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Chevrolet Colorado



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  • I have a GMC Canyon with 1200 miles on it and it has been at the DLR 3 times now for the same problem Water leaking into the drivers side floor area. Also had a problem with the Rear DS window motor replaced twice. It is now part of the NJ Lemon Law GM has been contacted.
  • I test drove a loaded 2004 Colorado Z71 CC 4x4 this past weekend for a second time and really got a feel for what I liked vs. what its short falls are.
    My first experience with a crew cab was a 2000 Nissan Frontier, loved it. It was functional, affordable and the looks of a "mini hummer" until they changed the body styling in 2001, it's short falls were lack of interior space and weak powerplant. Back to the Colorado, curb appearance, really liked the big tires, clean interior design and proportions I liked. However, the lack of interior space is still a bit tight and the seats could be a little more plush. Headroom was good, legroom in front was good, but the back seating area is fine for kids. Shoulder and hip space is my real beef. Why didn't GM build the Colorado off the Trailblazer frame? The S-10 Blazer and Pickup were a long lasting pair? The Trailblazer short or ext frame would have given the Colorado plenty of width to compensate for lack of legroom as well as giving the Colorado a neat looking wide stance to go with the short box bed. After all Trailblazer, Colorado, Canyon go hand-in-hand. Just wondering.
    I did like the I-5 Vortec (zippy) and the neat motor compartment, very quiet, the exhaust is what you can hear, kinda flute like, higher pitched unlike my Suburban V-8 growl.
    My last thought is, not enough for the money. Low to mid $20K for the CC 4x4 would be a better price range, not $30K. I'll wait and buy a used Colorado CC 4X4 for less. The H3 Hummer is going to be built from a modified Trailblazer ladder frame, why couldn't the Colorado?
  • mlm4mlm4 Posts: 401
    I thought the H3 was coming off the same platform as the Colorado/Canyon. ???

    I remember reading somewhere about why GM did not use the Trailblazer platform but I forgot why. It's really an Isuzu truck so GM didn't have to do all the design work themselves, I think that's what they call strategic leveraging? Ha.
  • Go to to see the full specs of the H3, the only similarity I saw is use of the Votec 3500 3.5L. So again, why didn't GM use a wider frame for the Colorado/Canyon, they could have crushed the mid-sized market. Wider is better. The H3 kinda looks like a Jeep Cherokee?
  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    H3 is off the Colorado/Canyon:"Built on a modified version of the platform used for GM's compact trucks, the H3 will use the same 220-horsepower, 3.5-liter, inline five-cylinder engine hooked to either a four-speed automatic or a five-speed manual transmission."
    Making the Colorado/Canyon wider like the Trailblazer would have placed it almost as big as a full size Silverado. Sort of like what Dodge has done with the Dakota. Basically making it the 9/10ths pickup like the old Toyota Tundra.
    I enjoy my Canyon - larger, much more comfortable than my old S-10, but not as over large as my old full size extended cab. Does everything I need, hauls the family in comfort and has given me almost 15k trouble free miles while returning an average of about 20mpg in my commute.
  • I have noticed what seems to be a bell like noise between 40-50mph. I know "bell" sounds vague, but it is definitely not a howling noise, but rather what you might expect to hear from a resonant piece of metal. I describe it as rhe sound you might hear from a circular saw blade when stuck, or the noise a wet finger would make when run around the rim of a wine glass. Of course even though my passenger mistook this noise for his cell phone ringing the other day, the dealership can't find it. Any and all replies would be greatly appreciated!
  • Yes! I have a harmonic "bell" like sound which comes and goes between 40-50mph. I hear it mostly on acceleration or deceleration. It is not a howling noise as the dealer (who couldn't find it), kept injecting, even though I corrected his use of the word "howling" three times but a resonant sound like running a wet finger on the edge of a wine glass. Sometimes it is barely audible, and the othe day when it happened on the interstate my passenger went to answer his cell phone! Any and ALL replies are welcomed email at
  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    I haven't heard it on mine, but past vehicles over many years, that type of sound generally was something in the exhaust system or muffler - actually resonating at certain frequencies (speed/exhaust push or cavitation when letting off on pedal) The last time I had it, it turned out to be a loose baffle in the muffler.
  • Well I`ve had my new Colorado extended cab 4 wheel drive for 1 month and no noise, vibration or water leaks. I`m really impressed by the power of the 5 cylinder. Funny thing, I often get bright lights flashed at me at night when my lights are on dim. I know that the lights are very good and doesn`t seem to be adjusted to high. Good luck fellow Colorado owners.
  • Your water is coming in from the cowel area under your wipers. My truck had the same problem. I know it is very frustrating, but they can fix this problem. They need to caulk the body seem under the wipers. I hope this helps. My dealer was great about this problem, they had a water leak specialist.
  • Leak was under the wipers. Cowel area, they didn't finish caulking at the factory. New information on the hesitation problem. Possible solution. There is a problem with the exhaust valve springs, causing a sticking valve. They need to replace the springs and seals. Part number WPC281.(Warranty Parts Center) The kit works for 4cyl and 5cyl. With the 4cyl you will have 2 springs and seals left. Everyone who has had this done, no longer has a hesitation, cut out problem. I've contacted the dealer on mine, and they are checking on it. Also- for those that are having tire wear problems, GM has the wrong trim settings on the front end. They will need to adjust the front toe setting. The vibration seems to be coming from General Tires, GM engineers are working on this problem. Other truck owners who put on better grade tires, claim a vibration free ride. The heat shield on the exhaust is another point of vibration, and noise. For your safety have your seat belts checked, mine had a broken bolt at the factory, discovered by the dealer. I was lucky. I've seen information on a government site, another individual wasn't so lucky. I hope this information helps. My dealer has been very helpful in resolving all of these issues.
  • Noise was described in past posting as relating to the AC and fan. See old posting. No fix exist just poor design of the AC/air circulation system.
  • Thank you everyone for all of your input. I have been considering on buying a new truck for the last 6 months. I currently own a 2000 Silverado 1500 LS and want to downgrade to a smaller truck ever since the gas price sky-rocketing. I thought that the Colorado is a good choice because it has good mileage, looks like a marathoner, it can fit in my 20'x20' garage and many of the parking stalls in Hawaii, unlike my Silverado. I'm not overly concern about the towing capacity since I don't think I'll be towing a boat. Maybe two ATV's at the most. Besides, I can gain more horsepower and torque by changing the exhaust to a high flow exhaust if need be. I'm also not a heavy-footed driver so I don't expect to be changing speed a lot and being
    that my commute is mostly highways, I will hopefully take advantage of the gas saving features of variable valve timing. Oh yeah, the Tacoma '05 will start to get that this coming release. One reason to make it my second choice. I scuba dive and surf, so the only time I will be using the 4WD capability is to access remote off the road surf spots and dive spots.

