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GMC Canyon



  • Expect a new turbo-charged in-line 5 to find it's way into the Canyon, eventually. Rumors state that the H3 will be introduced with a normally-asparated 5 and a turbo version. GM Powertrain division has been developing it for some time.

    The H3 T concept, debuting in L.A., has a version of the turbo 5 rated at 350 hp & 350 lbs/ft of torque! Sadly, I'm sure the production version, debuting at the Detroit show, will only be somewhere between 240 and 260 hp. K&N, here I come!
  • A nearby GMC canyon dealer got their first Canyon in and called me to take a look (I had stopped by a few weeks earlier to inquire about the Canyon). I am not a GM fan but this is an interesting truck so I thought I would take a look.

    The vehicle I saw was a basic extended cab with the I-5 engine. It was fairly trimless, having just arrived (didn't have window stickers yet and there was a collection of new/unattached trim pieces sitting in the extended cab area). I took it for a drive and was fairly impressed with it. It was comfortable and had plenty of power in my opinion.

    Two things gave me pause, however. During my "tour" of the vehicle I happened to push up on the headliner and discovered what seemed to be a bouncy, thin, and cheap piece of fabric covered cardboard. I could actually bounce the center of the ceiling (with the dome light going along for the ride) up and down about 0.5 inch. My old '93 Ranger's headliner is glued continuously and securely to the roof of the truck, so I wasn't expecting such an easily avoided element of "cheapness." Finally, as I took one last walk-around, I was disapointed to see that the two main headlamps and the two smaller ones (above the main ones) were all filled with condensation. Fresh from the factory! NICE!

    If anyone is considering this vehicle, make sure to check on these two issues. Perhaps they were unique to the vehicle I saw, but you never know.
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  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    Was in for an oil change and checks on my Grand Prix... Dealer had a couple of the New Canyons on the lot. It is looks definitely bigger than the Sonoma and the interior is a pretty good upgrade. I also noticed it had 6 lug wheels (verses 5 lug on the Sonoma). The prices don't seem too much more than a comparable Sonoma (except for rebates). I'll have to drive one to really know how much improved it is.(since I own a Sonoma)
    So far it looks pretty good.
  • cb750cb750 Posts: 1
    As a driver of a 1995 Sonoma SLS bought new and currently with 252,000 miles on my 2.2 four cyl. 5 speed, I feel I've more than earned the right to speak on this new replacement. First, I spend alot of time on the road and comfort is important to me. Seems, GM took away a few of my favorite comfort items: Lumbar only available on the 4 dr. crew cab model; Sun visors that block SLS has a slide deal that will extend out of the main sun visor for extra, well needed protection from the sun and an additional visor to pull down in the front when the main one is swung over to the side window. On all models, even the $40,000 Envoy, all you get is the cheap single visor that provides minimal protection; Instrumentation...My SLS has a speedo, fuel, temp, oil and volt gauges. The new models dumped the oil & volt gauges but added a tach...I'd rather have the oil & volt over the tach.

    A four door extended cab is ok, but you can't really seat a full sized person back there so why have those little seats back there anyway. I like the way Ford does it in the Ranger, better with one seat that sits the rear passenger sideways affording a ton more leg room. Also, doesn't 4 doors on the extended cab take away from the structural integrity? Would the price be lower is there were three doors? How 'bout those little seats being an option instead of standard...I'm trying to lower the price on this truck, hope someone is listening. Those little boxes under the rear seats don't look like they will last, the lid snaps look like they will surely break if often used. Is the nap of the carpet kind of thin, or is that my imagination? It just feels flimsy. Lastly the head liner in my 95 SLS has a very soft padded feel to it and it looks as good as the day I drove it off the dealers lot. In contrast the new models head liner has a long way to go... It just seems that GM is trying to cut corners in the interior.

