Any news on 2003 Honda CR-V?

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I might be interested in purchasing a CR-V when the 2003 models come out. Already own a 1998 and think it is great. Any news when the 2003 models will be available or even the specs. on the new models? Anyone have interesting data to compare among the CR-V, Suzuki XL-7 and the Hyundai Santa Fe?


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    The CR-V was all new for the '02 model, which is currently on sale. Since the '02 is totally new, the '03 model will probably only get some very minor detail changes, like maybe some new paint colors. Just go to and look at the specs for the '02. Compared to your '98, it's slightly larger, has a bigger engine.
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    I was interested in buying a CR-V and went to check out availability at local dealership. Supposedly, those made in Sept. 02 should be the 03 model. If that is the case and you assume 6 weeks delivery, expect the 03 model to show up at the dealers in Oct. sometime. Can anybody else comfirm this? Thanks,

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    The '03's will not be available until late November or early December.
    The Honda's made here state side are always available a month or 2 before the models made in Japan.

    The '03's will not have any changes made to them.
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    Is there any official word out that '03 will have NO, ZERO, NOT A ONE, changes?

    How about PRICE?


    Options? DIO?

    Anyhow, this late in the game, with dealers not really dealing, at least you'd have one less model year of depreciation on the '03...

    I can probably limp on out till November with my beater...
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    rerenov8r, my salesperson showed me a color chart with no color changes for the '03 CR-V. As for price and availability, he stated that Honda won't release prices until the cars are released for shipment to the dealers, but he does not expect any content or significant price changes (when pressed he guessed about 1%). Also he stated that he expects the '03s to begin arriving in October. While I'm not sure where he got this info, I will trust him until I hear otherwise from Honda. Hope this helps.
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    What about that pretty iced aqua that appears in the German show? The one with the big sun roof? And no black trim, and larger wheels? I can't get a word out of my salesman...who says "no changes" but I tend to think otherwise. If anyone hears anything please post it.
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    Is the norm on the European market CR-Vs.

    I am not sure if it will make it to the US for '03, or ever. Seems AHMC doesn't want to get too "non-macho"...

    Personally I do not like the lighter colored CR-V with black trim, but Black, Blue and even Red look OK...

    No offense to hondaguy700 BUY I have learned that SALEPEOPLE are the LEAST reliable sources of info--I wouldn'y put it past 'em to fake a color chart!
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    You may want to check this site.

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    2003 Honda CR-V Ranks High in Crash Safety, Performance and Value

    Torrance, Calif. 08/16/2002 -- The second-generation Honda CR-V entry-level sport utility vehicle, which set an all-time sales record in 2002 and grabbed a spot on Car and Driver Magazine's "5Best Trucks" list, returns for 2003 with additional interior enhancements.

    The CR-V boasts more standard features, more power, enhanced safety technology and all-around utility for an entry-level SUV. Inside, the CR-V's spacious interior seats five comfortably and features more standard luxury features.

    The 2003 CR-V is powered by a 2.4-liter, 16-valve, DOHC 4-cylinder, "intelligent" i-VTEC engine. The i-VTEC system takes Honda's patented VTEC system to the next level by combining it with Variable Timing Control (VTEC) to produce 160-horsepower and 162 lb.-ft. or torque. Low- and mid-range torque was increased to deliver better overall acceleration. Even with the increased power of the new engine system, fuel economy remains an impressive EPA estimated 22/26 mpg city/hwy. All 2003 CR-V models are certified to meet the new LEV-II emission standards.

    Inside the CR-V, the designers and engineers went to great lengths to introduce the highest level of innovative standard features and amenities. The cargo area of the CR-V measures a spacious 72.0 cu. ft., and with the exclusive fold-and-tumble rearseats stowed, the CR-V now accommodates two full-size mountain bikes with ease - something rarely seen in this class of vehicle. The reclining 60/40 rear seat moves independently and features a center armrest with drink holders, and all rear passengers have three-point seat belts and headrests. The larger rear cargo floor also doubles as a picnic table. For 2003, rear coat hooks have been added. In front, the center console-mounted storage area has been enlarged to better accommodate items such as CDs and cassettes.

