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Honda Pilot Maintenance and Repair

pilotdadpilotdad Member Posts: 12
Was wondering if anyone has had any problems with their Pilots, especially since it's a first year vehicle. I have an EX cloth and have had no problems yet in my first 1500 miles.


  • keh99keh99 Member Posts: 2
    I have an EX, one of the early ones in the 1st shipment. I paid msrp and have not come across any problems yet. I have done just over 3,000 miles and I am happy with mine.

    Regarding problems with noise from the gas tanks and creaking doors, I believe the root problem is with the doors – they do not close to a tight fit and they creak. They also allow noise from the gas tank, which is under the vehicle, to come inside. The solution is to check the doorstops, the door seals and the weather-stripping and make sure that the door closes to a tight fit and do not allow any sound to get inside. (As an example: - Take a walk in a cinema corridor, you will not hear any sound from the cinema hall when the sound resistant doors are closed.)
  • minliang_cminliang_c Member Posts: 26
    Good point.
    I don't have problem with gas tank noise, no problem with creak doors either.
    I purchased my EX-L on June 2nd, had about 2k miles now.
  • lor7lor7 Member Posts: 1
    We noticed a oil spot after having our pilot for one week. We took it to the dealer and they had it a couple of days and said there was a small hairline leak. After a week we took it back to the dealership and they worked with the honda tecks in California and after having it this past week we picked it up today and hopefully it is fixed. We have 2000 miles on it at this time since we took a trip with it before we notice it was still leaking.
    Our service department was great, sales department was great and honda worked with them. The problem was we did talk to a rude customer service person at ther customer service line in california who should not be working for them.
  • matkins2matkins2 Member Posts: 11
    I'm hearing a LOT of road and tire noise on my LX with Bridgestone Dueler H/Ts mounted (all seasons)
    I live in Lake Tahoe and our roads have very little top coating left on them so they are noisier than most but I'd like to know if someone has had the same problem and what is a good fix!!
  • zzanonzzzzanonzz Member Posts: 6
    Some of us were evidently successful in getting NHTSA & Honda to recall a safety defect in the 2003 Pilot (timing belt tensioner pulley misaligned, which may lead to a crash). You should be getting a letter in the mail soon.

    Now we owners of the Pilot need to email NHTSA the following message, or a version thereof. Email the message below to: webmaster@nhtsa.dot.gov (alternatively, use the web form on NHTSA safety hotline site at http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/email.cfm).

    Message that needs to be conveyed to NHTSA by as many Pilot owners as possible goes as follows: "The 2003 Pilot headlights are very weak and do not sufficiently illuminate the road ahead. This creates a very serious driving hazard on the freeway especially at speeds as high as 70 mph. The Pilot's headlights fail to illuminate the curves in the freeway, and consequently, Pilots can veer off the highway and get into crashes. Apparently, the Honda company is aware of this problem but has chosen not to take any action. We appeal to NHTSA to urge Honda to recall and replace the defective headlights".

    Feel free to modify the message above. Thank you.

  • keith4skikeith4ski Member Posts: 1
    I have 3500 miles on my Pilot and in the morning, the shift at 30 MPH, is rough. It smooths out somewhat as car warms up but is still noticeable.

    Dealer says this rough shifting is normal when cold. All comments are appreciated.
  • skarlekarskarlekar Member Posts: 5

    I am going for a new Honda Pilot EX. It comes with a 3yr/36000 miles warranty. The dealer says it is a good idea to get the Ext. Warranty by Honda Care. I understand the dealer wants to sell as much as he can. But what do you people think?
    I was going through the Honda Care brochure (Ext. Warranty sold by Honda) and it says in there that parts are not covered.

    The dealer quoted $1495 for 7yr/100K warranty.

    So what is the point in going for it?

