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Chevrolet Colorado



  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Relax... he included a smile after his line.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    I have the 05 gmc canyon which of course is the same truck as the colorado. I have the base model with a base radio. There is no CD with the radio. Can someone tell me how to program the clock? The manual says that there is a hour and minute button, but there is not. I can't figure out how to do it.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I ran into the same problem!! I thought I was going blind because I couldn't find the HR and MIN buttons like the manual said. It turns out they are there, but they aren't colored in white like the rest of the numerals. Look for the up and down arrow button next to the audio button at the lower right of the radio. Right above the up and down button are the HR and MIN letters colored in the same color as the rest of the faceplate so they blend in and become invisible. Absolutely stupid design decision. A clock shouldn't be this difficult to figure out how to program.
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    Thank you so much. As I was driving today, I looked at the up and down arrow and thought maybe I need to look at them up close. I never did do it. Thanks again. It is a stupid design decision. General Motors loves to save money. That radio is definitely basic. Also, I can't believe that they did not put two speakers behind the seats on either side. My 98 S10 had those and it was a base model.
  • motorhead1motorhead1 Posts: 111
    I saw a test on TV about the mid-size trucks. The Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Dodge and the Colorado. The Colorado came in last in just about all of the test but the two that were important to me when I bought my 2004 Extended cab 4 wheel drive with auto and 3.5 engine were not included. I needed a 4 wheel drive that I could drive to work and could afford. They didn`t tell the gas mileage on any of these trucks or the cost. My truck has 14000k and without any problems, also it gets 21 mpg. The MSRP was $25500.00 and I bought it for 23300.00 with all of the rebates it came to $18300.00. I bet you can`t get the Honda or any others for that price. It would be nice to know what the final price and gas milage on these other trucks would be.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I guess your base model is the regular cab? The base extended cab does come with 4 speakers, but the regular cab only has 2.
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    Thanks. It is the regular cab. If I am not mistaken, the 98 S10 regular cab that I had had four speakers. Thanks though for telling me the difference now.
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    Consumer Reports, in their recent issue, listed the Colorado last. They are never pro Chevrolet. Here is the thing. If I buy a truck and I like it and I am not constantly carrying it to the shop, I am happy. I have owned three S10's and two Ford F150's. I like my Colorado because it is a four cylinder; rides good. If I have good service, I will be happy. You are right in the price paid. You can pay for a lot of repairs for the difference between what you pay for a Colorado and the other trucks listed. However, General Motors is in a lot of trouble financially. The Colorado is selling well but they have not stayed updated with their other vehicles. I am watching an important corporation go down the drain. It is ridiculous that they have not had the vehicles that would keep their market share. On my truck, they cut costs by being tight on the speakers; General tires; no lock on the passenger door. That amounts to little money, but when something appears cheap people moves on. In my case, I am happy with my purchase but the cheap things they did irritate me. They sold me on price.
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    My 99 std cab Sonoma has 4 speakers. :)
  • jawahijawahi Posts: 6
    For a non-CD or cassette radio, turn the truck on, and the radio off, hold down the audio
    button for several seconds and it will program the clock.
  • I recently purchased a 05 colorado with the 4 door ext. cab and have a crazy question to ask. When you stand behind the truck and look down the sides, the rear door on the driver's side is not flush with the bed of the truck while the passenger side is. the door seems to stick out a little further on the driver's side. i know it sounds picky but now that I have noticed it, it drives me nuts. I called my dealer and naturally they say that its typical and nothing to worry about. what do you think?
  • lostwrenchlostwrench Posts: 288
    My car I worry about. My truck I don't. Life is easier owning a truck.
