Which of These 3 Cars are the Most Reliable?

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We are in the process of purchasing a car to tow flat behind our motorhome. We have a short list of some that fit our needs (needs to fit a large dog and have some light towing ability) and that we've also test driven to assure we like the ride. We tend to keep cars for a long time, and are not especially mechanically inclined, so we need something that's reliable. So, of these, which would you say are the most reliable and which should we avoid? Our budget is under 20k, the lower the better.

Any other thoughts?

Jeep Liberty 2010-2011
Ford Edge 2011-2013
Chevy Equinox/GMC Terrain 2010-2014 (Will be test driving today, so may not be on the list later today)


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    I'd say a toss up between the Edge and the Equinox, although neither has a sterling score in reliability---so I'd shop for top condition, good services records and lowest possible mileage.

    the Liberty is not rated very highly, not even mediocre like the other two.
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    Check out Consumer Reports, True Delta & JD Powers, in regards to reliability.
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