Limited slip additive

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Do you or don't you put limited slip additive when you change your rear axle fluid on these new trucks. Keep getting conflicting answers about this one.


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    First off, check to see what the owner's manual states. Secondly, read the label on the bottle of gear lube. Some brands already have the additive in it.
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    99+ chevys do not use the additive. They use a synthetic lube
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    If you change over to a good synthetic, like Amsoil, don't add anything to it. The Amsoil is already more slippery than the original with the additive.
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    Use about 1:1 of gear oil and super glue and it will help your LSD grip a whole lot better in limited-traction situations. Next best thing to a locker if you ask me. :)
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    Man, why didn't I think of that? :-)

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    If we are talking about GM part # 1052358 - it is only needed with the old style limited slip differential. The new trucks have a different style of locker.

    This may be more than you want to know - but the reason the additive was called for was to help disengage (un-lock) the clutch. Without the additive when you came to a stop it felt like a car behind you tapped your rear bumper. I recall looking in the rear view expecting to see a VW bug stuck to my bumper - sometimes you needed two bottles of the additive to stop the problem.
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