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    I have the regular cab 05. I will have to look at mine tomorrow to see if I have the same thing. I don't blame you for being upset. I would want it right too. Doors are supposed to line up.
  • hammer52hammer52 Posts: 1
    I purchased my 2004 Colorada Z71 4X4 in July of 2004 and have just turned 6000 miles. Its been back to the dealer three time with problems. Its there right now with a problem they can't seem to figure out. They replaced the VCM (computer) and called me and said it was ready to go. Wrong. I started it up and it rev'd up to 2000 rpms then almost died and the picture a engine alarm came on. They gave me a 1998 Olds to drive (gas gauge on empty) and said they would call me when its fixed. I traded in a 2001 S-10 that I wish I had back. I think its all the parts from the lowest bidder from all over the world thats the problem. When I bought my truck I read up on it and I guess it was to new for there to have been many problems reported yet. I want to stay with "Built In The USA" but this might be the last shot for me.
  • pdb1pdb1 Posts: 1
    I have an 05 Ext Cab. Inside the bed above the front hooks on each side is about a 2.5x8" oblong with 2 holes punched out. Anyone have a clue if these serve a purpose other that a "hook" location?">
  • motorhead1motorhead1 Posts: 111
    I have a 2004 Colorado and I have noticed that when the air condition is running that it cycles cold and cool back and fourth. The dealer checked the gas in the unit and it was alittle low so they filled it to spec. It still does the cycling, so I wonder if anyone else is having the same thing on their truck? The temp stays cool enough to keep you cool but I don`t understand why it does the cycling. Maybe it`s supposed to do that.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Common complaint, especially on the 04 models. It's been mentioned that the system cycles on and off too much but that GM designed it that way. My 05 does it too but it seems to work well enough that it doesn't bother me.
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    Go back to earlier postings. There were several posts regarding this problem. I test drove my 05 before I bought it, specifically because I wanted to see if the AC was doing the same thing and the cab noise for the regular cab. I have put 500 miles on mine and I live in Nashville, Tennessee. Mine seems fine so far, but I notice the comment from one of the responders to your post that his does the same thing but that it does keep it comfortable. I will pay closer attention to mine. The earlier postings talk about what the dealer did to solve the problem.
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    One post stated it has .5 lb of 134a, if thats the case it leaves little room for leakage. :)
  • escapenutescapenut Posts: 117
    First-off, I don't own a Colorado, but I've been eyeing them since they first came out last year. Currently, I drive a 2001 Ford Escape XLT V6. Nice small(er) SUV
    with sucky gas-mileage, but it hasn't been too problematic otherwise. The reason I posted is that I've got friend who's a mechanic at a local Chevy dealership. He's pretty current on what's happening at GM, or at least so he seems to be. He mentioned the other day that Chevy may be considering dropping the Colorado/GMC if sales do not pick-up substantially. I cannot substantiate his claim with any other story or rumor as yet.
    I believe that they are not selling as well as can be expected, but are only doing moderately well in sales. The long-term strategy for GM would be to drop the small truck line completely to concentrate on the full-size line which sell quite well in Texas, expecially with the GM Employee discount, as long as it lasts.
    He has a full-size 2500 HD 6.0 L. which gets about 14-15 max. on the highway and about 12-13 in the city. Good truck, good for him, but too-big for me
    and my gas budget. The gas mileage on the 1500 Silverado models is supposedly
    16-20 with better mileage possible. I talked to one owner who says he's gotten
    26 mpg on the highway with his 1500 5.3L. GM has plans to increase mileage in
    it's new line of 2007 trucks with various fuel-savings features. Could push the mileage to feasibly 20 City/26 Hwy., which is much better than the 5-cyl. mileage
    on the Colorado/Canyon is getting at present. Of course the trade-off is price, larger vehicle vs. smaller. However, I do think the Colorado line is a bit overpriced
    at current prices.
    The bottom-line, what has anybody else heard about the Colorado/Canyon possibly being discontinued, which would be a GM concession to Nissan/Toyota
    that GM cannot compete on their turf ? Not trying to cause a stir, just curious about the future of the Colorado/Canyon line if I buy one.
  • I'm not a GM employee, a dealer, etc, but from my understanding, the platform that the Colorado/Canyon are built on are going to be around until at least 2008 before a major refresh is done.