    Any points will be appreciated.
  • rms41rms41 Member Posts: 80
    It's not necessary to post the same question in several Pilot forums. Pick the best one.
  • bill01923bill01923 Member Posts: 57
    My Pilot always seems to shift fine.
    The only thing that takes some getting used to is the "grade logic" feature.
    When going down a long hill the transmission will sometimes down shift to keep the vehicle freewheeling (speeding up) down the hill.
  • gregruthgregruth Member Posts: 1
    The check engine light comes on. The dealer can find nothing wrong. They reset the light but as soon as the next day it comes on again, or it may go a week without coming on. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • packrufuspackrufus Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone have a problem getting their Pilot into an eight-foot wide garage? The Pilot's width is of concern to me here and it may be a factor in whether I purchase it or not.
  • tocatoca Member Posts: 147
    Did they check the gas cap seal? This caused the CEL to come on in my Subaru. Not sure if this would do the same for Honda's, but worth asking.
  • devicemanagerdevicemanager Member Posts: 3
    << I was going through the Honda Care brochure (Ext. Warranty sold by Honda) and it says in there that parts are not covered. The dealer quoted $1495 for 7yr/100K warranty. >>

    Skarlekar, huh? You might want to re-read the coverages. Please see the URL below.


    We paid $945.00 for the 7yr/75k mi ZERO deductible warranty on the Pilot.

  • fester3fester3 Member Posts: 1
    My 2003 Honda Pilot, with just over 2000 miles sits in a Honda Dealer for over a week, waiting for Honda to take action on a broken power steering pump pulley. The pulley broke while my wife was trying to make a turn into a side street. The vehicle went strait. lucky no other vehicle was in the way.
    The vehicle had just previously spent the day in the dealers shop for the timing belt pulley recall, that could have also resulted in a catastrophic outcome for the vehicle and my family. According to the dealer my timing belt had already frayed.
    American Honda has been nothing but uncooperative and unresponsive to this problem. The dealer who has my car (of which I didn't purchase the car from) has been very good, but Honda has not given them a time frame on when they will receive the part to fix the vehicle.
    My wife asked a representative of Honda customer service for a loaner car. She was told at first that they would look into it, but that they felt that she didn't quailfy. Later in the day, after threats from my wife Honda OK'd a loaner car for my wife. The loaner car beinmg a Plymouth Neon. We have had a Plymouth Neon for a week to haul my six memeber family arround as a replacement for my 32,000 dollar Honda Pilot.
    My entire extended family has had Honda's since the 70's. They have been great cars. It appears that they are so great that when Honda makes a mistake they don't nkow how to respond and correct it.
    My Pilot has had two failures that could have been catastrophic to the vehicle and my family in less than 2000 miles. A representative from Honda, whose name I can't pronounce has not gotten back to me. My only recourse is to use forums such as yours to get the message out.
    Thank you.
  • tocatoca Member Posts: 147
    Not sure what message your trying to convey here, but if its to let us know that the Honda Pilot has some problems, well don't know of too many cars/trucks that don't.

    If the message is to tell us they can't fix your car because they can't get the part, well it may not be Honda's problem but the West Coast Port strike that has all but halted shipments of auto parts (see link for more details)


  • sbdarbysbdarby Member Posts: 2
    Have owned a silver EX-L since July with 4000 miles. No mechanical problems at all and the family loves the all-around versatility and the smooth, quiet ride compared to the '97 Mountaineer we traded in. However.....we are very dissatisfied with the perforated (gray) leather seating surfaces, especially in the front seats. When we picked up the car, the bottom surface that you sit on was not wrinkled, but it was obviously not tight against the foam upholstery. After a few weeks of sitting on it, it had stretched and now has ugly wrinkles and buckles that make it look cheap and years older than it is.
    The demo car at the dealer had the same problem, so I was forewarned, and I also peeked into another Honda while on vacation in August..the drivers seat was in the same condition.
    I have written to Honda and to my dealer about my concerns so I can go on record in case they issue a service bulletin in the future, but at this time no none is willing to do anything about it.
  • dglduckdglduck Member Posts: 2
    My Pilot has 4000 miles and I noticed a slight hesitation while driving. shortly after that happened several times the engine light came on. It has been at the dealer over two weeks now and they have changed out numerous parts at the advice of the calif. techs with whom they have been on line with their computer. Unable to find the problem yet why it has the hesitation while driving. Will let you know. Anyone else have this problem? Offered a nice loaner car.
  • jpickeringjpickering Member Posts: 1
    My Pilot died on October 7th after the cam-Shaft(not due to a bad timing belt, cause still unknown to me) stopped spinning.

    Both the dealership and Honda of America has offer exceptional customer service. They rented me a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer and have been in constant contact with me regarding the status of my vehicle.