    I'll give GM praise for the new engines and exterior design, but I'm going to hold on to my GM card points a little longer...I'm not quite sold on these new trucks.
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    Has anyone purchased one? I'm seriously thinking of trying to down size from 2 to 1 vehicle. I need a truck, comfortable ride for 2 adults, 1 child and have a truck. I've got the sonoma but with a child seat, no real room for Momma and I can't haul lumber or compost too well in the GP. I saw a crew cab Colorado at the auto show and even though the bed is a bit short, it might do the trick. I'm going to look around for a test drive, but was curious what new owners had to say.
  • i think GM's got a stinker on their hands. just like the chevy equinox, it's not a very appealing package. as numerous people have mentioned here before, why a 5-cylinder engine?!!
    even people who know nothing about cars or trucks are turned off instinctively by an engine with an odd number of cylinders--the words "5-cylinder engine" don't even SOUND balanced!

    the interior is simply NOT good enough either. what a lame attempt! nuff said.
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    I drove a 4WD crew cab Canyon over the weekend. Overall a huge improvement over my Sonoma. Interior plastic was about the same, but the seats were much more comfortable (although not on par with their sedan's bucket). Interior was quiet and the 5 Cylinder engine, quiet and smooth. Overall power and acceleration were good. Ran it up a 20-25% hill that goes for over a mile and was able to accelerate up it, hold steady without the engine straining. Interior seems larger as does the box. Overall a pretty nice package.
    Incentives aren't great, but it got me interested.
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    Would like to solicit new owners and their experiences. I just purchased a 2004 Canyon Crew Cab 4WD SLE. I consolidated from a small pickup and midsize sedan to the crew cab and so far I am very pleased. Drives well, pretty quiet and plenty of room. First gas fill up in mixed driving was just over 20mpg with the I-5 motor.
    Cherry Red with off road package and this rig gets a lot of looks and compliments. (which I didn't expect from associates who are Ford and Toyota owners.)
  • That is one UGLY truck.
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    size is so close to the old truck that auto writers are still calling it a compact while GM is calling it a midsize.Looking at the old and new specs it about 1 inch wider and 2 inches longer hardly a midsize.
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    Depends on if you use wheelbase or interior dimensions to determine midsize. Interior of the Canyon vs the Dakota crew cab, all dimensions are within an inch or so(shoulders, hips, leg room...) and the box on the Canyon Crew has greater capacity than the dakota.
    Having owned a Sonoma Ext cab and now the Crew Cab Canyon I can say the interior up front is larger. (no not just cause I have a crew cab) The box also seems wider and the Canyon drives like a larger vehicle, smoother, quieter and not as harsh as the Sonoma. If you drive a Sonoma and then a Canyon you'll notice much difference.
  • I just ordered one last week, Canyon Crew Cab SLE, standard suspension. The interior is definitely on par with the Dakota, and much larger that my current S-10 Extended cab in width. We checked out both the Dakota and Canyon with our 2 car seats in the back and there was slightly better hip room in the Canyon if you wanted to put a 3rd passenger in the rear seat. They did this without making the vehicle much larger on the outside. I am not sure that this was the best route to go, as if they had bumped it up on the exterior a bit more, they could have had an even more spacious interior.

    I probably would have waited a bit longer on the purchase if we didn't need the extra room for a new baby on the way. My impressions so far, with only test drives under my belt, is that the drivetrain package is perfect for my needs, the exterior styling is great, The interior styling is good but could be a bit "softer" to the touch. The door handle and center console padding is practically non-existant. I was very impressed with the overall build quality. The gaps in the sheet metal are consistent and not large. Definitely a much more quality feel when opening and closing doors and turning switches/controls, than my current S-10.

    Things I would have liked to see:
    Nicer Interior Padding on door arm rests and center console.
    Heated exterior mirrors for these Minnesota Winters.
    More Wheel/Tire options. How about some 17" wheels.
    A Driveline package like the Silverado SS. All Wheel Drive, 17" wheels, sportier(and Lower suspension) I would have bought this package in a heart beat.

    I'll give you an update after I've been driving it for a while.
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    Well After over 6 weeks and 2100 miles of ownership I say that GMC did a good job on this truck. I’ve owned the new generation Sierra and a Sonoma, as well as test drove Dakota and Tacoma crew cabs. I am very happy with my choice of Canyon 4WD Crew Cab Z71 SLE in Cherry Red. It’s loaded and I keep comparing it to the Sierra as opposed to the Sonoma so I think GM succeeded in taking a quantum leap over the Sonoma as a replacement. I’ve been spoiled so perhaps my expectations are now too high for a “compact/midsize” truck.

