. I usually drive cars until they aren't worth anything anyway so I am not too worried. If it last me about $100,000 I think I will be well served.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Of course he sells his to the insurance company . .. :)
  • That sounds about right. They go for about $13-15k or so canadian. (I paid $22,500 for mine new, to put you americans into perspective)
    I put mine in the trader early in the summer for just under 16k this summer with less then 20k km on it and got 1 phone call from a girl who couldn't actually afford what I wanted. Maybe I'll have better luck this spring.
  • If anyone is interested... there was a short article in one of the car mags about the 2001 Focus.. with the possibity of some performance mods coming. HMMMMM... maybe they'll fit the S/R??
    Same engine, so hope for the best! By the way, ran a ZX3 on the way home.....he never stood a chance!!!!!!!!!
  • Please take these paragraphs in good fun.

    You have to admit though at least by selling it to the insurance company I did get the Blue book value of the car. Of course you do know the real reason I chose to wreck my first ZX2 don't you?

    IT was all because I wanted the manual trans, sunroof, and power windows. So let me see a second car loan a couple thousand in UNrecoverable expences, an upcoming major insurance hike, AND some shattered nerves. As near as I can figure this econo performance car has cost me close $4,000 dollars over the average $13,000 most people pay for it. So I can now truthfully say my ZX2 has cost me around $17,000. Gee I guess I can say I have the most expensive ZX2 of any of us.

    Christ suddenly I feel sick and not funny...
  • Why would the twit even try to race you? Rather stupid if you ask me. There again I am not much of a street race fan in the first place. Too much potencial for disaster. However if you are going to take on another car at least take on something similar. In your case perhaps a Cavalier z24 or a Eclipse. An ZX2 s/r against another ZX2 NON S/R would make more sense than to race a Focus ZX3. Though it is not much faster the ZX2 will still beat the ZX3 in a one on one. How badly depends upon how good the driver of either car is.
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