    The CR-V features a newly developed chassis with increased torsional rigidity and bending rigidity. Additional safety features include advanced dual-stage driver's and front passenger's airbags, standard side airbags on EX models (available on LX), front seatbelts with load limiters and buckle pre-tensioners. For added safety, the lower front side frame and lower bumper beam have been specially engineered to engage the structural elements of cars, trucks and SUV's in the event of a crash. These advanced features, and more, helped the CR-V earn 5-star ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for both front and side impact, the highest rating possible. In addition, the CR-V received a "good" designation, also the highest rating possible, from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and was named a "Best Pick" following the agency's frontal offset crash testing of the vehicle.

    The CR-V employs a 4-wheel independent suspension system. This system utilizes a Toe Control Link MacPherson Strut suspension in the front for outstanding handling, ride and packaging. In the rear, the CR-V is equipped with a reactive compact double wishbone suspension that helps provide additional cargo space.

    The 2003 CR-V is available in well-equipped LX, LX 4WD, and EX 4WD trims. All models feature dual power mirrors, intermittent front and rear window wipers and washers, air conditioning with Micron Air-Filtration, power windows with auto down and up driver's window, power door locks, floormats, and engine immobilizer and anti-theft system, cruise control, two-texture seating surfaces, sunglass holder, and a front driver and passenger armrest (on automatic models). The LX trim includes an AM/FM/cassette/CD player with four speakers. The EX trim adds standard Real Time‰ 4WD, AM/FM/cassette/6-CD changer with six speakers, a power moonroof and rear privacy glass. New colors for 2003 include a black interior color scheme available on models with Taffeta White exteriors.

    # # #

    For more information and downloadable high-resolution images of the Honda CR-V and other Honda vehicles, please visit Consumer information is available on
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    From the Honda news release for the 2003 CRV, which seems to be a rehash of the news release of the 2002 CRV, there are few significant changes.
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    After reviewing the 2002 brochure and the site on the 2003 CRV they are virtually the same. My question is: Should I wait to buy the 2003?
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    I live in Reno NV area & travel icy, snowy roads in winter to get to local ski areas. Currently lease a Subaru Outback wagon that is a stellar performer in these conditions. Question is; lease is up soon & I'm considering purchase of 2002 Honda CRV. Can I expect good performance with Honda's 4WD system in these conditions? Anyone drive a CRV in snow? Do I need studded tires? Help!
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    I have driven with friends in their previous generation CR-V (not yet had a chance to take the 02 in bad weather) and have found it to perform well. Whether it is equal to the Outback, depends on details. For instance, the Outback ALWAYS gives some power to all wheels, and the CR-V needs wheelspin before it redirects power -- if you know this and plan/prepare for the CR-V wheels to spin abit it is no big deal, but if you are used to the continuos power of the Suburu (and its low-end grunt) you may not be entirely happy. It is a detail that is important enough to test out on your own before you pay your money.
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    I saw a monochrome CR-V about two days ago,in gold.Is this new for 2003?Monochrome?Looked very strange........hmmmmmmmm,Bumbers in gold.....i don't know,what do y'all think?
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    It was probably a Canadian car. Body colored bumpers etc. are available there on the 2002 but not in the U.S.

    Its a matter of taste. I REALLY like the look.
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    I need a new vehicle and living in snowy, icy winter climate, I need all wheel drive. I'm interested in the CRV, but they never have any in stock. Does anyone know when the 2003 models will be out? Also, I looked at a 2001 Toyota 4 Runner (top of the line). It was a leased vehicle, driven by one person and has 45,000 miles. Since the prices on the vehicles are very close, I'm wondering if anyone has any advice for me as to which is the best buy.
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    Only time I would recommend the 4Runner over the CR-V is for heavy hauling and boulder-bashing offroad.

    The CR-V is far superior in snowy, icey road conditions. The 4Runner needs to have its 4wd manaully activated. This type system is not a real advantage on road. The 4WD Low range on a 4Runner is nice to have, and you can pull other vehicles out of ditches, but for DRIVING on all but zero-traction surfaces the CR-V wins. The worst slipping in snowy conditions often occurs when starting out from a dead stop, with the CR-V such spinning is quickly brought to a halt, all with ANY driver interaction...

