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Ford Escort ZX2



  • Boltmom, I don't know what you mean.
    First time I saw the new improved version, it had an announcement from the moderator as to the old link if we wanted to see it.
    Now I can't even find that note. So I don't have the address of the old thread. How do you get there?
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    I was under the impression the old board was gone. I sure can't get there. Acutally this was seems ok and whatever problems remain will be addressed soon. Shifty is the kind of guy that stays on top of things.
  • I use MS Explorer 5.5 and access the internet pretty raw. Is in with none of the usual portals and comunities used By AOL, Mindspring, MSN and others. My problem is I can't save this groups specific address to my favourites list. Before I could save pretty much any group to the list.
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Theres your problem Andrew, Gatesware. I use Netscape 4.7 and bookmarking this page works fine. I have heard that Netscape 6 is junk though. I think AOL bought it up and trashed it. Alternatively, you might try Beonex 6. It's based on Communicator and doesn't have the commercial pollution of Netscape 6.
  • Well I can get to both listings through my favorite list. There are 679 listings on the old one, more talk about mileage at the end, so they must not have sent it all to the new one when they switched. I just got switched to MSN explorer from the old MS explorer. I miss the window you can pull down to go where you were before. It will type in if you start the right letters but it won't show the last 15 or so places you have been. That was the way I always got here, I usually check every day or so to see what is happening. Now I have to save everything to my favorites. I don't like as well but since they are giving me a free year of internet instead of charging me $15.95 a month I won't complain till next year when they start charging me $21.95 a month. I got a whole year of dellnet for $50 when I bought my computer so it hasn't been that expensive so far.
  • The mileage problem... today I drove it until it was on I, I filled it
    up and it did shut off just a ad over 10 gallons....hmmm..anyways, I
    went ahead and filled it ail the gas wouldn't go down any more. That put the 12.8 gallons in it, it's suppose to hold... so we will see...
    I will keep in touch and thanks for the pointers so far...
  • I have been trying to post here for the past week without success.
    The problem is the damned stupid new and improved Software only gives us 10 minutes to post a reply. Before it kicks us out..
  • Now that I know the problem I shall try and type faster.
    The other day I had my first taste of snow in the ZX2 and I am impressed by it. Granted we only had a couple of inches but the snow the car handled pretty well. In one instance a certain hill of some infamey around here whick leaves everyone spinning their tires on was handled quite easily in First Gear. One benefit I suppose to the super low first gear..

    In the Meantime,


  • Happy Holidays to All!
    The 2000zx2guy!
  • How supposidly intelligent "experts" could totally screw-up our site is beyond me. What are you morons at Edmunds thinking?? "If it ain't broke don't fix it" or at least replace it with something that works and looks like someone spent more than five minutes concocting it. I know, I know, all that blather about WE, etc. No excuses.You folks should know better !! Shame on you !

    Floridian, over & out !
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    I see no evidence that this site is improving.....maybe it's time to move on....good luck to you all and happy holidays. It's been fun.

    R Alexander
  • It seems Edmunds is the victim of poor planning and anticipation. I feel for them, but their lack of candor across the boards is almost insulting. Why not post a mass message to every forum state the problems and the current posting limitations? People would be a lot more understanding if they realized the Edmunds is having problems. Instead we have to wallow and swear until we find own answers.

    Bad Planning can be forgiven, ineptitude can even be forgiven. However leaving people without clear simple explanations is ridiculous, and insulting.
  • I don't seem to have trouble posting but then I don't have much to contribute. My son's car is do real well in the snow too. We have had so much snow I am already tired of it. We have had over 14 inches when we usually only have 25 inches all year. Again Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    About the posting problems - this is a transient issue that has not been reproducible on demand. You can imagine how difficult that makes it to diagnose and correct. I am assured that the WebCrossing folks are working on this very serious issue full time.

    It is affecting a lot - but apparently not all - of our members. For me, it seems to intensify on certain boards, yet on other boards I don't have the problem. Others are complaining on the boards that don't kick me out, though, so it doesn't seem like it is specifically board related.

    Some of you do not seem to want to hear the fact that there was absolutely no choice in leaving Well Engaged. However, that is a fact. Had we stuck with WE, there would be no more Town Hall at all as of next week.

    photog0264, we have not identified any "posting limitations" that we can explain to anyone. I posted freely with no problems whatsover for over two hours on one board a few days ago. Yet I come to this one, read one discussion, try to make one post in another topic, and I am kicked out. There really is not a "ten minute" limitation, although I certainly understand why you might conclude that.