    I'm supposed to get the car back tomorrow(October 18th) with a full explanation of what happened, what was done to fix the problem and what was done to prevent further problems.

    I'm wondering if anyone else has seen or heard of such a problem with their Pilot?
  • mtaylo00mtaylo00 Member Posts: 7
    I am looking at a Holda Pilot EX and am being offered $1,000.00 off of MSRP. Is this a fair deal? Also what is a fair price for the extended warranty? Thanks to anyone who reads this message.
  • mtaylo00mtaylo00 Member Posts: 7
    I am interested in learning more about the problem suffered by fester3 and about the water pump pulley problems reported by several people. Thanks for all of the advice I can get.
  • dglduckdglduck Member Posts: 2
    The problem I reported earlier today about the hesitation while driving and the engine light on has been fixed after two weeks. the problem was bad gas which was the original suspect but only confirmed after removing the tank and totally evacuating it and the cleaning the fuel pump. Honda and the Dealer gave exceptional attention and care to the problem and offered a nice loaner car. Not sure why it took 2 weeks to solve the problem but they stayed with it until it was resolved.
  • bigeloafahbigeloafah Member Posts: 1
    Like fester3, I'm concerned (was going to say alarmed but thought better of it) about our new 2003 Pilot, which has already made two trips to a dealer for significant repairs despite fewer than 2500 miles. (Disclaimer: What I know about the mechanical systems of cars fits on a 3 x 5 card.)

    The first trip was to correct the defective water pump that we received a recall notice about not long after taking delivery. The second problem was the power steering pulley problem that fester3 described above. Luckily, no collision or catastrophe, as the right driver in the family was behind the wheel at the time.

    Both problems were fixed as promptly as possible by a Honda dealer--not the one who sold us the car--and we were given a loaner when the steering pulley part was unavailable.

    Now I read others' posts about a timing belt problem on top of this? Should we have already received a recall letter about the timing belt, or should I be looking into this somewhere?

    We have been happy Accord owners for years and did as much research on the Pilot and its Acura cousin as possible before committing to a new model vehicle and so thought, "Hey, it's a Honda! Go for it!" It's a pleasure to drive, has tons of room for gear... But I'm definitely feeling skittish and am starting to twitch at the least little thing the car does now...
  • mercbluesmercblues Member Posts: 4
    Anyone hear a pulsing wind noise when driving with the rear windows down? I have heard similar noise from late model GM rental cars. I thought it was typical GM oversight. Disappointed to hear it in my new Pilot. I like to drive with windows open, but the noise is almost oppressive. It gets worse at higher speeds.
  • headwest22headwest22 Member Posts: 1
    I have had my Honda Pilot EX-L for a month now. Mechanically the car has been fine. My concern has been with the seats. What started out as comfortable seats has now been anything but. The cushion seats now give way too much thereby allowing the metal rails and guides to press up against the legs. I&#146;m attempting to negotiate with the dealer to correct this issue. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • brews1brews1 Member Posts: 40
    Picked up my Pilot EX with cloth interior on Saturday. Really like the ride, handling and very happy with just about everything. One problem though, its only been two days but neither me or my wife have been able to find a comfortable driving position with the power seat. In fact, the seat feels downright uncomfortable and seems to put undue pressure on the top of our right legs. We are not overweight over oversized. Anyone else experience this? Will it break in after a month or so? Passenger seat feels fine.
  • carandkidx2carandkidx2 Member Posts: 1
    Hello all. We have had our Pilot since July and have about 6000 miles on it. We love the way it drives, but we have experienced some problems that are very un-honda like. Just yesterday the oil-light has been blinking continuously when we drive (no it is not the maintanence light, it is the little oil can). When I check the oil, it is fine. Also the rear A/C vents keep breaking. My daughter just has to rub her foot against them to knock the slats off center. The passenger seat, when it is fully reclined, will not retract to the upright position unless you lift it up by hand. Also, we hear a clunking noise from under the hood (not a clicking noise like normal) when we turn on the A/C. We also had to have the DVD System replaced due to faulty remote sensor. Has anyone had these problems? The dealer has told us that the oil pressure sensor is bad, and will replace it. They are also replacing the other trim items that are defective. They have not mentioned anything about the clunking noise with the A/C. We have an Expedition with 40,000 miles on it that has been pretty much trouble free. Any advice?
  • walleye5walleye5 Member Posts: 26
    I am thinking of purchasing a Pilot. I tow a 1100 lb fishing boat often. I note the Pilot does not have a D4 position so I can avoid downshifting in hilly terrain. They claim the Grade Logic feature will take care of that, but I doubt it. Any first hand experience out there?
  • mqc99mqc99 Member Posts: 6
    I don't think this problem is unique to the Pilot or the Highlander. I have experienced it in all the cars I have driven (namely: Corolla, Jetta, Accord and a few rental cars). The trick is to crack open your front windows slightly. Then, the pounding wind noise will disappear.
  • tocatoca Member Posts: 147
    I agree. Our two Subaru's do the same thing.

