My 97 GMC Sonoma instrument panel is not turning on.

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My 97 Sonoma instrument is not turn on and lighting and when it doesn't it will roll over not start

I changed the fuel pump because it wasn't kicking on.  After I changed it.  It was still having the same problem.  It started twice hooked to a battery charger.  Yesterday it started twice with nothing.  I notice that it would only start when all the dash icons light up but most the time I turn key forward the dash icons don't come one and then that's when it only rolls over and doesn't start.  I checked the alternator and the battery brand new.  Is there a short in my ignition or maybe I have a faulty battery that only gives enough power to kick everything on once in a while.   Please help!!!


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    I wonder if your anti-theft is interfering at times. Is the security light on?
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