    I've been reading this forum since its beginning in 2002. I just hope that the problems thats been described here have been fixed in the 2005 Models.

    I have put in my order for a Colorado '05 CrewCab Z71 4x4 LS 1SE package with 4.1 Axle ratio(compensate for the lower torque), Sunroof, with wheel flares, bodyside moulding, tailgate edge protector, and rear sliding window. Out the door for $27,300(tax, title, license included) plus any discount applicable. I think GM is offering $2k cash back at this time. Hopefully more when the truck arrives. Price is set as long as material cost does not change. So I am praying that it remains the same.

    Just incase we have cynical critics here, I will explain why you might wonder why I choosed the higher axle ratio when my point is to save gas. First, because of the low torque, with a higher axle ratio, I'll gain more torque than the 3.75 axle ratio. Publications are based on the smaller ratio. Second, since Hawaii mostly has a max speed limit of 55MPH (only one place has the 60 MPH limit), I don't think I have to worry much about engines working more at higher speeds. Third, to further compensate for the gas mileage lost and boost horsepower, for choosing the higher axle ratio, I plan to add a tonneau cover to reduce drag, change the exchaust to a more freeflowing type to increase horsepower, and change the air intake to a higher capacity for better fuel/air mixing, therefore improving gas mileage. I've done the same and a little more (tinkering with pcm) with the Silverado which has a mileage of 18mpg city/20mpg highway and an increase of 30 horsepower(dyno tested), better than the stock.

    I have test drived the Canyon, Colorado, and Tacoma '05. The Canyon is over priced with the salesmanager unwilling to reduce the $8k markup over my quoted price of $27,300 for the same vehicle with less options. That basically turned me off on GMCs. As for the Tacoma, unlike the mainland, Toyota cannot be customed ordered because of the monopoly Servco has on the islands. So, you buy what they order. Forcing me to go with the Colorado unless...

