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GMC Canyon



  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    I have crew cad 4WD and have not really had any issues - bought in Feb 2004 and have 17.5k miles.
    1) Generals are about as low budget as they come - mine are in the garage collecting dust since I took them off a few hundred miles into ownership.
    2) This sometimes happens - I had one on a previous vehicle. Mine was replaced under warranty.
    3) Sounds like something is not working in the electronic control system.
    4) My mileage has stayed steady - worst was first couple thousand miles during break in.
    5) This is normal on these parts; the rust actually protects the parts from further oxidation. Unless you are in area using lots of salt or by the ocean, this should not be a concern.
    6) My crew cab is as quiet as most cars and better than most trucks.

    I've had both full size & small trucks. This Canyon drives more like a full size- smooth, good ride, reasonably quiet. :D
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    You are right about General tires. General Motors puts sorry tires on a lot of their products. I bought a 2004 Suburban leather and loaded out. It had Firestone tires which the Firestone/Bridgestone dealer told me they were cheaper tires. My experience with Ford is that they generally use good tires. My F150 came with Michelin.
  • gjmcgjmc Posts: 5
    For those that are frustrated over wind noise coming from one side of the other rear of the cab, look at the bed on that side relative to the rear of the cab. In my case, I only had noise from the passenger rear. I noticed that the bed was sticking out about 1/8 to 1/4 beyond the rear of the cab on that side and was about 1/8 to 1/4 in behind the cab on the drivers side. I loosened the bolts that hold the bed down and adjusted the bed so it's properly centered. Problem solved. The bed sticking out beyond the cab produces air turbulence driving down the highway that you hear in through the rear door hinge area and the flow-thru vent. Good luck.
  • leadfoot4leadfoot4 Posts: 593
    That's a good suggestion. I never thougt of that, so I'll take a close look at mine. The noise is really annoying!
  • exgmcexgmc Posts: 5
    I just got rid of 2004 Canyon 2 wheel drive 5 cyl. I hope yours is better than mine The squeaks drove me crazy and the interior is not up to par. I had problems withthe brakes being too touchy in the morning damp air. They would grab so hard they would throw you forward. GMC would not fix. The rear differential makes clunking noises and feels loose. GMC will not fix Had several computor malfunctions which GMC did fix. The horn just broke and I decided to buy trcuk of the year 2005 Toyota 4 x 4 V6 SR5.

    good luck
  • exgmcexgmc Posts: 5
    It's me again with tthe 2004 Canyon. I had wind noise on the passenger side door that drove nuts too. GMC fixed it by putting white powder all over the weather stripping to find the leak. It would have been nice of them to clean it off before they returned it back to me. Three months after I owned the Canyon I noticed the driver door part that hold the door from opening too far was falling off. I tightened it up myself. Then I noticed the door was rubbing the apint off of the rocker panel where the door and the rocker meet when it closes. GMC adjusted the door, but now I have wind noise on this door. I lived with that for 8 more months and traded it in for a new truck 2005 Toyota 4 x 4
  • exgmcexgmc Posts: 5
    You might want to think again. I just unloaded a 2004 Canyon SLE and bought a 2005 4 x 4 Toyota Tacoma. You can't even comapre the quality of a GMC to the Toyota. The GMC is very poorly put together.
  • exgmcexgmc Posts: 5
    I bought one new in 2004 and had the SLE 5 cyl and had nothing but stupid problems with it. The interior is squeaky, the brakes grab ,wind noise, the differential is noisy, and is electrical issues.
    I now have a 2005 Toyota 4 X 4 SR5 night and day . you get what you pay for
  • leadfoot4leadfoot4 Posts: 593
    4 negative posts in 20 minutes....Guess you didn't like your Canyon, eh??
  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    You must have gone through the entire forum postings - It is interesting you are replying to a message I posted almost 16 months ago.
    Guess I got lucky my Canyon has treated me well and I really have no squeaks or rattles unless I am bouncing down some rough dirt & gravel roads/trails. I've got well over 17k miles and 15 months of ownership. :D
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    Today, I remembered your post. I looked in the passenger side mirror and I have the same thing. How much engineering does it take to line up a bed. Good grief, can't they get anything right.
  • leadfoot4leadfoot4 Posts: 593
    I finally had an opportunity to take a good look at the alignment between my cab and bed yesterday. I would say that the right side was out further than the left by maybe 1/16 to 3/32 of an inch. Not much, however since I had some time, I thought that I'd try to get it a little better.

