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Hello Folks! I made a snafoo a couple of years ago. While living in Dubai I purchased a Porsche. The car is perfect in every way…runs like a top. Consequently, I decided to ship it back to the States. Finally got it here but find it easier for a terrorist to get in our country than to get a car here. I go to title the car in Colorado and after three rounds the DMV is ready to issue a title. Before doing so they run a title check and it comes up as a Texas "junk" car. Ouch. I am assuming it was caught in a flood at one time. It is obvious every thing was redone at one time. It's all pristine. Well Colorado says you can never register the car as road worthy. There has got to be a way to title and register the car. Each state has different rules. Anyone have experience with a dilemma like this.

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    Try this website you may find good advice ............... DMV.ORG

    Are you one of those vehicular Doctor Frankenstein-types who enjoys the challenge of attempting to bring salvage vehicles back to life? If so, we at DMV.org have compiled this section just for you. We won't explain how to rebuild a car, but we will detail all of the paperwork your state legally requires.

    We realize that often the main challenge with resuscitating a salvage vehicle isn't mechanical but instead in deciphering which forms and applications to submit to your state's Motor Vehicle department. Compounding this puzzle is that each state maintains different requirements.

    To clarify the entire process our page first defines―minus all of the usual legal mumble-jumble speak―what your state classifies as a salvage vehicle. It then goes into concise detail explaining what exact information is required to upgrade your project from salvage to non-salvage status.

    We list every required scrap of information that generally includes inspection certificates, vehicle identification number (VIN) confirmations, title and registration forms, photographs, insurance company damage reports, and bills of sale detailing parts used to repair your vehicle.

    And not only do we list these, but we also inform you whether or not these forms and applications require the signature of a notary or of an inspecting law enforcement official. Plus, we also, if available, include downloadable links to these forms and/or where to find them.

    And, as a service to first-time buyers, you'll also find some cautionary advice on the gambles involved with purchasing a salvage vehicle, and how having a keen-eyed mechanic inspect the car before buying is strongly recommmended.

    At DMV.org, we focus on the paperwork―so you can focus on upgrading your vehicle.

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    Well unless you got some misinformation, or unless Colorado has some record of some illegal activity that we don't know about, or you have run afoul of some import law, you should be able to register the vehicle under a Salvage Title:


    However it pains me to inform you that a late model Porsche registered in Colorado under this approved method will have the words "Rebuilt from Salvage" actually stamped into the car's structure, rendering this type of vehicle virtually worthless. No Porsche buyer will touch it except for parts.

    So, hey, this would be okay if you wish to drive the car until it dies of old age, but if you are thinking of re-selling it, that is going to be very very difficult for you.

    You could also investigate the laws in Nevada, which (no offense intended) as a reputation for being more lenient in many matters requiring discretion. Even there, however, I feel certain you will be required to register under a Salvage title. This vehicle will never legally have a clean or "normal" title.
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    Sounds like it may be an "unrebuildable" title, not a salvage title. If so, you may have to export it again or part it out, although some cryptic net posts talk about getting a relative in Kentucky or Maine to "wash" the tile for you.

    Getting insurance on it, even if it's a "normal" salvage title, is something else you'd need to check out.

    "Unrebuildable / Junk Title:

    An Unrebuildable Salvage title is assigned to a vehicle that has been declared a total loss resulting from Fire, Vandalism, Collision, Theft, Flood or other occurrence that CANNOT be repaired. Due to excessive damage it is saleable only as parts. The vehicle can never be re-titled or re-registered. These vehicles are often listed as "EXPORT ONLY" (link)
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    Aha! So it was "export only". It was never supposed to come back to this country.
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    Junk, salvage, unrebuildable, who knows. Maybe @ualgrizz can tell us the exact language used on the Texas title, assuming Colorado DMV gave him some sort of paperwork.
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    I never got to see the Texas title...was just told by Colorado DMV that is was classified as "junk". Thank you guys for the input. I'm trying to get a lawyer involved to check on it as well.
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    If it was stolen and then given the "salvage" title, the VIN might show up on NICB. Otherwise, you may want to buy an AutoCheck or Carfax and see if anything helpful about the history shows up.
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