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The Prime Motor Group, which represents more than 25 automotive brands at nearly 30 dealerships from Massachusetts to Maine, has adopted's True Market Value (TMV) pricing as a key component in its innovative sales process.

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    I'm not surprised. I have only two experiences buying a car using TMV(R) as a guide, but in both cases I found dealers who were asking less even without negotiation. So I imagine a dealer would be very happy to pocket the TMV(R) price while customers will be happy believing they got a great deal; and to be fair, they are probably better off than they might be at some other dealers. When I bought a 2014 Mazda3 in May a competing "leading consumer magazine" estimate was also higher than what the dealer advertised, but by $150 instead of TMV(R)'s $650. OTOH, when contacted, another of Edmunds' "Price Promise(SM)" dealers actually wanted more than $3000 higher than the price that was "promised", so it is possible to find bad dealers exploiting Edmunds' programs.
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