Possible wiring or hazard switch issue. Olds Alero.

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I have a 2007 alero....I have seen numerous posts about earlier models having and issue with a ticking sound similar to the signal light noise coming from the hazard switch. I believe I am having the same issue...only a few other things are going on as well. Our car battery seems to run down every now and then to the point the car has to be jump started. From time to time the radio will not turn off properly. Any help anyone could provide would be awesome. I am not novice when it come to car repair...as an fyi.



  • oldschoolutoldschoolut Member Posts: 2
    I meant to say I am a novice.
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    Probably (just a guess) replacing the turn signal switch will take care of this--that seems to work for *most* people. I presume you have a 2004 Alero as they didn't make them in 2007.

    As for the dead battery, your car needs to be tested for a "parasitic drain"---but before that, the battery itself should be "load tested". Then, after the battery test, the alternator output must be tested as well. Last of all, the parasitic drain testing.

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