Chrysler Overheating Continues....

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I was told to do a list of things for this problem as followed...
I started off by changing the radiator cap, then cleaned the bugs and dirt etc off the radiator, No luck. I then replaced the relay box/house because I thought my fans wasn't working properly and the guy tested the relay house and it seemed to not be working by the indication of the lights on this lil tool thing that looks like a screw driver. Still no luck. I noticed a lil leak under the thermostat, so he replaced the thermostat and the gasket because it was said that the gasket wasn't properly on which caused it to leak. But said it can also be the thermostat so I might as well change it, while replacing the gasket. Did that, No luck! It still runs hot. So both fans come on when parked in idle once I cut the AC on. After I cut the Ac off the fan stays on a lil longer but then they got louder as if they gonna go out? so I think they are working right?
I checked out everything you mentioned. Unsure? I did noticed the gauge going up at a faster pace then before. So I pulled over and cut the van off. At that point the fans stopped running, unlike usually when I cut the van off. Usually they continue running for a bit then cut off. But not anymore? So I check/squeezed on the top radiator hose and its steaming hot and hard as if its full of water. Seems as if the water isn't flowing. The hose feel like its going to burst. I also I hear bubbling noise, as if the water is boiling.


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