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Ford Escort ZX2



  • Damn I do have my moments don't I? Typed out this posting then left it without posting it... A

    2000ZX2Guy it sounds as if you got the colour scheme I would have prefered. Much as I love my Tropic Green and with the Charcoal interior I do think the Med Priare Tan is a nicer looking interior colour to the Charcoal. Funny thing what influenced me most in the colour was a Mitsubishi Mirage that I test drove. It was a similar shade of geen with a yellow biege interior.

    I had just gotten my armrest installed only a couple days before my first ZX2 was in it's first accident. When the car was totaled a month later in another accident I sold it to a reader here and then when I got my second ZX2 one of my requirments was the intallation of a Charcoal coloured armrest.

    I am sure your dealer is aware of it, but it sounds to me like a coding problem with the orders. When I ordered my floor matts I went through a similar problem. They kept sending blue grey ones for the Escort Sedan before eventualy letting me have some with the ZX2 logo on them.

    The armrest can take a bit getting used to, if you have a manual transmision so be warned. I usualy just flip mine up if I need to use the hand brake for a hill start or anything. Another nice plus is that it has additional storage capacity. Which in the ZX2 is a definative plus.

    Thanks for your comment about my web sight it's very encouraging to read that it has actualy proven to be of benefit for someone. Why not send me a photo of your ZX2 so that I can post it in my readers gallery? The same for you too SlINDS. I am trying to get this Gallery going going, but the images seem to be few and far between.
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    Well, I spun my Z out this weekend. There is a curve on the road by my work that I've always wanted to push. Saturday I had to work, so on my way home there were no cars on the road. I miscalculated and my tail whipped around untill the car was sideways. I managed to recover it before it spun all the way around, but by front tire hopped the curb and the back tire hit it sideways. Both my rims are gouged, but they should be able to be polished out, and one of my tires has a few chunks of rubber gouged out of the side wall. One of the prices for pushing the car! I think the biggest miscalculation was that it was a chilly day, and both the tires and pavement were pretty cold.

    Anyway, I remember breaking the axle of my parents Golf hitting the curb much, much softer (slid into the curb in the snow) so at least it says something about mazdas wheel assemblies :-)
  • Freddy for gods sake, becareful when you play... When I was young and VERY STUPID I broke two wheel assemblies, and an axel doing a stupid trick like that in Mazda. I pushed, found a little wet spot, spun and slammed into the curb. Then I cried my eyes out when I got the bill for my Mazda GLCs Repairs...
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Freddy, have you looked at the rears suspension on the Z? Slick, but light. I'd bet you need a rear wheel alignment after that curb crunch. Probably about 40 bucks. Camber is bound to be out.
  • I was looking over my webpage and realised that I forgot to put a link on it to the readers gallery. Thanks Ralex for your image and sorry for my stupid oversight.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    I found the gallery ok. Just had to take a couple of detours. Looks like my car got a foot shorter though.
  • My daughter is interested in purchasing a 1999 ZX2 from a private owner. When looking at the car he mentioned that he had recently purchased new tires for the front and went with a larger size. The back tires will have to be replaced in the future as well. Should I be concerned about this? Would I go with larger ones for the back as well? What do the tires cost that are supposed to go on them and where do you purchase them? Thanks so much for your help.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    You should probably put the same size tires all the way around. The stock size is a little harder to find than the next size up. If you have 205x55-15s on the front, thats what you want on the back. If memory serves, there were some ZX2s without the sport pkg that had 14' wheels. I don't recall what tires came on those wheels. Nonetheless, for stability and braking it is best to have the same tire on all four corners. If you have to buy a new pair, you may want to put them on the front and move the ccurrent fronts to the rear.
  • I will take this into consideration should she choose to purchase the car. How do these cars do in snow?????????
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Not knowing where you are, I'm not sure what kind of snow you have to deal with. Here in Kansas we have only one or two snows a year, they don't last long, and the maintenance crews get on them instantly. The ZX2 is probably no better or worse than any lightweight FWD car. I have always thought that snow performance was more a driver issue than a car issue. Needless to say the ZX2 is better than all 2WD pickups, and rear wheel drive cars in the snow. Escorts, Neons, Caveliers, Sunfires, Civics, Hyundais, etc are all pretty much the same in snow.
  • In case anyone is wondering, I am on Vacation for the next 6 days and won't be able to respond to any E-mails sent to my webpage address.

    And before anyone asks...
    Yes I am flying this time... I have had quite enough excitement with car crashes and court cases for one year thank you...
  • ddoggddogg Posts: 13
    I was browsing an OEM rim site, looking specifically forr Ford issued rims for my 1998 Zx2. (
    I came across the standard fare, but discovered that there was a 16"x6.5" rim available for this car (100mm lug pattern). Has anyone ever heard of this, and if so, which model/year was it available? I thought escorts only had 14" or 15" rims. The picture for the 16" rim shows the same wheel for the 14"x5.5" rim that was available in 1998 (and is on my car presently).

