2007 Chevy Equinox Starting Problems

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I have a 2007 Chevy equinox that's giving me problems when I start it. At first it started grinding and the other day I went to start it and nothing, just the sound of the fuel pump engaging (a light hum for a few seconds). the lights on the dash and radio worked fine but when I turned the key again nothing.

In the past month I have replaced the battery, alternator and the starter so naturally I thought this issue was fixed.
I went on a grocery store run (day after the starter was replaced) the car worked fine but when I left the store I turned the key and it made a grinding sound and wouldn't start. I tried a few more times and the same thing, just a grinding noise. After about 10 minutes it started with no issues. I tried it a few more times and everything was fine.

Does anyone know what this might be, I have spent more than enough time and money with this car.


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    What do you mean "a grinding noise"? Do you mean there was a noise when you turned the key but the engine was not turning over (cranking)? In other words, just a spinning sound? Or do you mean the engine did crank over, making a grinding noise but didn't start?
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    Thank you for the replies! By grinding noise I mean the car doesn't even turn over. It just makes the noise and then I let go of the key and it stops. One new thing that happens now is I turn the key over and let go and it tries to start for about 15 seconds then it starts.

    Thanks again for all the help!
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