    First What I’d change(well maybe it ain’t supposed to be that good for this $$ range):
    - The wheels: they aren’t that attractive and very tedious to clean. I replaced mine with a nice set of 16” chrome Niche wheels after the first wash.
    - Find a way to offer OnStar, XM radio AND the IRVM (rearview) mirror together. Currently you have to trade off the OnStar vs. the Mirror/XM. “Due to them having interference problems” I was told by GMC – funny I replied – you can get all three options on a Sierra or Yukon!
    - A little less hard plastic. I’d like a softer armrest on the door so I could rest my knee against it more comfortably.
    - More lateral support in the bucket seats.

    My Likes and Impressions:
    - Good mileage. My commute is 30+ miles one way. Although running in 2WD, ~75% freeway I’ve gotten just over 20mpg on the last 3 tanks.
    - Ride is smooth and handles the bumps, washboard, and expansion joints well. There is a bit more road feel through the steering than I’d like.
    - The I-5 motor is smooth and has good power. I’ve eyeballed 0-60 times in the 8+ seconds. Not back for a crew cab truck.
    - Good cruiser, pretty quiet and stable at 65-75mph. Taking our first road trip in a couple of weeks.
    - Solid, doesn’t shimmy or jounce over the bumps and breaks. Got a comment from the owner of a Jeep Grand Cherokee & BMW 325 that my Canyon sure was “solid” for a truck. It also felt more solid than the Dakota or Tacoma crew cabs durig test drives.
    - Comfortable interior with room for 4 adults comfortably. Ergonomics are good.
    - I’ve come to like the XM radio quite a lot.
    - You can option this out almost like a “higher class” truck…leather, power options, 6 CD changer, XM Radio, IRVM…
    - The Cherry Red gets a lot of positive nods. The look has really grown on me and more than several people have complimented it.

    Bottom Line – Would I buy this truck again now that I’ve owned it for a little while:
    A firm Yes.
  • Glad to hear your Canyon is giving you no troubles! I test drove a 2WD, I-5, crew Canyon several weekends ago and also test drove a Dodge Dakota 2WD Crew with the V6. The Canyon seemed solid with good fit and finish and drove well. The Canyon seemed to have a little less room in the back than the Dodge, but that seemed to be because the front seat went farther back than the Dodge. The V-6 in the Dodge seemed loud compared to the I-5 and was most uncomfortable. I was really surprised by this being we used to own a Durango with bucket seats, and the room was adequate. I am pretty tall and pretty big. The Dakota had the split bench, and the fold down armrest didn't seem to leave me enough room to sit. I felt like I was pushing against the driver's side door and it would burst open going around a corner. I may look into a Canyon starting next month. Just kind of depends on the deals to be had and if I can find what I am looking for without too many more options.

    Also, have you used an XM receiver anywhere besides your truck? I am wondering if the little receiver with the boom box would work in an office. I am considering it, especially if I get the truck with the XM radio, but would hate for it to not work in my office after spending the money.