  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    I went to the link you posted and searched for rims for a '98 Escort and sure enough it showed me a 16 inch rim. But, if you take a close look at the image you will notice the wheel has a Mercury logo on it. Either it was offered on a Tracer, or it has slipped into the Tracer category becuase of its 4 bolt 100 mm pattern. It could be an error. Either way, it doesn't look all that good, the price isn't that great, and it is definitely not a ZX2 wheel.
  • floridianfloridian Posts: 219
    Saw a ad for a "electrically driven supercharger" for the ZX2. It's a "low pressure" unit giving about 3# of boost. Basically it seems to be a high rpm electric compressor that gives a boost enough to increase HP from 5 to 15. It was priced at $300 and from the pix looked like a high quality item. The unit only kicks in at full throttle according to the ad. Sounds like a logical item or is it just too good to be true for 300bux. That combined with a free flow exhaust would seem to me to be a lot of HP increase for low cost.

    Let's hear your opinions on this.

  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Still researching it, but my initial vote would have to be.....SCAM ! ! !

    If that were valid technology, manufacturers would have taken advantage of it a long time ago. It's a heck of a lot cheaper than hanging Air Research turbochargers on cars. Three "real" pounds of boost is more than it sounds like. I'm pretty sure a lot of early Detroit turbcharged cars had the waste gate set at about three and a half pounds. Then again, my memory isn't what it used to be. Get the Superchip - it makes sense.
  • floridianfloridian Posts: 219
    ralex2: along these same lines my son recently modified the air mass sensor on his '99 a/t z. i made up the "harness" for him per his specs from off the shelf stuff from "Radidio Shack". it consisted of just a resistor hooked up inline with the one wire going to the mass air sensor that plugs into the air plenum. The theory according to him is that this tricks the sensor into thinking the incoming air temp is really different than ambient, the computer adjusts accordingly and results in more power. He also has a "K&N" type intake/filteras well. Personally, I drove the car after the modification and it does seem to run better (all in the mind?)but who knows. have you heard of this modification. Cost about two bucks !!

  • floridianfloridian Posts: 219
    ralex2: if you want to look into this e-charger thing they have a web site After looking at their claims let us know what you think.

  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    I have a friend who is an automotive electronics geek. He has the most sophisticated shop in out little town. His contention is that that fooling the computer about air temp (density) changes the fuel/air ratio and may or may not increase power depending on the accuracy of the factory setup. I know the Zs are a little rich at wide open throttle, but other than that I'm not sure. Everyone who has done that mod seems to have faith in it, but then the "cow magnet" folks were belevers too. Who knows?

    As far as I know, and Mr Shiftright would corroborate it, there is no independent dyno evidence to support the notion that K&N or similar air filters result in even the slightest power increase. Any evidence that supports the power increase claims are paid for by the manufacturers of the products - certainly not unbiased. K&N has a good product and it saves you money on paper filters, but don't expect anything else. Years ago I became a K&N fan while racing motocross. Cheap & easy way to have clean filter for each moto. More power? Nope.

    Thanks for the link - will take a look. Would love for them to prove me wrong.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    When those Echarger folks put up a web page, they don't mess around. Thats a lot of data and it's well polished. Didn't see any glaring errors. I thought 700 watts was a lot of power to just generate 3lb of thrust. There are 12VDC motors out there that produce 3 lb of thrust while only drawing under 300 watts, but they are pricey.

    I'm still skeptical. Sent the link to a couple of people to see what they think. Only 300 bucks - buy it, try it - if you like it keep it, if not, sell it. Interesting project. I wouldn't pay that much for something that only worked at wot. My foot isn't on the floor that much. I'd rather put money in the suspension.
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    They are expensive and really increase the speed that people think they're going. In reality though, you can replace the air filter, chip, and exhaust, and get maybe .1 or .2 sec on the 0-60. I guess it's fine if you have cash burning a hole in your pocket, but if you really wanted the horsepower a Civic SI (SI R) or Z24 probably would have been more suitable.
  • Hi Everyone. Wonder if this still works I was somewhere else yesterday now it is closed down already.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Go to the "Bolt on Mods" topic and read back several pages. There are some applicable discussions there abut intake mods by some knowledgable guys. They were discussing one clown that made his own E charger from and electric leaf blower!

    Did anyone notice the "Most Wanted for 2002" yesterday? It was the new BMW Mini Cooper. Think I will hang on to the old Z for another year and see if I can score a Mini.

