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Nissan Quest 2004+



  • shenkarshenkar Posts: 159
    I think I understand where hamster2032 is coming from, and I do think they are being straight with us on their problems.

    We all know that there have been some consistent issues with the new Quests, that point to manufacturing problems of the type we typically see in a totally new vehicle. These are the kinds of things that cause people to say you should never buy any new car in it's first year. And it's true to a great extent. We all knew (or should have known) that there was a possibility that we might have to endure Nissan working some "kinks" out of our new Quests.

    However, this reality is not limited to just the Quest, as hamster's frustrated posts might convey. I've had the same types of "first year" problems with all types of cars. The worst being a new Porsche Carrera that would backfire with regularity, causing the plastic air-cleaner box to melt and suffocate the engine. It's quite frustrating, and more than a little embarrassing to have your new German toy towed every other week cause it keeps catching on fire.

    I think hamster2032 is just extremely put out with the continual nature of the problems with their particular van, and doesn't know what to do to get satisfaction. The roof leak is an especially troubling issue, and I also would be rather unreasonable if my car took on water every time it rained.

    I've had my share of new Quest issues too, but as of now, they have all been sorted out, and I am as happy as can be with my van. Unfortunately, this owner has not been as lucky, and deserves our understanding, and sympathy.

    Anyone have suggestions for hamster2032? I think they would really appreciate our help. And as a fellow Quest owner, they deserve it.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    is that no matter how bad your problems are, dont go on EVERY quest message board and post the same thing, advising people not to buy it. thats rude, presumptuous, and just plain tacky.
  • We just picked up our new quest SL and boy do we love it. Of course we are aware its the first year of this model and we accept that there may be problems inherent with it being thus. I have full confidence that Nissan, particulary our dealer will address any issues I have and do whatever is necessary to fix them; hey we didn't buy a chrysler/GMC/ford product here, so I'm not concerned about getting jerked around by the dealer or the manufacturer. That being said I am also not naive to the fact that it can and does happen to some people, just not people who buy nissan's :)

  • shenkarshenkar Posts: 159
    Congratulations newquestcanuck! Hope the love affair continues for many, many miles.
  • Can anyone tell me about the tire pressure gauage display, in what order is the display, the two front tires then two rear or what?

  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    LF, RF, LR, RR
  • I think the Quest manul says that the tire pressures are not displayed in any particular order.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    now what sense would THAT make?!?!
  • raul4raul4 Posts: 95
    May I please ask your source of information? I can't seem to find it in the manual. Thanks.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    is the fact that half the cars on the lot have it, and i've used the process of deduction. we had a quest with a low RR tire, and it was the last number that was low. we had a murano with a flat RF, and it was the 2nd number.
  • relax, i'm just noting what the Quest manual says.
  • raul4raul4 Posts: 95
    Interesting. Thanks again.
  • mbonusmbonus Posts: 15
    The manual is a joke regarding the tire pressure sensors. It says in two places that the readings are in no particular order.
  • Ok drving into work today I noticed that many of my preset radio stations were searching as I was driving. They signal would be fine, then it would lose it and search for the channel...Whats up with that? It happened to more then one station and I was not out in the middle of no where, I was in the city on a major highway....Any ideas?

  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    push the "scan" button.
  • I'm am brand new to the new car buying game. had my last used car for 11 years and boohooed when i had to let it go.

    Bought a new quest last night and had to leave it at the dealership so they could fix a couple of chips on the edge of the door,light scratches on the lower back panel,some paint bubbles and scratches on the dash.

    Is this atypical or a fairly common event with new cars? Should I be worried or is this no big deal? The car was a dealer exchange and had 250 miles on the odometer. They said they would need the car for 3 days. Should they have given me a loaner car? I would appreciate answers to these questions and be grateful for any suggestions.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    this is common, and dont give yourself too much brain damage over it. they dont HAVE to fix them, so dont push their generosity too far.
  • shenkarshenkar Posts: 159
    Why don't they HAVE to fix them?!? He bargained for a NEW van, not some beat up demo!

    That kind of condition might not even be considered "normal wear and tear" on a rental car. I think chengmail is the one being generous here.

    They certainly should have given him a loaner, since he had paid them for a new car he couldn't even take home.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    the question, in legal terms, is whether these were pointed out before or after the deal was finalized. if it was before, then the buyer should have enough forethought to ask for a car to drive as part of doing business. i can promise you that the dealer is not happy about spending a few hundred dollars on chips and scratches, and wont be warmly receptive to another request for another hunsky for a rental car.

    should the van be perfect? sure. but if its not, then its the buyre's responsibility to get everything into the deal.
  • shenkarshenkar Posts: 159
    WHOA!?! In your own words, you've set forth in detail exactly why people have a such great distrust for those in the sales profession...and automotive industry in particular.

    Let's see if I got this right. The salesman shows me how my life will be complete, and sublime, with his wonderful new car. I'm convinced and agree to sign. There's just one hitch...he doen't have the one I want...but hey, no problem...he can get it.

    So he goes to another of his "dealer associates" and they amicably agree to swap cars, so he can sell to me, and make my day. Only when I see it for the first time, it's beat to hell!

    Now let's see...he's where it really gets sticky: He'll DO ME A FAVOR and maybe fix it to make it "like new". Just leave the check, catch the bus home, and come back in a few days.