    I went under the truck and loosened the 4 large bolts that secure the bed to the frame, as well as the 4 screws that secure the "struts" that support the lower side of the bed. After that, try as hard as I could, the bed wouldn't move. How did you get it to move ??
  • don86don86 Posts: 2
    Get an occassional rattle in my new GMC Canyon sounds like it is from the L/R wheel well, a plastic rattling sound -Dealer could not locate
    Just had passengers in back seat crew cab rattle was not stop - one of my passengers was a auto mechanic he thinks it may becoming from within the fuel tank which is plastic and directly under rear seats, any ideas? I want to bring back to dealer with as much info as possible. Thanks
  • pmtpmt Posts: 2
    I got a 05 Canyon about a 3 weeks ago I got major shimmeying and shakening going on at highway speeds took back to the dealer they found two front tires out of spec ballanced and now the trucks shimmeys around town as well as highway speeds compared to this the interoier wind noise is not such a problem has anyone had the same problem? I dont think the generl tires are going to hold up well eith all the vibriation going on :lemon:
  • gjmcgjmc Posts: 5
    There are supposed to be 8 bolts that hold the bed on according to my factory service manual but I only found 6. The other two could be hidden up behind the fender well [??]. Irregardless, the front ones are up about 6 inches from the bottom of the body under the gas filler flap and directly across from there on the passenger side. There are two more - one on each side of the frame rail in behind the rear tire. They are all 17mm. I loosened all 6 and the bed slid right over to where it stuck out 1/8-1/4 on the drivers side. I then slid it back to where it's centered and tightened the 6 bolts back up. Bare in mind that this doesn't make a cadillac out of a pick-up, but I had an absolute roar going into the wind on that passenger side that is simply gone now. I have to get a cross wind gust to hear wind noise now and I think some extensions on the flow-thru vent exits might well cure that. Good luck.
  • leadfoot4leadfoot4 Posts: 593
    The General tires have turned out to be a real "achilles heel" with the Colorado/Canyons. GM is taking a lot of heat over using these tires. Mine were junk, and I replaced them with Bridgstone snow tires for the winter, and 16" Firestone Destination LEs for the summer. Makes it a completely different truck.

    I'm sorry that I didn't research the tire situation a little better before I bought the snow tires, but I bought the truck in the middle of winter(rebates, and all...), so I had to put something on to deal with the snow. I'm now thinking of "E-Baying" the 15" snow tires and OE wheels and getting some 16" snow tires.
  • leadfoot4leadfoot4 Posts: 593
    gjmc, I was wondering if you could clarify something for me. When you say that the service manual says that 8 bolts are holding the bed on, do you mean 4 "large" and 4 "small" bolts?

    I easily found the 4 17mm headed bolts you referred to, 2 near the cab, and two back alongside the spare tire. I also found the 4 smaller, Torx headed bolts that hold the "struts" from either the frame or box channels, to the lower edges of the bed. I loosened all of them(total of 8), but to no avail.

    Did I miss something else that you loosened up? Thanks........
  • pmtpmt Posts: 2
    leadfoot is right I had my new truck in the dealers shop for two days while they took a set of general tires off another truck and tried them on my truck and my problem just got worst finnaly they put on a nice set of 15 inch Goodyear RT/S M+S and it makes it like a new truck should be. I know what you mean about e-baying old tires I got a pair of 15 inch studded cooper snows on OE rims that fit my 02 Sonoma that I need to get ride of I am think of moveing to the deserd :)
  • gjmcgjmc Posts: 5
    Nope, just 4 large on each side. Like I said, though, I could only find 6 - 3 on each side. I loosened them quite a bit and the bed literally slid right over to where it was sticking out too far on the drivers side. I've still got some work to do though. The driving "into the wind" roar is gone but heavy cross winds over the last couple of weeks has exposed there's still too much wind noise for my liking. I think perhaps some extensions on those flow thru vents in behind the cab may help. Again, there were no smaller bolts involved. Just the one set in front of the rear tire and the two sets in behind. Too move it, I removed my shoes, placed my back against the garage wall, and used my stocking feet at the bottom of the front of the bed. I think mine moved a good 3/8 or more. Good luck.
  • wildeman3wildeman3 Posts: 3
    I had the noise, found your post on the crooked box, straightened my box and the noise went away. Thanks! I took it to GMC once, that was enough to encourage me to find the solution myself and thanks to your post it didn't take long.
    I just want to know how you discovered that it was the alignment of the box?