    Welcome back Boltmom. It appears to be working.
  • Were you on here Nov 1. I couldn't get to this it sent me to a new place, now this is back and the other screen will start Nov 6 or 7. Now I do not have to enter my name and password. What is going on??
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    I think the last time you entered your name and PW, the box "rmember my PW" was checked. I'm a little confused about their format change. At first I thought they had finished, then the NOV 6 announcement popped up, and now, here we all are.
  • Well this time I had to sign in again!! Yes I am confused too about the change. Oh well nothing new here at least my son's car has been running ok since the new motor. He isn't in to much the mechanics of it. He likes the stereo and tinted windows and things like that. His latest is the remote start so the car can warm up before he gets in when it gets cold here in Illinois.
  • Well after a very relaxing vacation I am back. Thanks everyone for the E-mails about my web page, I have corrected a couple minor points based these E-mails covering the different ZX2s. Done a little minor cleaning up of things in general. I have also narrowed the contents of the pages after seeing them displayed on a different computer, and after realizing my left to right margins where a little wide. Strange as it may seem despite several dozen E-mails and quite a few hits nobody has contributed any images to the readers gallery. So for that reason I have discontinued the readers gallery. Rather ashame because there really is a lot of nice ZX2s on the roads.

    Another MINOR addition to my ZX2 Modifications page is the wish list for my ZX2. Basically a list of ideas and options that I will probably never be able to afford, but are so nice to fantasize about. This addition was motivated by the sight of a heavily customized Midnight Blue ZX2 in the loading Zone at Dulles Airport with plush leather seats, an obviously non stock larger sunroof, (and strange as it may seem to notice) lighted foot wells, a ground effects kit along the body (but not the front or rear end) and larger tires. I just wish I could have had the time to really study it in detail, and snap a couple shots of it as it was very cool to see.

    Alas I don't think the owners would have appreciated my timing and I didn't want to miss my own flight. So apart from a few scribbles in my flight notes book it escaped. I will have to keep my eyes open for it in the future as it did have a "Town of Vienna" sticker in the window, and I work in Vienna.

    Point of interest while in Charleston South Carolina, I saw the ultimate Roadster: the BMW Z8. I will post some pictures of this car when I get them back from my lab sometime next week. A customer of mine in Surfside Beach, South Carolina says they go for over 100,000 is that right? I did look very nice and had me positivly drooling. Certainly a lot nicer than the Z3.

    On very different car note: the rental car I had in South Carolina was a 2000 Hyundai Accent sedan. Though I would never own one as a primary car it certainly reaffirmed my opinions about it. Nice, reasonable stylish, comfortable for it's price point, but borderline Zero for performance. I think the phrase "a Nice Safe car comes to mind". Safe because there is NO WAY you could get carried away driving the thing on country roads, or the highway. It really does need a stronger engine. Merging into high speed traffic was downright scary in this car,try as may there just wasn't any power there to accelerate quickly with. On the flip side I ran up over 475 miles on one tank of gas, a feat that my ZX2 could never do. Perhaps once my insurance settles down in a couple years I will buy one as a second car. Photos of this car will also appear next week on my web pages.
  • Just recently purchased a zinc yellow zx2 that was built in August, 2000. It is a S/R, and I am looking for further information on this racing special. This is our second zx2 - have a 1999 Sport hot package too. I understand this limited edition is one of 100, and am not sure, but would like any further information.
  • Unless you managed to snag one of the hybrid 2001 year S/Rs that Ford is offering to "special customers". It is probably just one of the 2000 produced. Still not put you down, you have my favourite colour for this car. Shortly after I got my second ZX2 I found a Zinc yellow ZX2 at another dealers lot. Talk about wanting to scream "that's not fair".

    If you visit my web page and look under "What is a ZX2" you will find a picture of your car at the top of the page. You can also learn a little bit about the ZX2 in general on these pages.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    The zinc yellow paint is only available on the S/Rs. Nice car. Congratulations. There is only one like yours in my part of the country, and I never even got a shot at it. Spent the better part of a year trying to get one through local dealers and they just couldn't pull it off. Seems most of the 2000 went to major cities.
  • I guess I should feel lucky though, because at Dulles Airport I saw one Zinc Yellow ZX2 in the Econo lot. And another in the Gas Station near my apartment on the way home from the airport. Two in less than 20mins. Rather rare wouldn't you say?

    By the way Ralex I moved the photo of your car to my "links and thanks page". I also corrected the dimensions on the photo (sorry about that). Sort of ashame the "Readers Gallery" didnt take off. Perhaps I will try it again in the future. People requested it both here, and in several E-mails but you where the only one to contributed image. Thanks for sending me it.

    Also while we are on the subject of ZX2 S/R. Does anybody know what the basic specs of the S/R are? What I am after is the definative top speed, acceleration, horsepower and rpms of the S/R is? Also perhaps the sticker posted gas mileage. I occured to me that I don't have that information posted on my sight.
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