    Believe me, once the problem is identified, there won't be a need to post a message such as you suggest, because identifying it will create a fix. It ain't s'posed to be this way!! :-)

    Meanwhile, to protect your post, I highly recommend selecting and copying it prior to hitting the "post" button. Then, if you are thrown back to the welcome page when you do post, use the links (not the browser's back button) to find your way back to your topic. You should then be able to post successfully - this has 100% success rate for me.

    Sometimes when you post, the topic itself simply redisplays but your post is not there. In this case, check to see that the "Welcome" message in the upper left has your name in it - if so, you should be able to paste your message back in the box and successfully post. If the message says instead that you need to login, use the Town Hall link in the upper left to return to the Welcome page, and follow the links back.

    (And if you tried a post unsuccessfully without remembering to copy your message, you can then use your browser's back button to go back and copy it. After that, though, you MUST use the links as I described above to get reconnected to WebCrossing.)

    Let me assure you, this is as much - if not more - of a pain for your hosts here as it is for you, and everyone is doing everything possible to get it resolved.

    Meanwhile, thanks to all of you for hanging in here. These issues will be resolved, and when they are, Town Hall will be a great place to be, far better than on the old, crumbling Well Engaged platform. Honest!!

    Happy Holidays to everyone.

    Pat/Roving Host
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287

    I have been having difficulty finding specific groups. As a remedy, I selected 'alphabetical order' in my prefferences. It didn't make any difference. The groups were not listed alphabetically. A few minutes ago I wrote you a nice post expressing my appreciation for your info on the transition and I posted it. When I hit post, I was taken back to "log in" and there I was told I did not need to log in again. The post was lost. For now, I'm going back to 'preferences' and see if I can find something there that will organize the goups in some navigable order and trust that the powers that be will eventually resolve the posting issues. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Problem solved. Everything in alphabetical order now. Operator error this end. Sometimes I just pull my head out long enough to put my foot in my mouth.

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I'm glad the topic sort issue is resolved for you.

    In my post above, I was specifically trying to offer a work around to the other problem you experienced (posting and ending up at the login page losing the post), as well as trying to explain it.

    Is it too confusing, is there a way I can clarify what I wrote? If you can follow what I was saying, I think it will help you to deal with the problem while we are waiting for a fix. But if I need to clarify anything, please let me know. It was a terribly long post! ;-)

    Pat/Roving Host
  • I will read a post in Edmunds, log out then compose my reply to the post in my Outlook, then log back into Edmunds and paste my reply back into it. Granted Edmunds didn't seem to have a choice in the matter, but the designers of this software should have tied to chair and forced access several forums and post test messages. IT realy is frustrating.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    all of us at edmunds are at least equally as frustrated as you are. Probably more so!

    There are some things that just do NOT appear until you go live, no matter how much testing you do. This getting kicked out problem is one of those.

    It is my understanding that the folks responsible for fixing this are INDEED tied to their chairs trying to fix this.

    Thanks for sharing your solution. And THANKS for hanging in here with us.


    Pat/Roving Host
  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Everything fine now, Pat. Tks. Your post was clear and logical. My problems were mostly of my own making.

  • My well meaning parents got me "The Solutions Lock De-Icer" as an XMAS Stocking Stuffer. A visiting friend got the great idea to test it
    out. Forgetting that I have a Keyless Entry. He took a squirt gun reserved for misbehaving kittens, and shot the lock of my car with
    water hoping it would freeze. Yes it froze the lock solid, however when he went to insert the heating wand into the lock (no rude jokes
    please). It tripped the alarm on my car. What's more it wouldn't shut off till I came out and started the engine. Everything seems okay now and the alarms, locks and electrical system seem fine. However a quick phone call to Ford suggested that between the water and the foreign object insertion (again no rude jokes), he could have shorted out my electrical system. I honestly had no idea he was going to do what he did. He said he was going outside for a smoke, the next thing I know I hear the car alarm blaring. Luckily for both of us everything is fine now though.

    Talk about near misses and Christmas Comedy; you should have seen the look on face when he had to fess up to his error...
  • ALERT: All ZX2 fans. Just was surfing around in the "Blue Oval News" site (UNofficial info site for ALL things Ford)They say Ford plans to dump the 2.0 vtec engine in Jan. 2001 (NEXT month for god's sake ??)as well as the ZX2 and Escort cars themselves (the Escort only being sold to rental operations anyway) CRAP !! I have finally decided to get a ZX2 and NOW they are going to flush it down the dumper !! It seems that they have a new 2.3 vtec engine in the wings and that will be the new Focus motor soon.

    I guess if I really want one I'd better do it this weekend while they still have some cars and the cash incentive is up to $1500. I also heard that the Mexico plant is shut down due to the potential blow up of a nearby volcano. What a bummer.