    However, after reading all the postings and taking notes, I will make sure to look for the following during the delivery test drive:
    1) Interior wetting/leak due to unfinished sealing of wiper cowels and body seems.
    2) Leaking shocks.
    3) Fuel gauge misreporting due to malfunctioning fuel sensor.
    4) Make sure to check all seat belt bolts are secured.
    5) Vibration at 45 to 55MPH, possibly due to tires, engine, driveline, and/or heat shields(frequency resonation).
    6) High pitch whining from the exhaust(fixable using WPC281 due to sticking exhaust valves).
    7) Bee-hive like sound coming from the AC.
    8) Wind noise from seals
    9) Ac does not get cold fast or stays in moderate cool temperature on high setting.
    10) And the usual, unmatching body panels, paint chips, runs, bubbles, loose or loose fitting parts, etc...

    And if and when I do take the truck home, I'll look for irregular tire wear problems which might be caused by incorrect trim settings.
    Now if I do find these problem(s) and the dealership is not cooperating to fix it before delivery, then I will request my
    deposit due to a breach of contract and instead buy my second choice, Toyota Tacoma'05, of course without the options that I want. Gotta live with it if I want a truck that at least work. I'll make sure to post back here when that time comes up and let everyone know. Oh, and if I forgot something in the list, please add to it, so it can help others like me with the decision of buying a Colorado/Canyon.
  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    I hope you (if do get one) have as good a luck with your Colorado as I've had with my Canyon.(4WD,crew,Z71,SLE... basically loaded.)
    I've got 15k miles and have had no real issues. My only two gripes are the outside thermometer that doesn't adjust for 15-20 minutes on hot days and the sometimes anemic A/C. Other than that its been 15K trouble free miles in the Pacific NW.
    As for the tonneau - it will probably not help mileage. Trucks are designed so that there is an area of low pressure that forms behind the cab/over the box. My mileage didn't change when I added my hard cover(not a canopy).

    Good luck and let us know how this turns out.
  • I just got my truck back from the dealer. They did (4) computer upgrades, re-aligned to new specs, replaced rear cab vent(old one falling out), and replaced my grill emblem (Paint peeling). It runs much better, and idles smoother at 650 instead of 600. I will have to take it back because the steering wheel isn't centered. If the front end is fixed, I will buy new tires, the Generals are complete junk. (Performance, wear, vibration, and wet traction)
    GM says they are not suitable, but they won't replace them with a more suitable tire. (Service buliten) The vibration in these tires just won't go away. GM could have spent maybe $100.00 MORE FOR TIRES AND HAVE ELIMINATED THESE PROBLEMS. You get better tires on a Kia.
  • It's a good thing that GM has plenty of brand loyalty, otherwise they would have been bankrupt a long time ago. If Toyota or Nissan came out with a new design with so many problems, they no doubt would die of embarassment. Sure, they look pretty good, but with all of the problems I've heard about and Edmund's own negative review, I wouldn't go near one of these trucks. They will probably turn out to be just as bad as the S-10 was!P.S. I am a tool and die maker and was building tooling for these trucks this spring when the Canyon and Colorado were already in production!
  • corvettecorvette United StatesPosts: 5,582
    I've been driving my dad's Canyon for the past few days. It's about 3 months and 3500 miles old and there are no issues with it other than some condensation in the headlamps and an error in the owner's manual regarding programming the door locks. My example is a red 2wd 3.5L regular cab automatic SLE with the standard suspension. It rides very much like the Sonoma, which is to say, a regular cab Sierra rides better. Don't believe anyone who says it's carlike.

    I was under the impression that if there are tire issues within the first 1,000 miles, GM will give an allowance for new tires (based on the cost of the OEM ones), leaving the dealer and owner to decide which replacements to go with.

    The dash of the Canyon has been pushed forward compared to the Sonoma, giving the illusion of more room in the cab. I am disappointed that GM used the same seat frames as the Sonoma, which include an insipid latch system for flipping the seats forward. You have to push the lever backward while pulling the seatback forward. The 1994-97 Sonomas had a lever to unlatch the seatback that moved forward (in the direction of the seatback) instead of going against your motion. There are no auto up power windows, and auto down is only for the driver's. The wire going down from the headliner to the rearview mirror looks incredibly cheap. How hard would it have been to attach it to the windshield instead of just leaving it hanging there?

    Overall, it's good for hauling things, and my exemplar has been dependable, but nothing to write home about. Perhaps that's why there are so few praise posts!
  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    corvette - what is the error in the owners manual about programming the door locks. I tried the process in the manual with no luck, but hadn't gotten around to asking the dealer.

  • stephenstephen Posts: 131
    I bought a 4 wd Colorado LS ext cab 4 cyl standard shift with the Z85 suspension and dealer installed lightweight personal snowplow yesterday. Drives great, even at highway speeds with the plow on it.