    Yeah...that makes my day, alright.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    you forgot to do something...leave the deposit with the dealer, tell them that you will pick it up when they have completed repairs. TAKE YOUR TRADE WITH YOU, and come back when they finish...i have no problem with that.

    what i have a problem with is that someone would finish a deal, drop the new car off for some touch up, and only ask for a loaner AFTER dropping it off. didnt you know when you saw the chips that you would need a loaner? YOU are the one spending $ should be thorough about it.
  • greg_ygreg_y Posts: 26
    Hello Quest Owners:

    I have driven a 2004 Quest and was thoroughly impressed. I loved the power and the handling of this van. I do have a question about the middle row seats.

    When I looked at the van, I noticed that the middle row seats have a somewhat smaller frame and padding that the usual middle row seats. I know that this is because the middle row seats in the Quest drop into the floor (somewhat). Have any of you noticed any problems with comfort or support for full-sized people sitting in these seats? There also didn't appear to be much room between the middle row seats to get to the back seats. I am sure that if anyone sits in the back row if I purchase a Quest, it will be a child. But has anyone had any issues with access to the back row seat?

    I also noticed that my local dealer had a sticker with a $1,895 "market value adjustment" on the van. This is an insult to a shoppers intelligence. The closest Carmax dealer will now sell a new Quest S or SL at up to $200 below invoice. Sorry about that. Just had to vent. The closest Nissan Carmax dealer is about three hours away. I will gladly drive that distance to get a good deal on a Quest.

    Your input in this matter is greatly appreciated. TIA
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Shopping around is the way to go, and additional dealer markup is laughable. Only Siennas are getting MSRP at this point, and lots of them are going for under MSRP.

    Check the Nissan Quest: Prices Paid & Buying Experience board too.

    Steve, Host
  • shenkarshenkar Posts: 159
    I hear what you're saying, and I appreciate your candor. But I think you're missing the BIG picture here.

    I'm in sales (real estate), like you are (cars). And I experience everyday where people will buy something and overlook issues that are obvious to us, and SHOULD be apparent to them. Why? Because the kinds of products we both sell, the primary motivator is emotion. Emotion clouds judgement...just ask your wife! (smile)

    It's incumbent upon us to help our customers see the things they ought to see, but don't. That's why were the pro's, and they're not. That's how we earn our money.

    When I go the extra mile, whether I "have to" or not, I always win: in self-respect, in appreciation from my customers, in referral business, in increased income.

    Most people in my business get that. Many people in you business don't. Does it mean we're better human beings, with better morals, etc. Not really. It may just come down to the fact that we're licensed and carefully scrutinized by our state governments, with lawyers involved in every transaction, and car salesman are not.

    The REAL legal point here is what's known as "Fiduciary Responsibility". The obligation to actively disclose ALL relevant issues that you have knowledge of. You cannot just say "They shoulda seen it" and stay in business long term.

    Will some people take advantage of you? Of course some will. It takes all kinds, to make a world. But most people appreciate being treated fairly, and will reciprocate when you do.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    the seats in most new nissans are the "hammock" design, and need less 'padding'. they support a heavier person than the traditional design, and take up less space. also, the entry into the 3rd row isnt supposed to be primarily through the middle of the 2nd row. the entry function is by tumbling the 2nd row seat forward.
  • Not sure if the salesman showed you (i'm staying out of that argument:) ... there's three settings for the middle row seats:

    . Back = More middle legroom, less back legroom
    . Forward = Less middle legroom, more back legroom
    . Middle = a combination

    There's two options for getting in/out of the back (short of climbing over from the hatch <g>):

    . The traditional way = The middle seats have a latch which swing them up and forward.
    . My kids way = There is enough room between the two captain chairs that it's easy to get to the back between them
  • I, too, can attest to the comfort of, and the accessibility to, the middle row. The first real ride was a 4 hour trip south and my wife and I shared driving, while the other watched tv in the back seat. I'm 225 lbs, and I was very comfortable. We also trekked back and forth from the front to the back through the middle of the van, while we were driving! (We were in a fair amount of bumper to bumper, that's when we made the move). Point is, comfort and space wise, for a larger person, I was impressed! If only it had AWD, I'd be out playing in the snow now.
    P.S. My Quest had a few scratches and a ding; the dealer took care of fixing it all, offered a loaner, and took $200 off the price and gave us splash guards. In a competitive business, what's right and what's legal might conflict, but there is a reasonable assumption on the consumer's part to get a car that's NEW, and an implied responsibility for the dealer to provide that, within reason. There is nothing like positive word-of-mouth for a car dealer, since the worst is expected. In fact, the difference in the buying experience between Poughkeepsie Nissan and my local Toyota dealer played a large role in the car we ultimately bought!
  • Very easily, I might add. Before we left, I put down the back seat and the drivers middle seat and took my 4yo with me to get it. Used a heavy blue camping ground cloth to cover the interior so I wouldn't get pine needles and dirt in there. It worked like a charm. Picked a 7-8' tree and it swallowed it up, no problem. When I got home, we pulled the tree out with the trunk and the ground cloth, no problem. No pine needles either. Worked well.

    I tried to decide between putting it on top or inside. I was afraid we'd scratch it getting it off.
  • 2004 Quest SE. Experienced the rattling noise from both sliding doors. Tried the proposed WD-40 solution offered on the board and I am happy to say that the noise is GONE for now.

    Also dealing with a very small leak from sky window seal above the third row passenger seat.
  • shenkarshenkar Posts: 159
    Glad you discovered that what we've been saying is true. The "rattle" is really friction from the latch pieces rubbing together...not a true rattle, like from something loose.

    You may need to reapply the lube periodically...but at least you now know how to eliminate one of the most annoying issues we've experienced with our vans.
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