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This may be the first ever posting of Buick Century problems or concerns, the problems i've been experiencing is brakes and interior noise,
i've been to 3 dealerships and they can't duplicate the brake issue which is when the car has been driven for a long period of time (city Driving) the rear drum brakes start to squeak and squeal when you lightly depress them for a stop, if i make hard stops the noise is not there, has anyone else experienced this?
interior noise coming from the dash and right door panels, the dealer says they cannot duplicate or everything is operating to specs. any suggestions?


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    Well there are only two possibilities here:

    1. The dealer cannot hear these noises and therefore cannot fix them under warranty.

    2. The dealer parks your car out back for the day and then tells you he heard nothing, saw nothing.

    If we give the dealer the benefit of #1, about the only thing he could offer you is to clean the rear drums and lubricate all parts. As for the dash noises, you may have to hire a passenger to kneel down there with a stethoscope. The dealer is not going to send out two line mechanics to listen for a squeek, you can just forget it.
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    I think i've been through both 1 & 2 it seems they'll tell me they've cleaned and adjusted the brakes and I should be all set however later in the day the squeal returns, is it possible that the brake shoes or the drums themselves could have a manufactor defect to cause such squeal? Should I have the dealer replace the brake shoes?
    I was even told to do a few hard stops which I tried and that didn't even get rid of the squeal.
    I've had other GM vehicles in the past and this is the first time i've come across such issues, has anyone else had any problems or related issues on the 2002 Buick Century?
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    Are they saying whats wrong with your 2002 Buick Century? how did it die actually?
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    Now that sounds like a lemon Century, i'm beginning to think I may have a lemon as well with the dash noises
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    you've got something very slightly munged in the dash, perhaps the assembler leaned real hard on a corner to get it into your car and a spring clip is sprung wide. if you can't get a real wiggle out of anything to go with the noise, stick a chunk of foam rubber weatherstripping material anyplace you think two parts might be rubbing that aren't supposed to.

    unless it falls off, or sways two inches on curves, it's going to be REAL hard to get the dealer's interest on that one.
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    I've been to a few dealerships and none of them can duplicate the dash board noise, I can hear it however they cannot, ive driven other buick century's and a regal that didn't have any dash board noise. I didn't want to put in a lot of time and effort to fix it myself.
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    I bought my Century (2002 Limited Special Edition) last September 2001. I immediately had it in the shop for a new headliner and a new back window (the triangle shaped ones) that was scratched. More problems ensued...I came out one day to find my car dead. The cause? The passenger vanity mirror was not shutting properly to turn the light off. It had slowly drained the battery the life of the car. Then my CD player was skipping - that took a week to fix while I drove around with a hole in my dash. Then, I came out one to day to find my radio dead. I noticed that night my interior lights weren't working. I took it into the shop, and I forget what it was, but it was a device that controls your radio, windows (yes - those were apparently not working as well!!), and interior lights. They fixed it and before I got the car back, all of that went out again! They had to remove the headliner and replace a fuse. I've barely had the car a year, and it's been in the shop 5 times or more. I love the car...but the problems are a complete headache.
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    At least i'm not the only one who's been having problems with the Buick Century, I would have thought Buick quality would be a higher standard above some of the other GM lines and other manufactors.
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    We have a 2000 Buick Century that "ticked" when cold starting, which progressively worsened over time. After the dealership told us that all Buicks do that and it was normal, we confronted them with a technical service bulletin, so the dealership took the whole motor out and replaced the pistons. Now 1500 miles after the pistons were replaced, the car is missing/hesitating when leaving stop signs, and at highway speeds it's missing horrible, and now the check engine light is one. With only about 2500 miles left to the warranty, we suspect the problem was caused when they replaced the pistons. Any suggestions as to what the problem is, or how to get the dealership to fix the problem, or make sure our rights our protected after the 36000 warranty is gone?
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    I would go back to the dealer that replaced the pistons and have them take the car for a test drive I would ride with them and bring to their attention the problems that you're having they should stand behind the work that they did.
    I would take it back before your warranty expires.
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    If the check engine light is coming on it should be setting a fault code in the computer which the dealer should be able to address. You should keep all documentaion regarding the driveability problem and the dealer's attempts to correct the problems. Also, if the problems persist you should contact Buick's customer satisfaction dept( you can find the number in the back of your owners manual). When you call this number they will listen to your complaint and issue you a case # that can be referred to until it is resolved.
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    I have had 3 window motor units go out in my 98 century. "Two in the same day". I believe there is a manufacturing problem. I want to find out if anyone else has had this same problem. The motor for the windshield wipers has also quit working. I am told it will cost aprox 1700.00 to fix all the problems. I hope someone can comment on this.
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    I think the problem may have been mis-diagnosed. Were the motors actually removed and tested or was this diagnosis done by the dealer using the "X-Ray Vision" technique?

    if you got an estimate for repairs, I trust it included the problem that CAUSED the three motors to be fried.

    This all sounds crazy to me. Since the wipers and the windows are on different circuits, logic dictates that short of a lightning strike, your unfortunate story has big gaps in the analysis of what's going on here. For instance:

    If all these motors are really dead, what killed them? (binding problems, huge current surges? Misapplied voltage during jump starts, diagnosis, etc?)

    Why didn't any of the fuses blow? How can a deadly amount of current get past all the fuses? (short circuits in TWO separate lines? If shorted, why didn't the wiring fry before the motors did?

    Why did this happen all in the same day?

    Very strange goings-on here.
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    My 91 buick century keeps blowing the 10 amp fuse that controls the radio --the clock and the cruise control. It mostly happens when I adjust the tilt wheel. so without anyone telling me not to use the tilt wheel-- has anyone else had this problem?
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    The first place I'd look is the wiring harness in the steering column. It's probably rubbed through the insulation and shorting to ground.
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    to alcan there is a cover that i can pull off exposing some wires on the steering column --right by the tilt wheel. I have sprayed them with electrical contact cleaner. before doing so,I inspected the wires for any rubbing. they look ok. I'm wondering about the plastic casing that the wires go into?
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