    I don't know why people say these trucks are not selling. There are a TON of them up here in Toronto (Ontario, Canada). I see far more of the Canyon/Colorado than I do any other small truck of the same year.

    The engine is well proven, and IMHO the truck is better then the old S10 (which was not a bad truck either).

    The midsize pick up market is a strange one. It's a very slim piece of the overall pie... people who want functionality, druability, towing capability but not huge power.

    I think with the fall of the large SUVs you'll find more and more people switching to vehicles like the Colorado and it's cousins.

    At the same time... if you like the Colorado/Canyon... what do you care if they discontinue it? It's a great little truck... The S10 was discontinued... does that man it's suddenly bad? The Colorado is a tough, good looking and other than a silly little problem with the AC on mine (it whistled - TSB) I haven't had a single thing go wrong with it.
  • escapenutescapenut Posts: 117
    Point taken. Truth is I prefer smaller-mid-size trucks over the larger ones anyway. However, in Texas, excusing the cliches, everything seems to come in big-sizes, including trucks. I did question my friend when I brought up the fact that GM/Hummer just placed the 3.5 V6 in the new H3 (small(er)) Hummer, and that GM probably wouldn't have committed that much research money or resources, if they weren't going to stick with the basic modular engine platform.
    His point was simply, why buy a mid-size, 5-cyl.I-6, when I can get into a full
    5.3L V-8 for only a few thousand more and with gas-mileage almost as good
    on the V-8 as opposed to the I-6. My choice, but I still prefer a smaller package than a full-size that I don't really need for towing or heavy-duty. The Colorado/Canyon seems to fit the bill if I take the plunge once again for all of my needs. Besides, GM usually have most of the kinks worked-out on the first-second year run vehicles by the the 3rd year. Also, they are continually improving or enhancing vehicles to either make them more appealing to buyers. The Colorado/Canyon line would fall in this category too.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Frankly, I think the guy is just feeding you junk to sell you on a full size pickup where profit margins are generally higher. And maybe he is confusing the mileage of the Colorado with the 4.2 I6 in the Trailblazer. The 3.5 is an I5, not an I6. I have a serious problem believing any full size truck got 26 mpg on the highway. It's just not possible, at least not at speeds over 55. My neighbor owns an 03 or 04 1500 with the 5.3 V8. He is complaining bigtime that it guzzles gas. He says he is lucky to see 15 mpg with rural/city driving. Honestly, I see no reason to buy a fullsize truck unless you need to tow very heavy things. But Texans are different in their desire to own large machines.

    I seriously doubt GM has any plans of killing the Colorado. They have invested way too much money on the platform and use it for multiple applications. It's here to stay at least for the next 8-10 years based on GM's past track record of redesigning their trucks. Now, Ford, on the other hand, has announced future plans of killing the Ranger pickup. They have no redesign plans in sight and aren't investing money on it, so I'm sure we will see the Ranger die.

    If you are honestly interested in the Colorado, I would give the 2.8 four banger a try. It's got surprising power and great mileage. It's the best four banger truck on the market. I have never wished I got the I5.
  • escapenutescapenut Posts: 117
    I wouldn't go so far as to say he's feeding me junk, but maybe he's not getting the whole picture or plan that GM has. Like you say, GM does not dump that much money into a redesigned platform to dump it 2-yrs. after intorduction unless it is so bad as to be not worth continuing. I continue to see Colorado/Canyon's on the road in increasing numbers. I don't think that GM will be dumping it unless it is totally unprofitable for them.
    My friend does tell me that he can substantiate the fuel numbers quoted for the 5.3 L V8, but so far it's just anecdotal. I do have another friend who says he gets about 23-mpg straight hwy driving on his 1500 5.3 V8 again anectdotal. I do question the 26-mpg hwy. though a bit.
  • cs1992cs1992 Posts: 17
    If GM were smart they's invest a little time and money into improving the Colorado platform. They need to address the subpar interior, paint, and horsepower issues. If I were in the market for a pickup right now, the Colorado would be my choice (due to pricing).

