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Nissan Quest 2004+



  • Just4fun2,

    you raised a very good point. If it ain't broken why replace it.

    Actually, I did not go in detail in my message, but since I know the nature of problems with GMs 3.4L V6 (and Transmissions in Montana / Transport) and therefore can determine from some very early warning signs that it is not the matter of if... but... when the problems will surface. (By the way, I had been in powertrain development for several years, so that experience helps a little too!)

    Hey Bowke, my friend from Armada message board :)

    I am sorry; I am not the person dealers look for!

    Shair A. Khan
  • Took a test drive of the Quest 3.5SL today. I gotta admit the rug thing on the back of the 2nd row can irritate a little both visually and functionally - thanks for pointing it out. But, with 2nd row in middle position setting, the legroom was just flat out phenomenol. Absolutely no comparison to my old Windstar.

    Some concerns of ease of exterior cleaning. Smooth Sienna and Ody look easier to clean. Goes with the styling I guess.

    Stereo is fantastic in Quest even on base model.
    Traction control worked flawlessly on glazed over parking lot - eliminating slip and keeping it straight.

    I am going to opt for a 3.5S (less frills package) though. In frigid conditions in central Wisconsin - sliding door jammed trying to go back under its own power - and it was a balmy 4 F - gotta wonder about very low temperature reliability of that device and hence something I am steering clear of.

    Haven't seen the driver side manual seat adjust - anyone have one? What do you think about it? Really don't want to fork out the extra $2000 for the motorized versions with SL if the S version is OK.

  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    the manual adjustments on the quest are just like the altima. 2 wheels on the left side for height adjustment and a lever in front for forward/backward movement. the recliner lever is in its normal place at the back left corner of the cushion. hope this helps.
  • How long of a post can I put on here and would this be the place to tell others about a horrible experience or the "prices paid" post?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I forget the exact character count but there is a limit. Without seeing your post, I'm guessing that the Nissan Quest: Prices Paid & Buying Experience board is the place to start.

    Paragraph breaks are nice on long posts, btw :-)

    Steve, Host
  • First of all I would like to thank you all for your comments. They were quite helpful in providing different perspective and highlighting certain facts that I and my wife had overlooked. Thanks again.

    Here is a short take of my impressions after driving some of the vehicles:

    1. Kia Sedona: Good execution for a new entrant. Well priced. Lots of options. No flat folding seat. Above all, cramped feeling for a person of my size (6-1/2’). Poor gas mileage. Outstanding warranty. Fairly good consumer response. Reasonable power… wife says she can live with it… more would be nice, in my opinion. It is out of the race for us due to the cramped feeling!

    2. Toyota Sienna: Drove very well... Really smooth ride. Nice interior… a little short on space/room for my size, but livable. Very quite. Responsive engine…. Not as powerful as Nissan though. Liked features, but will not pay the high price for all the doodads… may consider a middle of the pack model. First year teething problems is a concern!

    3. Nissan Quest: Powerful engine. Liked the outside shape … different! Inside, center mounted speedo etc. requires some getting used to. The wife did NOT like the barrel style center console. Roomiest interior. The drive was noisy… seemed to have the same resonance problem that Pathfinder Armada is suffering from. The salesperson told me later that the sunroof was not closing properly and that was causing that noise. First year teething problems are certainly a big concern. I would test drive again without the sunroof to see if the problem persists.

    4. Honda Odyssey: Drove several years ago… Will drive again, but from what I recall, its is… Roomy interior, bulky feeling (body roll), good powerful engine. Good resale value (don’t know why!). Inherent transmission problems.

    5. Kia Sorento (Suv): Drove much better than expected. Real off road capabilities (not that wife would use it, but I certainly will. My expedition goes off-road quite a bit, but it is too big for certain places). Reasonable front seat room. Poor fuel economy. We liked it better than Sedona overall… but it certainly does not belong in this category.

    After reading several consumer responses on Edmunds, I have added Chrysler T&C in our list to test drive. Apparently, there are several people who are happy to move to T&C from Odyssey… I am surprised! I am definitely going to check it out.

    Sorry for a long post.

