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Nissan Quest 2004+



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    DC has to add the folding third-row seat to be competitive with the '04 Quest and all the other vans that have this popular feature. DC and Kia make the only vans that lack the fold-down rear seats. It must be a big deal for buyers, or DC would not go to the cost of refitting their vans in between generational changes. If DC can get this into their vans by next May, I might look at them when my GCS is off lease. Right now vans like the Quest, Sienna, and MPV are more attractive to me, along with the Prius as an intriguing alternative. I wonder too if DC will make other changes early next year (like the Quest's folding center seats perhaps), and if they will be labeled 2004.5 or 2005 models.
  • I've seen a silver with gray cloth interior and a golden color with beige leather at the dealer. They haven't had any other quest vehicles in stock and no large real samples of the exterior and interior color choices. Looking at a 2"x 2" photo or leather or color in the brochure is not helpful. Since our 96 Windstar is still drivable, were not in a huge hurry so I have time for the dealer to locate what I want. Meantime, we are selling our 2dr very loaded Explorer because with 2 young kids and newborn twins on the way, my husband would not be able to pick up/transport all 4 kids in the car. I have been spoiled by the leather in the explorer--so much that I chose leather for my family room couches. I like how spills run off and gooeys wipe up easily compared to our cloth Windstar. But I've heard mixed reviews about the Quest leather look/feel and wonder whether I should spend another 1,300$ (inv price.) to pamper myself when cloth works just fine. Can anyone recommend cloth vs leather or a interior/exterior color combo that looks nice and hides kid dirt? Any color to avoid? Also, do you think I should wait til Dec based on the rumor there may be a Nissan Factory rebate?
  • Okay, I almost fell out of my chair when I read your post. First off, we also have two kids (3 yrs and 11 months), we are also expecting twins (April), and we too are selling a fully loaded Explorer (4 door ltd in our case). We actually had it sold and the buyer backed out of the deal. Anyway, I found a website where I can order a rear-facing 3rd row for our Explorer, so now we are considering selling my little work car (Cavalier) instead. As far as the leather, we are tied at the hip to it too. No question we are gonna get leather because of the ease of cleanup. If not for the leather, I'd probably be redoing our seats completely. If you can wait till December, you are likely to find a better deal even if the rebate does not happen just because of dealers trying to hit end of year numbers and such. As far as color goes, the Smoke Black is just too cool. It really looks good on this minivan and it gets a lot of looks to. I saw one at Walmart a few days back and decided that is our color for sure. Good luck with the twins and good luck with the Quest!
  • We have the beige leather and I don't think it looks or feels cheap. I don't know what else to say.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    the SE quest doesnt come with cloth...if you get an SE, then leather is you mean SL?


    there is a significant difference in the goals of honda and toyota. honda doesnt care whether its #1 in sales or not. the accord is regularly right with the camry for #1. sometimes getting it, and sometimes not. wouldnt you agree that if honda offered rebates that they would blow the camry away? they also could do fleet sales and REALLY put the competition down....but they dont. their goal is to make money, regardless of how many cars they sell. if they are #1 in the process, then thats gravy. nissan is attempting the same. they have a goal to sell 100,000 titans a year. if they only sell 80,000, they will back off production instead of build more and offer money to buy unwanted vehicles. (ie. ford)

    nissan wants to make money, not feed their ego. if they end up #1 in the process, then that will be gravy.
  • Does anyone know if it is possible to get an aftermarket DVD player installed in an 04 Quest SE that has the sound go directly into the sound system instead of using a hokey FM transmitter?

    It's a long story that I won't get into now, but I'm in the middle of a "discussion" with my dealer about the way they installed my afermarket DVD player (part of the new car deal), and I'm VERY unsatisfied with the sound quality.

    bowke28, I'd like to email you about this since I'm pretty sure you know the answer, but your email hasn't been working for the last two weeks or so! If you read this, please send me email.