    Another issue that a lot of folks have with GM are the confusing rebates. GM needs to simply lower their MSRPs proportionately and eliminate these rebates. When a Colorado is priced at $25000 MSRP and I can buy it for $19500, it is ridiculous to play this rebate game. Too many hoops to jump through!
  • escapenutescapenut Posts: 117
    You may get your wish per the Inside Line news on Edmund's, GM is apparently going to lower their 2006 prices and attempt to ween people off the rebate-fix-craze. Depends on how much they ultimately lower the MSRP's if potential consumers will bite. From what I undersand the potential mark-up on full-size pick-ups is sky-high, less so on the Colorado/Canyon. So, GM has some convincing to do to lure customers in by just lowering MSRP.
    Conversely, if the MSRP is only lowered by $1K on a Colorado/Canyon and GM expects people to bite, then I think that they are sorely mistaken. I think it's finally sinking in with GM, Ford, etc. that a lot of potential customers really do their homework, and just how accessible information is on the internet and elsewhere. I will be in the market and am definitely keeping the Colorado/Canyon twins on my list for small(er) pick-ups. Toyota and Nissan pricing is a bit high at present. Maybe it'll even-out when the Tacoma and Frontier seem to be less hot.
  • If you are honestly interested in the Colorado, I would give the 2.8 four banger a try. It's got surprising power and great mileage. It's the best four banger truck on the market. I have never wished I got the I5.

    I must agree. The 4 cylander Colorado (at least in the std cab) is powerful enough for everything I throw at it... and it smokes most smaller vehicles on the hwy for passing. Does it beat my father in law's Dodge RAM 2500 Turbo Diesel? No. But, at the same time, it pulls what I need it to.

    I never knew how versatile a truck was until I owned one. I'll never own a car again.

    I love my 'rado :)
  • Colorado/Canyon twins on my list for small(er) pick-ups. Toyota and Nissan pricing is a bit high at present. Maybe it'll even-out when the Tacoma and Frontier seem to be less hot.

    I must agree with you on this.

    Before I bought my 'rado I only owned Toyota's. So did everyone else in my family. I've owned a Tercel and a Corolla. I was very happy with both. Taking the plunge to a non "import" was a bit scary for me after hearing all the "horror" stories about American cars.

    Did I consider a Tacoma? No way. It's WAY more expensive then what I could afford for an entry level truck. For the cost of a fully loaded Tacoma I could've bought a fully loaded Silverado :)
  • evile1evile1 Posts: 10
    Hi--I am new to your group here---I have been reading this thread for the past two nights, and decided to join. I own a 2004 Colorado--Sunburst Orange, I 5, reg cab, auto trans, Z71. I bought it in July '04. I drive a lot, and have put 15,000 miles on it so far! I have had MANY problems with it. The brake lights quit working, they said the switch burned out. The alignment was off. The center console broke. I also had a vibration noise that they couldn't fix or figure out ( I took it to them 5 times!) They finally fixed it, and said it was vibration from the exhaust heat shield. It would happen at around 1800 RPMs. Now I am having problems with it almost stalling out in park with the A/C on, and the check engine light stays on for 2 days! I took it to them, and they hooked it up to the diagnostics machine, and could find nothing. I have also had hard morning start ups and a replaced battery. I have taken it in for problems probably 10-12 times in 11 months. I own a 2001 Blazer, and have had no problems at all with it, but my Colorado seems to be a piece of sh*t!!!!! I love the way it looks, and drives, but the problems are overwhelming. I wish I would have gone Nissan or Toyota (and I am a HUGE Chevy guy!). It makes me feel better knowing others are having problems also, but that is discouraging as well. I guess I shouldn't have bought a first year model vehicle--I have learned my lesson the hard way for sure!
  • Im interested in a Colorado Crew Cab with the 4 cylinder/auto. Im looking for mpg since my commute is mostly highway miles. What kind of RPM is the Colorado making at 75 mph with the 3.73 rear gear??
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