    Thanks, glad to hear you are enjoying your truck!
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    No, the XM in the Canyon is the first I've experienced. What I have noticed in driving around is that the XM radio does not seem to suffer from the shadowing and directional fading as with std AM/FM broadcasts. The sound seems clearer and cleaner too.
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    Well several months and about 3500 miles I am still very pleased with the Crew Cab Canyon 4WD. We just returned from out first road trip. It wasn't a long one but first time I've gotten several hours on a highway and also some dirt back roads. I got 21-22+mpg on several tanks which were ~90% highway. We bumped around on some back roads where I had to run in 4WD Hi a couple of times. I did notice that running in 4WD does tax the I5, but it seemed adequate.
    We're waiting now for the accessory mfrs to offer a locking cover for the bed (Crew cab cover isn't out yet) so we can really travel more conveniently.
    No issues yet and no creaks or buzzes. I do get a little engine vibration through the steering column at idle, but nothing unusual.
  • wheel_manwheel_man Posts: 2
    Picked up my 04 Canyon, Black off road package, full loaded without ordering body side moldings(not a big deal) The problem with the truck is there is no vanity mirror on the drivers side, the carpet is loose on top of the tranny hump, the paint quality is poor(orange peal on the cab by the third brake light, on the tail gate, on the "b" pillor. Have you looked underneath this truck? It's primer"no paint"How cheap is GM. Where are the skid plates on this thing, I'm not sure if I want to drive it down a gravel road, the fuel lines, brake lines and shifting linkage are wide open. Who built this thing a woman who drives it to the store? Where the heck is a ashtray. I'm already thinking of taking it back. I am a GM fan but this truck is poor at best. What is GM thinking,maybe I should have waited a year or 2 before buying this vehicle. I was way happier with my 1997 GMC Sonoma 4x4. At least it had skid plates, lit vanity mirrors(driver/pass) ashtray, a full instrument panel,and even room in the dash for a couple of cd's. Very dissapointed owner of a Canyon..............Wheel
  • wheel_manwheel_man Posts: 2
    Picked up my 04 Canyon, Black off road package, full loaded without ordering body side moldings(not a big deal) The problem with the truck is there is no vanity mirror on the drivers side, the carpet is loose on top of the tranny hump, the paint quality is poor(orange peal on the cab by the third brake light, on the tail gate, on the "b" pillor. Have you looked underneath this truck? It's primer"no paint"How cheap is GM. Where are the skid plates on this thing, I'm not sure if I want to drive it down a gravel road, the fuel lines, brake lines and shifting linkage are wide open. Who built this thing a woman who drives it to the store? Where the heck is a ashtray. I'm already thinking of taking it back. I am a GM fan but this truck is poor at best. What is GM thinking,maybe I should have waited a year or 2 before buying this vehicle. I was way happier with my 1997 GMC Sonoma 4x4. At least it had skid plates, lit vanity mirrors(driver/pass) ashtray, a full instrument panel,and even room in the dash for a couple of cd's. Very disapointed owner of a Canyon..............Wheel
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    Sorry to hear your truck is a disappointment. I agree that the skid plate should be skid plateS. I complained that most skid plate kits did more than only protect dives on the front end(the oil pan etc. exposed). Was told that the truck wasn't intended for "extreme" off road. The undercoat is electrostatic primer and has been std on GM for years. GM actually was one of the first to use that primer technique, when many mfrs weren't using any.
    But overall I am very happy with mine. The Cherry Red Metallic is almost perfect. The interior fit and finish as good as any Toyota, Ford, Nissan I've seen (better than the Dakota). I've done a few back roads and a number of potholes and the truck hasn't any buzzes or chirps. I also had a Sonoma, and the Canyon is heads above my Sonoma experience. I've got over 4100 miles now and avg ~20mpg (about 75% hwy)
  • 9214992149 Posts: 2
    I'm glad you folks generally seem to think the Canyon is a good buy and are happy with your purchase. I ordered one in January 2004 and can't get it. I've heard various songs and dances about WHY it can't be built but the whole thing is getting quite ridiculous. Paint, (ordered indigo blue) tooling, (extended cabs), sliding rear windows, transmissions for extended cab auto 4X4's, even "the vehicle has too many options." Now I'm told "not in production."I'd be just a bit leery if I was you folks. Good luck with your new vehicles. Mine was to be my retirement gift from my wife. Don't think I'll be buying GMC anymore. What has been your experience? Semper Fi to any old Marines out there.
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    I got mine in February and they did a dealer swap. I have a loaded crew cab. I know the dealer I bought from had a blue 4WD Ext. Cab that was pretty loaded up... Seems like the crew cabs started selling the hottest, but I know the dealer has been moving at least a dozen since I bought mine.
    You might try the internet and, build your own and then do a dealer search/request a dealer quote.
    I think the dealer you have dealt with may be pulling your leg as I just located 4 indigo blue 4WD ext cabs with at least 2 fully loaded and pushing $30k MSRP here in the OR-WA area.
  • sporttbirdsporttbird Posts: 5
    Hi again,
       Well, I thought I would check in since I ordered my Canyon in mid February, and it has not arrived yet either. Originally I was told that it would probably be the end of March or early April before I could take delivery, about 6 weeks out. When I contacted the dealer in early April, I was told there was a supplier problem with the drive line, (of the 4WD Crew cabs only) by my dealer. I contacted them about 2 weeks later and was told that they had a build date of the very next week and I could expect a 2 week delay before they would take delivery.
    I contacted the dealer again last week and I am still waiting on clarification on what exactly the problem is, (supplier, demand, etc). I did a little digging myself and found out that American Axles had a 2 day strike in February, but I would not have expected a 2 day strike to push delivery of my vehicle out another 6 weeks. At this rate the new Nissan Frontier, Dodge Dakota, or Toyota Tacoma may make it into my garage before the Canyon even shows up at the dealership.
     I am not sure what the delay is but if I do get that information, I will pass it on...

