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Does anyone have a recent recommendation on which brand of tires to go with for an Acadia? I've had my 2011 Acadia since it was new, and with 45k miles on they have reached their useful life. Haven't read great things about replacing with the OEM tire- GY Fortera. Thanks in advance.


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    go to - look at 'best sellers' its that easy
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    I have Bridgestone Ecopia 422 tires on my '08 Saturn Outlook XR, I belive they are the 18" size. I consider them a much better tire than the GY Fortera oem that wore uneven, got noisy, etc. over the first 35,000 miles. I think the GY Fortera tires are the ones that have stopped sales of some Acadia/Traverse/Enclave vehicles due to a recall.
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    I have snow tires from a diff vehicle n wanna put them on my '12 Acadia my tire guy thinks the traverse 17" rim may fit so I can use the 235/65/R17's I've got from a '13 sorento they have almost no wear on them n I really can't afford to take the loss on them anyone know what may happen to shift ratios n abs function from dropping the size?????

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    What is your stock tire size now?
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    That's actually a really good question. Trouble code C0245 for wheel speed sensor frequency error can set if there is a big enough variation between the reported wheel speeds. This comes into play with some designs if someone attempts to change axle ratio's and tire sizes on vehicles that use front wheel speed sensors in combination with a transmission output shaft speed sensor for the rear wheel speeds. The Acadia uses four wheel speed sensors, so the wheel sensor frequency differential doesn't change with a tire size change.
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    topoff said:

    go to - look at 'best sellers' its that easy

    Just fill in your car model and you will get the list of tires with best sellers at the top. Most car manufacturers use inferior tires they get a bulk deal from the tire cos..
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