    Anyone else who knows what my options are, speak up!
  • I bought a New 2004 Quest. SL with DVD $540 under dealer invoice (there is no dealer's add up options) plus free etch window and paid only tax and MV Documents fee. I got 3.89%Apr/5 years car loan without any bank fee or attoney review fee.
    I feel good about it. If you like to know the dealer and sale rep.'s name. Please e-mail me.
  • Does anyone out there know anything about the Quests' windshield glare? I've noticed when the interior is rogue, it doesn't glare as badly as beige; however, I haven't test driven the vehicle at night and am not sure how distracting the windshield glare would be. Thus far, I've noticed that it's the biggest distraction for me. I am also concerned about the a/c and heat flooring problems. Otherwise, this vehicle seems very well made.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    yes you can do it, but im not sure who is able to in your area. what they would do is wire it through the 'SAT' button.
  • actdactd Posts: 12
    janwunchen, please email me the dealer and sales rep info to I'm looking to buy a silver SL with leather package within the next few weeks. I can tell the sales rep we are cousins since we have the same last name. :o)

  • I'm still looking for more leather and cloth owners to weigh in with their opinions on the durability, clean-up, and overall appearance of the cloth vs leather (context being 4 small kids--and we plan on keeping the minivan a very long time.) I saw the biege leather and it did look OK--anyone seen/own the rouge? Do either leather colors come on the smoke (which I also haven't seen but have heard looks nice)? It is funny, jamestren, what we have in common for cars/kids, however I must say that I am not as close to 25 as I would like to be and my husband is even further!!! Luckily my kids are 6 and 3, so the 6 year old can give some help when these twins arrive! As for waiting til Dec, I'd only do that at a hint of a rebate as my dealer is willing to sell the SL right now at 100$ over invoice which I am quite pleased with and would feel a little weird pressuring them for and even better deal (the 100 over offer is through a affiliation with my employer). As it is, the dealer spent a long time checking into whether we could buy the cross bars for those "sled runners" the call a "roof rack" as the cross bars aren't standard on the SL and aren't listed as an option either. That, in my opinion is the most bone-headed "design" choice Nissan made on thier lower level Quests. How in the heck are you supposed to attach a luggage tote to your roof without cross bars? Anyhow, once we finally got word that we can purchase the cross bars for the SL, we decided to buy it (eventually here). Good luck to you and your family and if you hear any other hint of a rumor about a possible rebate from Nissam in Dec., keep me posted!
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    there will not be rebates on the quest. people are so spoiled by the DC incentive programs. for those of you not familiar with the import manufacturers, they RARELY provide these incentives. as a matter of fact, honda never has. i would venture to guess nissan wont either on any of its new or redesigned vehicles.

    becky, if a rebate is all you are waiting for, you might as well pull the trigger. i would grab the leather. much easier clean-up. also the quest leather seems more durable than other leather.
  • We have leather interior in our 4Runner. Numerous spills and other stains from our 13-month old son were wiped away with a single sweep of a wet paper towel :-). Made the choice extremely easy when we bought the Quest.

    The Quest leather is very comfortable, although Toyota's leather seems smoother than Nissan's. Our '97 4Runner's leather has a luxury feel to it that I didn't find in the '04 Quest.

    We had a cloth interior Camry a few years ago and the stains from a coffee spill remained forever.

    My only concern with leather is does a car seat leave any tears/dents/depressions in the seat? We switched from the rear-facing infant seat to the regular child seat (that doesn't have a base) and it seems to be making impressions in the leather. Any experience in this regard? (I think this problem would happen even with a cloth interior)

    I'd still go with the leather for the comfort and ease...
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    "My only concern with leather is does a car seat leave any tears/dents/depressions in the seat?"

    thats why i mentioned the fact that the quest leather seems more durable. i think it would resist these things better than more "plush" leather.
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    Put a towel under the car seat.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Didn't the old, cheap naugahyde also resist dents better than plush leather in the same manner the Quest leather would?
         The cloth seats of the Nissan Quest are far more attractive than the cheap looking, striped "Rouge Leather".
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    and doesn't look as bad as the "Rouge Leather" you keep talking about.
  • If you guys can, get the SE fully loaded. I finally found one last week, Smoke, not Smoke/black, with the tan interior. Wish they would have offered a gray interior, but that will probably be next year or so....

    Everyone loves the van. People come up to it and say, "This doesn't look like a mini van". Everyone has said that. It is weird...I am showing it to people like it is my 2000 Prowler.

    People are very interested in it. It looks great in and out and the SE really pampers you. The sky view roof is awesome. That is what first attracted me to it, then the 2 tv screens, and then the pod. Then of course the outside. Great lines to it and the 17" tires really complete the package as far as getting it away from the mini van look.

    We got the running boards on it as well, as I said fully loaded. At first I thought that was a dumb idea, but after seeing one with them on, decided it completed the look. At night there is a light that runs the whole length of the board and looks really cool.

    I have had two Ody owners say they like this better and wish they would have waited.