    Also don't think it's worthy of a "buyers beware" warning either....
  • kaitsukaitsu Member Posts: 41
    Our Volvo wagon does it as well...
  • walleye5walleye5 Member Posts: 26
    I have also heard pulsating wind noise in some of my past vehicles with rear windows down. I suggest a moon roof if you must have a window open, although some moon roofs pulsate also.

    On towing. I am still concerned about buying a Pilot (see previous posting). I tow a 1000 lb boat and tried a demo Pilot and towed it. Since we only have the choice of D (no D4) on shift selector, you are towing in 5th gear. The tranny kicks down twice on every little knoll (first out of lock-up torque converter, then into 4th, I believe). Why does Honda not supply a D4 option like the Acura MDX, Explorer and most other vehicles? Can't get any decent answer from 2 different dealers or the factory help line. Seems annoying to have it shift up and down so much, although it is smooth. Must also be hard on transmission. Advice Please from anyone with experience towing with Pilot or an opinion!
  • rbarandsrbarands Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone noticed how the door seals squeak quite a bit? I didn't notice it at first, but in the past two months, the squeak from the door seals (sounds like the lid moving around on a styrafoam cooler) has become very annoying. The ride is definitely not very quiet. Is the rubber Hoda used for the seals defective? I have 7500 miles on the Pilot.
  • 01r101r1 Member Posts: 280
    Walleye5 - I had similar concerns and this is how it was explained to me, or best I can remember... The Pilot's transmission has only three planetary gears, even though they call it a five speed auto. Fifth gear is actually using the third planetary gear, but locked without the torque converter's slippage. Fourth gear is still using the third planetary gear, but is allowed to slip, effectively giving you a different ratio. Third gear uses the second planetary gear, but is locked without the torque converter's slippage. Second gear uses the first planetary gear, along with first gear, both are allowed to slip.

    Driving and towing in fifth and third gears are recommended because they are both locked in without the torque converter slippage. This prevents additional heat build up that would occur from continued torque converter slippage. Since fourth gear isn't really a direct gear, they don't want you towing continuously in it generating extra heat, thus no D4 selection available.

    When you said the tranny kicks down twice on every little knoll, I think it's taking you to third gear. Did you try leaving the selector in D3 while towing?

    I tow a light utility trailer with various loads, total trailer+load weight 800-1200 lbs. If I'm cruising down the Interstate at 70 mph I leave it in D(5). If I'm going up and down a lot of hills I drop it into D3 and leave it. I do think that the ratio of the pseudo fourth gear would be nice for towing, but that's not the case with these newer "cost-effective" transmissions.

    Of course, I may not have that description totally right, so others feel free to clarify.

  • zorglubzorglub Member Posts: 79
    O1r1, I certainly hope you're wrong (nothing personal mind you) because what you described is basically a 3 speed tranny, and I really don't think Honda would sell a 3 speed tranny on a 2002 Pilot.

    While I'm no technician, it seems to me that any modern automatic tranny automatically locks out final gear at cruising speed.
  • walleye5walleye5 Member Posts: 26
    Thanks for your response re: towing. I don't know if the explanation you gave is technically correct, but I am suspicious that it may not be, because the Acura MDX sister vehicle has a D4 position on the transmission shifter. I tried towing with the demo vehicle in D3, but tacs at about 3,600 rpm at 70 mph, which is too fast in my view. I just wish there was someone at Honda that I could contact on this, but the customer service people just send you back to the dealer who sends you back to customer service. Interested in additional inputs on this topic from other readers.
    Pete, how many miles on your Pilot and how do you like it? With the latest $4,000 rebate on Explorers plus my Rockwell supplier "x" plan discount, plus Ford credit card points, hard to justify the comparable high price on the Honda, even though I just lost the engine in my 3.8 Mercury Sable wagon (again). ~$7,000 premium is a little hard to swallow. Mike
  • 01r101r1 Member Posts: 280
    Mike- I haven't been able to confirm this tranny setup, that info came from a Honda tech and I'm not sure of his competency.