    But here's my question for the group: GM announced a red tag sale today, with new incentives. What about customers that just bought?
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    This is from the Colorado Fan website

    From The Owner's Manual Page 3-39 & 3-40

    Automatic Door Locks

    With the vehicles engine off, and the ignition in the Lock position, press and hold the power door lock button for approximately three seconds until the DIC displays the current door lock mode. Then press and hold the reset stem for approximately two seconds to switch modes. The following are the mode choices:

    Lock 1 (default)
    Lock all doors when the vehicle is shifted out of PARK(P) with an automatic transmission, or when the vehicle speed is greater than 15 MPH (24 hm/h) with a manual transmission. Doors will unlock when the vehicle is shifted into PARK(P) with an automatic transmission, or when the ignition key is removed on a manual transmission.

    Lock 2
    Turns off the automatic door locks

    Lock 3
    Lock all doors when the vehicle is shifted out of PARK(P) with an automatic transmission, or when the speed is greater than 15 MPH(24km/hr) with a manual transmission. Drivers door will unlock when the vehicle is shifted into PARK(P) with an automatic transmission, or when the ignition key is removed on a manual transmision.

    Lock 4
    Lock all doors when the vehicle is shifted out of PARK(P) with an automatic transmission, or when the vehicle speed is greater than 15 MPH (24 km/hr) with a manual transmission. No doors will unlock

    Once your selection is made, press the trip odometer reset stem QUICKLY ! The DIC should go blank at this point.

    This is the part they don't tell you and that we found out by ourselves. We are 95% sure, this is the only way we could have the computer save the setting. 2 members have made it work this way.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I don't know about illusion of more room in cab but my crewcab drivers seat goes back so far that I can barely reach the pedals and I'm 6'3"
    I can't remember the last time I drove something with this much front legroom.
  • corvettecorvette United StatesPosts: 5,582
    Yep... I would have expected that they would print an addendum to the manual and mail it out, or at least issue a TSB on the auto lock issue.
  • Hey guys I have 3500 miles on my 04 4 wheel drive Z85 package. I love driving this truck every day to work and on weekends too. The first thing I did was to remove the small 235/75/15 tires and I have no vibration of any kind. I had a little vibration when I first changed tires but one was out of round and they replaced it. It`s smooth as glass now. I have been really pleased with the power of the 3500 I5 but my gas milage is not at 23 mpg yet but i`m getting 21mpg. I guess my biggest gripe is how cheap some of the interior looks. Good luck with your trucks.
  • Yes, almost exactly at 2000 R.P.M. In my case it isn't a whining noise (although I have that as well, but it sounds more like a bell ringing), this noise sounds more like someone sticking a baseball card in a fan. I thought it might be tranny or tire relatedm but it rattles the plastic stuff in neutral as well.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I'm looking into the Colorado as a possibility sometime in the next 6 months or so. I would only be looking at getting a very basic model, probably a 4 cyl 5 speed regular or extended cab with rear wheel drive and the base suspension. But I might consider an automatic as well. It seems all the reviews in here are about the 5 cyl. Anyone want to comment on the performance and fuel economy of the 4 cyl? How quiet and smooth running is the engine? Does it feel reasonably peppy with the automatic or does it really need a 5 speed? Would the traction control be really useful or is the engine too gutless to matter (it only rains where I live)? Is the ride noticeably smoother on the extended cab compared to the regular cab?
  • I have a 2004 Z-85 4cyl-5spd. I've a lot of problems with this truck, but I still like it. The fuel economy is about 22-23 around town, and 26-27 on a trip. I think it has plenty of power for a regular cab.

    The transmission is made in Japan. The General Tires are terrible. No traction in rain or snow. You don't need traction control, just better tires. I put Goodyears's on it and don't have any traction problems. The engine is smooth, it runs at about 2000rpms at 65mph. It does have a vibration at 45-55, and know body knows why. The tires have been replaced twice. The ride is very good for a truck.
  • ndfarndfar Posts: 19
    My blinker relay sounds like a loud clock ticking. Is it just mine or are others like this also. I tried to locate the relay and it seems to be in the trim that wraps around the instrument cluster. How is this held on? Clips of some sort?
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    You might look through your owners manual and see if there's a way to adjust the volume of your blinker - I've got a 2000 Impala, and it offers two options in terms of chime volume; you have to go through the radio and adjust the setting (as you would when resetting your oil change interal indicator), but it can be done. Don't know if the Colorado is the same or not, but it might be.
  • corvettecorvette United StatesPosts: 5,582
    Normal. I thought I was the only pickup driver who used his blinkers.
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