2002 Ford Taurus replace fuel pump without removing fuel tank

thekrautthekraut Member Posts: 7
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Has anyone replaced a 2002 Ford Taurus fuel pump without dropping the tank?


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
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    I suppose some backyard mechanic has figured out a way to do it by removing the back seat and chiseling through the trunk floor but you know, not only is it brutal and dangerous, it probably takes longer than dropping the tank. Here's a good video that shows you how to drop the tank and replace the pump:


  • ImthathilljackImthathilljack Member Posts: 1
    Well that would be us ;) yes! U can do a search on what your fuel tank looks like and it's placement on your car. Use a grinder and grind a square but don't go all the way thru just porferate it enuf so u can lightly punch it open. Then open and undo wires and lines and proceed like u normally would. There is a video online where a guy w a 2003 murcury sable shows u, and they are MUCH like Ford taurus.
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