    I've got about 3500 miles on mine and have been very happy with the gas mileage, power, smoothness, low noise level, and sound system. I've been getting 19-20 mpg around town and 24-25 mpg on the highway (cc set 70-75mph).

    I am not happy with my dealer experience - hard sell, low trade-in, screwed up the towing package install and I lost my power steering pump first day. The Pilot itself had a few defects, outside of the dealer problems, one maplight in back has defective casing, buttons on the steering wheel have sharp edges on back, leather seats are sagging, and I have a clunking noise in the back that I'm trying to pinpoint.

    If I had it to do over, I would have bought the MDX, because it has some features that I'm missing and would be willing to pay for - heated mirrors, heated seats, sunroof, memory position for seat, D4, and 4-wheel traction and stability control.

    Sounds like you have a tough decision comparing the new Explorer and the Pilot. The Explorer is much cheaper initially, then it's a little bit of a gamble, but some people fair pretty well.

    I travel a lot and typically rent Fords. Had an 03 Explorer EB for about 1500 miles and drove it through KS, MO, NE, IA, SD, ND, & MN and had no complaints what so ever. Last week I had an 03 Expedition XLT for about 1000 miles and drove it all around Lake Michigan, and got to test out it's winter abilities. I really like the low-end torque of that V8, the seats were more comfortable than the Pilot, AWD mode would grind gears going in but worked great once engaged, more interior noise than the Pilot, 12mpg in AWD mode, and the power locks stopped working when the temp hit -7F (but I won't hold that against them).

  • walleye5walleye5 Member Posts: 26

    Thanks for the great response and extra info, much appreciated. Sounds like there is a thread through the postings of perhaps not the most comfortable seats and some quality problems with Pilot. Am now considering a Windstar (would not drive the 3.8 beyond warranty due to history f headgasket problems)or Chrysler. These vehicles have good high-sitting seats and get decent mileage. Would like the Chrysler AWD, but these are pretty pricey ($38,000). Mike
  • walleye5walleye5 Member Posts: 26
    How is the lumbar support on the cloth Pilot seats? I have a lower back problem that gets very bad with poor support.


  • jgs0663jgs0663 Member Posts: 2
    My wife and I took delivery of our Pilot on July 5th of this year (in the rain and after dark...you'll understand why I say this when you read the list below) and have been loyal Acura/Honda owners for over 16 years. From delivery, we have had several problems that are still not corrected.

    Here is a partial list:

    Intermittent "grinding" noise in the right rear between 10 and 40 MPH, Head liner cut wrong and peeling away at windshield (replaced...second headliner installed incorrectly, leaving gaps between roof line and door frame area), paint thinning on top and hood (looks like paint gun was running out of paint), rear air vents broken from delivery, middle seat literally fell apart on the way home from the dealership, middle seats will not return to upright without raising rear seat, glove box broken from delivery, stalling from time to time, and the list goes on.

    We have been back to the dealer service department numerous times and have been on the phone with Honda Corporate....all to no avail. Meeting with dealership GM tomorrow to discuss options.

    We love the vehicle's ride and comfort. Waited 4 years for the Pilot and have gotten off to a bad start.

    If you have had any of these issues, particularly the rear grinding sounds, please let me know how your dealer corrected the problem.