  • 9214992149 Posts: 2
    My dealer pulled a rabbit out of a hat and got me my Canyon. Onyx black, loaded to the gunwales, a real beauty. The I-5 is just fine. Plenty of power to tow my boat as well as cruise the highway. So far fuel economy is excellent at 20 MPG city and just a shade over 24 MPG highway. All in all I'm happy with it. Solid, well built vehicle and the XM radio is just not to be believed. Any faults are minor and insignificant
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    What some of the dealers are saying here in the NW, is the crew cab models have been the hot sellers. I suspect that had more to do with the shortage than the strike. GMC held over the crew cab Sonoma for a year, but that was a mistake as they are not selling very well even with lots of incentives. The dealer I bought from still has two crew cab Sonomas on his lot that he has had since last fall. He can't keep a crew cab Canyon in stock. (except for a base model)
    I just turned over 5600 miles on my commute home tonight. After 3 months and no problems (crew 4WD Z71) Filled up last night - 21mpg in mixed driving.
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 500
    GM may be doing you a favor. The new Tacoma and Frontier are supposed to pack 240 to 250 hp and 270 to 280 lb ft of torque. My guess is that they will also have better quality interiors and better back seats for people and cargo.

    My suggestion would be to cancel your order and wait until the Fall so you can compare the GM twins side by side with the new Toyota and Nissan. By that point, if you still want a Canyon or Colorado, there should be more available on dealers lots with the typical huge incentives that GM has to offer in order to sell their cars in the face of superior competition, saving you money. It might also save you some potential buyers remorse so that you don't end up kicking yourself when you see the new Tacoma and Frontier.
  • Yes, I have actually considered this as an option, with the Frontier, Tacoma and Dakota all being redesigned for '05. I have thought about asking them to look for a dealer swap, but the one option that I put on my absolutely have to have list was the side airbags and any searches that I have done in my area and even surrounding states have yielded only 1 with side airbags, and it had several features that I don't care to pay for. My biggest problem is that I want a fully loaded Crew cab 4wd without the Z71 package. I simply don't want to pay and exta $1500-2000 for a suspension/skidplate/tire package that I have no use for, I'd rather spend that on the heated leather seats.
        If the other new trucks are available early enough, I will be considering them. If not, I have a bit of a timing issue that could be a problem as I will soon be needing the extra passenger room for our second child. The extended Cab S-10 just doesn't cut it. I had buyers remorse before we ordered the Canyon, (I really would have loved a smaller version of the Silverado SS, awd, 18" wheels, maybe turbo charge the motor?), but that wasn't to be. Maybe next time.
  • Does anyone know the specifics of the Canyon wheels? I know that they are 6-5.5 bolt pattern. What I am wondering is whether the offset is that much different than the Sierra. I am haggling over a Crew and would like to put 17" Sierra wheels on it if they won't be damaging due to offset differences. Any info would be appreciated, thanks.
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    Hole pattern is the same as Sierra. I have a set of beautiful 16" Niche wheels I ran on my 99 Sierra and they bolt right onto the Canyon with no clearance issues. The Canyon came with 15" wheels and 65 series tires. I put 60 series tires on the 16" wheels and they were the same diameter.
    Check the width and height for clearances - as long as you are close in overall dimensions to the original Canyon wheels and tires you should be okay.
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    I just returned from a trip to Montana. Overall I put almost 1600 miles on the Canyon and consumed almost 75 gallons of regular. Average mpg equaled 21.4 mpg.
    Best mileage was Troutdale, OR to Post Falls, ID where I got 23.8 mpg (65 – 75 mph with some cross winds.)
    Worst mileage was 18 mpg in mixed driving. (City, hauling stuff, a little 4WD, a little hwy.)
    I ran 70-75 mph most of the time. (WA = 70 mph, ID & MT = 75 mph)
    Hwy mileage seemed most affected by head winds and having to run the AC.
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