    Good luck on your decision and your family. I would jump on the $100 over invoice and put a towel under the car seat. Had cloth in our Durango a few years ago, and it makes as much of an impression as leather could. The only difference is that I didn't put the towel down on that one, and I have it in the Nissan now.
  • Thanks for the towel suggestion. We've started putting the towel under the car seat...

    spoiledleo1, we have the running boards too and we didn't notice the illuminated stripe on the first day. But when we did notice it, it was really cool. The whole van lights up wonderfully in the dark. Love the aircraft-style 'cabin' lights as well...

    The van is FAST. It takes a while for me when I get back in my 97 4Runner to adjust for the lack of power (240hp vs. 187). Merging and overtaking on the freeway is a breeze...

    We've started noticing some rattles but only after I put the 3rd row seat down. Could be the headrests from the 3rd row seats stuffed into the black bag they provided. I'll have to put the seat back up and drive to check.

    I've long been a Toyota fan. Was almost ready to buy a Sienna. Thanks to VPP, I bought a fully loaded Quest. After driving it, I know this van rocks. It has character, and is so much fun to drive than the Sienna, in my opinion.
  • kf714kf714 Posts: 9
    for our leather seats in one of our cars, I have bought vinyl car mats in the color of the seat and cut out a square to put under car seats, matches the seat and holds up fine for long time instead of ugly towel.
  • I don't know where my wife bought it, and the ones I can find on the net don't reflect what we have, but try a Prince Lionheart Seat Saver.

    It's a heavy duty nylon-covered foam mat that fits under and behind the seat to protect the leather. It's rigid enough (think about the thickness of double-wall cardboard boxes) to keep those sharp plastic edges of the seat from putting dents/lines/etc. in your new leather seats.

    I googled it and only found what must be last-year's model, because ours is even more rigid than those look in the picture.

    Search for "Two Stage Car Seat Protection" on Amazon and you'll find the one I have.
  • raul4raul4 Posts: 95
    Stephenwb----I'm not sure I understand how you fit the mat "under and behind the seat". Are you referring to the front seats or the rear seats?
  • thedibsthedibs Posts: 13
    Call us power-drivers. So far no problems with the Van.

    Millege went down from 17.2 to 16.8 mpg. Not sure if this is because we are starting to use the engine a little more (racing other minivans, hehe).

    I did buy the extended 5 yr/100K warrantee because
    I was expecting puting this many miles on it... Specially being a 1st year model...
  • "under and behind the child seat," meaning that it has two panels, velcroed together, one to protect the bottom of the seat (under the child seat) and one to protect the seat back (behind the child seat).
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    Team Nissan in Lithia Springs, GA (metro Atlanta) has advertised in today's paper that 2004 Quest S and SL models are $4000 off MSRP. With the rumor of an upcoming rebate, are sales not what Nissan thought they'd be?
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    Don't take advertised newspaper prices as indicative of anything other than a dealer's knowledge that they might get some people in the showroom. They are not a good indicator of what the market is.

    And, to save bowke the trouble, there is no rebate, and there is no rumor of a rebate. It's amazing how somebody asked a question about this awhile ago and now the "rumor" has taken on a life of its own.
  • raul4raul4 Posts: 95
    Sorry, I misread.
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    The rebate is a myth for sure? Keep in mind that Nissan would not tell you there was a rebate coming even if it were true. Doesn't really matter to me; but, I just thought it was strange to all ready see $4000 off MSRP for the new Quest when Toyota--and even Honda--dealers don't have to advertise like that at all to get folks in to check out Siennas and Odysseys. I hope sales go through the roof. I've said that the Quest will probably be my next van--but that is several years down the road. I'm interested right now in a 2004 Sentra 2.5S, so I'm not anti-Nissan at all. Just commenting on the ad I saw.
  • shenkarshenkar Posts: 159
    I think lumbar is right, telling you not to pay attention to what Team Nissan (or any dealer) has in the paper. These ads are just to get fresh meat in the doors.

    Keep in mind, TEAM is a nationwide retail group (part of the old AutoNation group, I think). I also looked at their store in Lithia Springs and they had secondary stickers on all their Quests with $2,000 additional dealer markup on them. Their Marietta store had $1,000 additional dealer markup on the same identical vans, so dealers can play all kinds of games.

    Take this "$4,000 off..." stuff with a grain of salt.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    is a joke. S and base SL models are only marked up around $2300-$2500. the additional discount would only be from a markup or its a demo or used. holdback, even if they got it, would only be about $600-$700, so the math still doesnt work.

    lumbar...thanks for saving me from carpal tunnell!!!
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