  • tocatoca Member Posts: 147
    Haven't take delivery of my Pilot just yet, but based on what I have read from others, your situation seems unusual. If the paint issue you mention is that obvious, than I would expect the dealer to make it right. Anything else that is "broken" should also be repaired. Since you are under warranty, I don't know how the dealer can argue with you - unless it is only obvious to you.
  • brews1brews1 Member Posts: 40
    took delivery on November 16 and really enjoying the car. No major issues at all. My second row seat catches on the third after being folded and I was planning to have the dealer look at it during the first service, figure it needs an adjustment. Drivers seat takes some getting used to feels a little too firm but other than that, car has been great. Performed great in 9 inches of snow and feels very stable in heavy rain and sleet. No other problems so far and very happy overall. Driveway slops down toward street and this is the only car my wife hasn't slid sideways on the front lawn trying to back out of the garage in the snow. She is happy.
  • jgs0663jgs0663 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for your response. I am also finding these issues unusual, considering its a Honda. I DO believe that much of the issues are with the dealership and not the vehicle itself. My only advice is when you take delivery, really scrutinize the paint, especially the top of the vehicle...make sure you have a complete accounting of any issues that might be present. Meeting with the General Manager today to try to resolve the issues.

    Additionally...If anyone is experiencing the "grinding" rear-end noise, please post your thoughts. I have read a few on consumer reviews on MSN's board that are experiencing the same issue.
  • avcii2avcii2 Member Posts: 13
    I picked up my EX-L in October. I have a 5-speed Integra and am used to using the emergency brake, and therefore used the emergency brake a few times on my Pilot. One morning while pulling out of an ATM, I heard a loud grinding screech from the rear driver's side wheel. I thought nothing of it, drove it 50 or so miles without incident. The next day, I made an appointment to be on the safe side. On the next Saturday, the screeching came back, luckily at the dealer while picking up my plates. They sent me to service and after about an hour of searching, they thought they had found the noise...rust from the wheel well. My wife and I drove about two blocks when it came back...more work and again the service dept thought they had found it. We made it about ten miles when the service dept called me back because I forgot my registration, so we headed back. The rear driver's side wheel locked on me, but we made it back to the service dept ok. It turned out that the emergency brake never fully released and kept expanding each time I hit the brakes. They disabled the emergency brake and ordered a new part...I kept my regular appointment and they replaced the part then. No problems since. The noise was a loud grinding/screeching noise like a very rusty gate closing. It happened mostly while I was beginning to pull away from curbs or any stopped position as well as in left turns.

    Has anyone had problems with the battery light coming on while driving? The owners manual says that this is serious if it stays on, but mine went off within 30 seconds.

    I hope this helped.
  • dannyp2dannyp2 Member Posts: 1
    I have had about 10 episodes of not being able to start the car on the first crank, both on cold start and not. Dealer could not find anything wrong and of course was unable to reproduce the problem. ON final visit the dealer said that there has been about 8 such reports to Honda Corp but no answer. Honda Pilot EX with 2K miles. Any suggestions?
  • robertg8robertg8 Member Posts: 1
    I too have experienced the starting problem. The first crank, nothing. On the second try I noticed the smell of Gas. After a 10 to 15 second pause it starts. Has anyone else noticed the smell of gas? Honda Pilot EX/L.
  • avcii2avcii2 Member Posts: 13
    I also experienced the loud thunk when I turn the air conditioning on, but only while the car is warming up. I now wait until the car is warm and I am moving before I turn the system on, and I do not encounter the problem. I would like the option of turning on the heat without using the A/C, but it seems that I must turn the system on first and then hit the A/C button to turn the A/C off. It used to be the other way around on my other cars.
  • bdubin1bdubin1 Member Posts: 3
    We've had our Pilot for about 2 weeks & about 1000 miles. We're beginning to notice the same problem. Takes 2 or 3 tries before it starts.
    If anyone gets this problem solved - please post.
  • bdubin1bdubin1 Member Posts: 3
    Sorry if this topic has already been covered - but I couldn't find a thread so here goes..

    I'm having problems programming the Homelink transmitter in my Pilot EX. My garge door opener uses the rolling codes. I've been able to program my Acura and Jeep Homelink systems - but not the Pilot's.
    Has anyone run into this problem?
  • bill01923bill01923 Member Posts: 57
    I too had difficulty at first. I had to clear the existing settings first and then they took just fine. You do have to hold the button in for a second or two with rolling code recievers for it to work.
  • chitturichitturi Member Posts: 16
    I got my Pilot EX delivered on Monday. Ride is very good but I have a problem with front passenger door which doesn't close properly with normal force, I have to use extra force to close it. service person says nothing wrong with the door you just have to use extra force to close it
    and also told me alignment will change if they try to fix it, which may cause wind noise. Should I be concerned about this problem and has one had similar problem/any suggestions.
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