  • duncan95duncan95 Posts: 6
    Picked up my ’05 Canyon a few weeks ago. Almost couldn’t drive it home on the Parkway because it shook so bad. It’s an Extended cab 4x4 Z85 w/IL5 and Auto trans.
    Took it back to the dealer. They did a tire balance and it was “fixed”…well, not really. Took it back the next day and they said they recalibrated their tire balance machine and found it was out of spec and thus they had improperly balanced the tires the first time. All fixed now…well, not really. At low speed it’s ok. Above 65 it’s ok, but at around 55 there is a real shimmy in the seat and floor boards. Steering is fine. Has the OEM tires-P235/75R15 Generals on it. Really like the little bugger, but this shimmy is real annoying. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    It's the tires. They are known for shimmy problems. I would press them to replace it with a better tire or if you have the money and don't want the hassle, just buy some new tires. Everyone that has done so has claimed its a totally different truck with the new tires. They say it rides as smooth as glass.

    My 05 Colorado extended cab also shimmies between 50-60 mph but its not near as bad as yours so I'm just going to live with it.
  • duncan95duncan95 Posts: 6
    Thanks. I kind of came to that conclusion myself. OK, I'll give them one more shot at it, then it's 3 strikes and Lemon Law in NJ. I'll post a follow up later next week as I have a date with a hospital for some Cardio work on Tuesday and might be laid up a day or two. Thanks again.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    You would try to lemon law for the tires?? Thats silly, not to mention highly unlikely that they would approve it. Why go through that hassle? Just ask for new tires. If they refuse, buy some new tires and save yourself the stress and aggravation. I'm sure a doctor could afford a few hundred bucks in tires. In all honesty though, the tires are covered under the tire manufacturer's warranty, not GMC's, so your dealer may just refer you to a local tire shop. And that shop would just try to replace the crappy Generals with equally crappy Generals. Your best bet since your truck is so new is to just trade in the tires for credit towards better ones.
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    Like another guy said on here, it is those cheap general tires. They aren't worth crap. I had an F150 that came with those and they could never straighten them out. I took the truck to a Bridgestone dealer and bought a new set. I posted the others, wheels and all, in the paper and sold them.
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    I tried the trade in with the Bridgestone dealer and he wouldn't have the things.
  • Just wanted to say Hi. I've got an '04 crew cab 4x4 with the 5-cylinder in Fire Red. Leather and 6-disc changer were extras. I purchased my baby new in May of '04 and now have 21K miles and change. This is my first truck and my first new vehicle. I've been extremely happy with it so far. I usually start by telling people, when they ask about it, that I could be a salesman for the Canyon.
    The fuel mileage has increased lately, which is nice, to around 22mpg per tank, and the power of the 3500 is adequate for everything I've come across so far, including towing my bike. I don't understand people's issues with the interior. It's a truck, for crying out loud, not a luxury car. I think it's simple, functional (for the most part), and attractive.
    I've only had a couple issues with my Canyon experience so far, mostly nitpicky things: the fuel gauge sucks, for one thing. I've been averaging about a 380-mile range lately, but after almost 220 miles, the fuel gauge still reads half-full. The HVAC system could use some work, too. It's virtually impossible to get cool air out of the vents unless you turn the A/C on. The four-speed tranny is a disappointment, but only because it's a four-speed instead of five. It could REALLY use an extra gear, and a tow/haul button wouldn't hurt.
    The only thing I've added to the truck so far is a billet grille cover, like the ones on the Denali line (looks so nice!), but I'm getting the bed sprayed at the end of this month, and a lift kit with new wheels and tires should come in the spring. Exhaust and a K&N AirCharger sometime after that.
    Well, I'll go away now. Nobody asked me to tell them my truck's entire life story, but thanks for letting me share. Later
  • wildeman3wildeman3 Posts: 3
    I have noticed that if my truck sits in the garage for a couple of days there will be a shimmy (flat spots) from the tires. it usually works itself out after a mile or two.
    I did initially drive a Colorado that had a huge shimmy in it, i assumed that the tires were unbalanced, the gmc didn't have the shake so i bought it.
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    Let me guess. You have General tires. Enough said; they are crap.
  • joe3891joe3891 Posts: 759
    Many years ago nylon tires would do that, are they back? :)
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