2015 Toyota Prius Purchase Prices Paid

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I'm trying to purchase a 2015 Prius 2 and looking at the 2014 thread it seems like a few people cut some amazing deals way back in the Spring of 2014.

I realize we're very early in the 2015 model year, but I'm wondering how much off of MSRP I can hope to get? The Prius I'm looking at has a MSRP of 25,250 and I'm currently offered an adjusted price of 23,850 before TTL. Thanks in advance for any tips.


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    What does "adjusted price" mean?
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    Adjusted price is what this particular dealer calls the price of the car after they've applied the discount they are offering. That's how it's labeled on their quote sheet.

    Adjusted price is before any Tax or other charges have been added back in, and before any trade in amount has been deducted.

    In this case they offered a $1,400 dealer discount which brought the car down from 25,250 to 23,850.

    This discount seems to be pretty typical in our area. Several dealers have quoted similar pricing.
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    In the SoCal area, a 2015 Prius II can be have for about $22,000 (MSRP $25350) according to truecar.com . The $22,000 price includes the $1000 cash incentive from Toyota.
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    took no more than 20 mins to gauge SoCal price quote differences. typed in random ZIPs ranging from Santa Barbara to San Diego.

    found at least 2 dealerships honoring Truecar certs of $20,789 for 2015 Prius Liftback TWO (carpet mats options) with TFS 0% 60 mos +1000 cash.

    other dealerships wanted $21500 and that was with $1500 cash back rebate. since i wanted the TFS 0% offer that quote then grew to 22K for the SAME configured car!

    saved over $1000 plus by going with the lowest Truecar quote.
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    redysangco, so with the TFS 0% 60 mos + 1000 cash, the price b4 TTL is 20,789 or 19,789? I'm kind of confuse. Thanks.
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    Anyone interested in doing a Prius group-buy to negotiate for a bigger discount? I am looking at the Two in Southern California. Have a national dealer quoting me 20,122 with 2,000 cash back already applied, and most other quotes in the area are similar. But I want a better deal! Redysangco's deal seems better no matter how I add, and there are already leaks about the new 2016 being new technology and body, so 2015's should be discounted even more, now, right? Thank you for considering...
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    It is important to understand that because one person was able to negotiate a fantastic price, does not mean that everybody can. It is possible that the one sale was done at the low price so the dealer could hit a sales volume target that resulted in a bonus for the dealership.

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