VW Rabbit headliner. I need a new headliner, the original one in my 07 Rabbit is sagging horribly.

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The interior of my car is in excellent condition other than the sagging headliner ! I attribute this issue to Florida weather, heat, humidity, etc... ? My problem is this, my two VW dealerships here don't want to get involved, they said they would do it, BUT they are not skilled at it, and they have 'damaged several vehicles' when they have tried... specifically they have messed up electrical 'stuff' that is hidden under the headliner.

The headliner is sagging so badly, I just want a whole new headliner put in, I am willing to pay the cost of ordering the headliner from VW, but can't find anyone who is capable of doing the job here in SW Florida.

Anyone out there have any input or advise ??



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    There shouldn't be anything all that special about headliner fabric. If the dealer didn't give you any recommendations for a body shop, call around. Maybe an upholstery shop that does cars would be better. (I'm a bit surprised the dealer didn't offer to fix yours and farm it out and tack on a little extra).
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    Yes a good upholstery shop should be able to handle this start to finish for you.
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    Hmmm, ok. So you suggest a car upholstery shop, to repair the headliner, rather than replace?

    Do you know if I need to be concerned about significant damage to the wiring systems that are hidden under the headliner? ... This is what my two local dealers said they have had issue with...
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    The upholstery shop should be able to order the headliner, and yeah, perhaps repair what you have if it's not torn.
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    Ok, thanks. I am still here trying to find a reputable upholstery shop in my area.
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    I am wondering, what would happen if I just pulled down all the sagging fabric. The fabric is not torn, but it has come loose around some of the 'fixtures' on the ceiling, so it gaps wide open and of course there is some crumbling fiber falling down from those spots. VW has made me really nervous about this whole procedure because as I mentioned before, both dealerships told me that they were not comfortable with doing the job because their guys had damaged electrical 'stuff' that lies under the headliner, and 'were just not too good at doing the job'... currently I'm trying to get in touch with an upholstery shop in Naples, the only one in my area with decent reviews... I am still uneasy about this whole thing. ..( I had a new Beetle that was permanently damaged from a jenky windshield replacement job here.) Should I be as worried as I am about this? I am seriously thinking about pulling the fabric down and trying to brush and vac all the deteriorated materials...sounds like a horrible mess though...
    Thanks again for any input here !!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    replacing a headliner requires some skill, which is why the dealer doesn't want to put his people on it---it's not really a mechanic's skill set. An upholstery or body shop deals with this all the time however.
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