Tree-sap , It will not come off. Can anybody help?

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    How about telling us all what you have already tried, and where on the vehicle it is(glass or body). I have used a product called "splat" to get tree sap, bugs and road tar off before, and it works wonders.
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    Can be removed by soaking and washing the removing residue with a clay bar.
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    3M Adhesive, Wax, and Tar Remover. I use it all the time on sap and it works great. Remember to wash the car afterwards to remove any residue and remaining sap.
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    Since I have 8 trees, maple, walnut, and plum, that are over 60 years old sap is a definite seasonal problem for me.

    Is this stronger than Kleen Strip Surface Prep, or 3M General Adhesive Remover?

    My big concern is that last instruction that says "6. Allow product to soak surface. Pressing hard will cause cloth to dull surface..."
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    put some soft butter on the spots to soften them up. even better is peanut oil.
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    I've found it work a little better than the general adhesive remover stuff. Don't know about Kleen Strip. I've taken off huge blobs of pine sap that have been baked onto the paint. Removal took all of 15 seconds. Didn't damage the paint.

    It's worth a try if your other stuff isn't doing the job.
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    that stuff will take the paint off. what you want is something mildly oily to get the sap softened, or alternatively, get underneath it to soften the wax.

    peanut oil is wonderful against pine and spruce sap. when that ran out, butter worked. stoddard solvent also works, but if you're way up north in the piney woods over an hour from civilization, you use what you got. and it turned out that edible oils are just about as good as stoddard for sap (aka bug and tar remover.)

    also gets the glop out of the cat's fur, although peanut butter is more palatable, and the cat realizes it's not for the worst after she stops cussing you out for spreading it on. veterinarian recommended for tar and tanglefoot, by the way.
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    Now the stuff mentioned here is not a paint stripper, it's a wax and tar remover. Used it for 2 years and it doesn't damage the finish. Klean Strip does have other paint strippingproducts, but this one isn't one of them.

    If in any doubt check the instructions. These plainly say they won't harm the clearcoat.
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    I heard that it works w/o any chemical, additives..
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    I have also used "Splatt" as was mentioned in post #2 - very good stuff
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    The cheapest and by far... The best stuff to remove tree sap is gasline antifreeze on a small rag. This won't hurt anything. Just lightly dab the spot and presto... the sap is gone. This will however remove the wax so just rewax the area. This works amazingly.
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