    If you want to look at another (used) Toyota product that has a drive system that compares to the CR-V, you should consider the Lexus RX-300.
    (It is possible that Toyota will be equipping the 2003 top-of-the-line 4Runner LTD with a full time AWD system, but it will be the Pilot or MDX price range)
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    Does anyone have a guess when the 2003's will hit the Northern California area?
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    I picked up a brochure for the 2003 CRVs on Friday, the 20th. The exterior colors were the same as the 2002. There might be different combinations of exterior and interior colors.
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    rere... thanks for responding to my question. I've done a lot of research and will have an opportunity to test drive a CRV tomorrow. If I like it, I'm planning on buying. I may put my name on the list for the 2003 model or I may just drive the 2002 home. It depends on whether or not I'll get any price break on the 2002. It doesn't seem likely in this market!
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    I've been told by a few dealers that they expect the 2003 CRVs in November. Some have even said mid-November and that there are no changes from the 2002.
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    I wish they can put a color-keyed bumper on CR-V. It looks like everywhere in the world except US has the color-keyed bumper on CR-V. Check out and click Honda Worldwide to see what they have in the rest of the world.
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    Prices for the 2003 CRV can be found at:

    Prices are approx. $100.00 more than 2002.

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    My wife is unsure about maybe purchasing new 2003 CR-V, AWD EX.
    She drives a Jeep and was looking at the new
    Jeep models, as she wanted something she feels
    safe, driving, especially in winter.
    Wife test drove the Jeep Liberty Limited and
    was thinking about buying a new Jeep.

    Now that the 2003 CR-V is out, would you
    opt for this vehicle, or the Jeep, and why?
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    Check out and pull up crash test results for 2002 Honda CRV and Jeep Liberty. The data pretty much answers that question in terms of safety.
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    Still long wait and pay MSRP. Can't wait to see the Special Edition with color keyed bumper, door handles and leather seats. Honda usually introduces the Special Edition toward to last (maybe two) model year.
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    Posted this on the main board as well:

    Got a call from my dealer today - I have the VIN and CRV will be here in 2-3 days. Am getting 5 Speed EX - Chianti Red. Paying $800 over invoice.

    Can't wait for vehicle to get here. Am planning on adding the woodgrain accents to the dash and doors as well as the cargo cover through
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    wow, you got a good deal.
    We will get ours on Monday or Tuesday.
    We pay $580 less than MSRP($22,860), and that was the best deal around.
    We get Red also. My kids like Blue, my husband likes Tan... so I picked Red =)
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    When you say you paid $580 less thank MSRP, is that with everything included? I'm being offered a 2003 Red CRV EX - auto at $22,500 with everything (taxes, tags and destination charges) included. Just wondering if this is a decent deal?

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    The sticker price on a EX is almost $23k so if they are quoting you $22500 with tax licenses included thats a terrific deal. I would make sure they are quoting you the right vehicle when you go sign the paper.
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    They are finally here.
    My dealer is giving me a price of $20,150(w/destination charges,tag and tax.
    I don't want any dealer accessories because I can get them at a better price and installed by a honda dealer mechanic.
    They are including all of the interior and exterior special coatings pkg.
    Is this a good deal?
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    This is $540 ABOVE the 'destination & MSRP' price SO, I'd have to know your TAX RATE & "tag fee".

    Tne dealer should split out the amount they are discounting.

    Generally, the demand for the CR-V is good, but the 2WD is NOT popular in the winter (except maybe in Sun Belt states...). You should be getting a discount of at least $300-500 dollars from the MSRP of $19150 before one could consider this a "good deal". Edmunds has the detsination charge listed as $460. WE NEED TO KNOW the amounts "left out".
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    Destination charge is $460
    Tax is 6.5% (Florida)
    Tag is $135 (transfer fee)
    The sticker price on this car is $19.300

    Good deal or not?
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    If I back calculated everything correctly...

    Sounds like the selling price (including destination charge, which in IL should have sales tax applied...) is around $18800

    That looks to be over $500 off the MSRP -- a pretty good deal!

    Can you do better? Who knows... I doubt this is "as low as they can go", but if you are happy it might not be worth grinding out an extra $100-200 buck.

    Dealers are not yet slashing $1000s off any 03 CR-Vs, and I doubt that will happen unless something tragic happens to the economy.
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    I got $500 less than MSRP for the 2003 model. Unfortunately, it takes forever to get the car.
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