How much does maintenance on a 2004 Audi A6 2.7T S-Line cost?

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I recently purchased a 2004 Audi A6 2.7T S-Line and the 75K mile maintenance is coming up. Anyone know the approximate cost? Nearest Audi dealership is in the Twin Cities, MN as I refuse to go to the dealership in Sioux Falls, SD.

Last time I went in for an oil change, they inspected my car and found that the oil valves in the engine are leaking. Anyone know the cost of that as well?

Any help and input is appreciated! Thanks in advance!!

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    @Stever's good investigative work advisee's you to ask about the 80k service not the 75k .

    Apply the same for that 80k

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    I removed my earlier post after reading this estimate by Shifty. Ouch.

    We have a disconnect somewhere since the Guide's numbers are way less than Shifty's quote.

    Going by what we say, it looks like the 75k service is just a tire rotation (~$20). The 80k service is a major one - the Edmunds Car Maintenance Guide estimates that should cost you around $360.

    By all means, shop around.

    Someone else will have to weigh in on the oil valves.
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    Well I got an exact quote from a very reputable independent Audi shop. Gee, just an oil service on an A6 is $130. Of course, I'm \quoting California labor rates at $135/hour.
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    I've been using a Vegas zip code lately, but wow. Wonder if the dealer really is cheaper for a change?
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