  • Floridian's tale is very believable. Tedd Britt Ford where I got my ZX2 from appears to have dropped the ZX2 completely. I have been by there lot 3 times in the past week or so and I haven't seen a single ZX2 anywhere on the lot. I think battlefield Ford In Manassas Virginia may have a couple left, but as near as I can tell thats it for New ZX2s in Northern Virginia.

    I think we shall all have to rededicating ourselfs to making sure the ZX2 becomes a classic. As it looks as though production for our favourite car is finally at an end. I suspect that the volcano in Mexico may have just hurried things along a little sooner.

    Tis ashame to say the last.
  • photog: Scarcity may indeed put our beloved "Z's" into the desirable catagory. Much as the Honda Civic hatchbacks have become the "pet" of the "tuner" crowd mabe the ZX2 will become one as well. I have procrastinated long enough and WILL be getting my "toy" before next week is over. There semms to be plenty of cars here in Florida and color/equip. choices very good. I have a firm quote for $100 UNDER invoice and + $1500 cash back as well. That's about as good as it's gonna get I guess.

    Ford must be planning to continue production for at least a little while longer (volcano erupting not withstanding) as "Blue Oval News" stated this morning that they will be increasing prices on all ZX2's built after 12-22-2000 by $95.00. No big deal to me tho as any car I get next week will not be affected by that.

    Wish me luck as I go forth to "joust" with the "pond scum" dealers !! LOL

  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    Just curious....are you going after an S/R?
  • The more I drive my ZX2 the more I love it. Even if I have the distinction of having the most expensive one on the east coast. My new insurance company is suddenly claiming I didn't mention my one speeding ticket in the past 5 years and has chosen to up my rates from the $189per month to $288 month. This is inspite of the lengthy discussion had with the girl regarding my driving record. She seemed as amazed I was that in the space of one year, I could have had so much go wrong regarding a car. Somehow I think I will be looking at some of the other offers I have had on the table for insurance. Most of those where around $250.

    Tell you what though pray for that twit who caused this daisy chain of events. If ever I encountered him again I will have to be locked up. All told my descion to buy a zx2 has now cost me upwards of now $17,000. My coworkers can't understand why I am so protective of my car. Can you?
  • floridian: those numbers sound really good.
    Take care they don't suddenly slap you with a 12% APR on the loan which is how they will try to make a profit on your car.

    About the 2.0L Zetec engine. It's also currently manufactured in Europe at 1.8L which powers cars like the Puma. The 2.3L engine is planned by Ford to be California ULEV rated. The current 2.0L engine would fail that category.

    As for killing off the ZX2, Ford has been known to do stranger things than that. Like killing off the Thunderbird coupe. And not selling the 2001 Mondeo in the US because it's a better car than the Taurus and with its larger size (than previous Mondeo/Contour)would compete directly with Taurus.

    By the way, the ZX2 has suffered only one safety recall - on some S/Rs . Apparently the leather shift knob did not have the gear shift diagram on it. So the correction mandated by the government was to put a small sticker diagram on the console where it would be visible.

    The Focus has had three recalls in one year, including one recall that would correct the rear wheels falling off!
  • ralex2: I waited too long for a S/R they are as scarce as hen's teeth, even used and of course no 2001's anyway. I will just have to be content with a regular ZX and mabe do a little "tweek" here and there. I did drive one last year and it did handle a little better than my son's stocker 1999 but it did not seem to be any faster 0-60 than his, go figure. It was brand new tho and could be a little faster when broken in. The only thing done to his is a K&N intake, modified mass air flow/temp sensor circuit, pirelli rubber and a Hurst shifter.

    rickgonz: No, the dealer knows that I can get 7% money set up but with my year-end "Bonus" I think I will just pay cash and be done with it.

  • ralex2ralex2 Posts: 287
    When I drove the s/r, I didn't fell it eshibited anymore power than my regular Z, but like you, I assumed it was because it was still tight. I do think the "Superchip" may well have a better program in it than the S/R chip. With a chip and a few suspension mods, the regular Z ought to be functionally equivalent to the S/R. The only thin that irritates me is the clutch. I definitely like the S/R's Centerforce clutch, but I'm not going to pay out the nose to install one - unless the stock unit dies an untimely death.
  • floridianfloridian Posts: 219
    ralex2: It may not be for everyone to attempt but my son runs his ZX in "showroom stock" SCCA events and has had occasion to replace the clutch many times (unfortunately)He and "wrench head" buddy can do it in about 2 hours !! he does not use the Centerforce replacement but got them from a co. in Daytona Beach. Those 6000 RPM launches and speedshifting do take their toll tho. I think they run about $150.00 each, exchange plus shipping.

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