    Shair A. Khan
  • cirrusscirruss Posts: 87
    I just picked up a Nissan hood deflector last week and put it on myself. It retails for $79 and it's made of very good material with a nice dark tint. Installation wasn't too difficult and it will take about 45 min for a first timer. The piece is made in Australia which tells me that its most likely from a company called EGR. I was dissapointed that the piece didn't have the Nissan logo on it like most other factory hood deflector. I could of saved myself some money and got an aftermarket one from Weathertech. I also picked up the Nissan front/rear mud guards at $55/pair and installed them that same day. This is cheaper than the $140 sticker price on them.

    I found out the side window visors for most late model Nissans are made by the Ventshade company, but it's still not available for the Quest yet. This is the next thing I will be getting.

    As for the 3m clear film stuff, it's a good product and it can be applied on your hood, bumper, side mirrors, etc. If you want to know what that stuff looks like, just look on the bottom side of your Quest, just in front of the rear wheel. There is a small piece put on by Nissan to protect the paint. It will need professional installation because it has to be applied and formed to the contour of the car without any bubbles. If you know how to tint car windows, then you will be able to install this stuff.
  • Folks,

    This stuff really works. We had some tests done on laundry tumblers where the stuff was applied around the loading door. Talk about an abrasive environment from zippers, to buttons, to sleeping bags being drawn over it relentlessly. Bubbles stand out if you make any mistakes. I would have a professional do it - somebody who makes his living applying decals to cars/trucks/etc.

  • Does the new Quest have lighted steering wheel controls? Do any vans out there have them?
    Thank You
  • Some van do and have for a long time.
  • ... but the '04 Quest isn't one of them
  • Weathertech has developed these for 2004 Quests & can be purchased through MacNeil Automotive. I put these on and they work well and look good!! Also have several other items for the 2004 Quest also. ;amp- ;make_id=38&year_no=2004&veh_id=510&veh_opt_choice_id- - =0
  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    the sienna's audio control are lit but cruise is not.
  • See my post #967 re side window delectors from Weathertech. Manufactured in Germany by same company who makes them to fit Mercedes,BMWs,etc.
    I also have the front hood defector that was mfd. in Australia. Got it from Courtesy Nissan in TX;however they now say they are no longer available due to shipping problems with damage. mp;Store_Code=CP&Product_Code=999D5-V4204
  • raul4raul4 Posts: 95
    Have you taken a look at the January auto sales. Nissan the biggest gainer across the board - up 27.5%.
  • raul4raul4 Posts: 95
    The following web site for those January auto sales. It looks like Nissan even beat Toyota.
  • quest4me - it sounds like you got the weathertech window deflectors. I didn't get those yet because I had couple of questions. 1) how sturdy are they since they are mounted inside the window tracks versus the typical outside stick-on ones? 2) Is it a solid fit or does it move around if the window is open? 3) How does the tint look since their website state that it's a light tint versus Ventshades darker tint? Or is it much lighter than the Nissan hood deflector's tint? Thanks!
  • 1)Very Sturdy and do not move. 2)Solid fit once installed and seated with windows in full up position(these are manufactured by Euro company who makes fitted window visors for all high $ vehicles. Have stick-ons on my SUV and like these much better! 3)They are lighter than the than the hood deflector but I like them better than the darker because they look like part of the window glass itself and not like an obtrusive add-on.
    There is a installation video on the site that explains a lot re installation of the product.
  • Thanks for the reply!! I am more confident in getting it.
  • I just brought my car in for the second radio failure (they replaced the unit at 225 miles). I am told that the problem stems from a voltage issue when starting the unit.

    Two suggestions from Nissan
    1) Start the car slower; this would serve no purpose

    2) Await a TSB due in "4-6 weeks" no time frame is specified. Nissan is faulting the design of the Clariion single-cd in dash unit. I am told this TSB will recommend switching the existing unit for a newly available unit. I would say that this qualifies the problem as widespread.

    How have you folks dealt with this issue?
  • raul4raul4 Posts: 95
    Very interesting article. Perhaps it would be well for Erin Riches, editor to read this article.
  • I really like this van for a lot of the value it delivers and it trumps the domestic competition hands down, even 2005 DC in many aspects, which I viewed today (hit the lots locally on 2/12/04). The Quest 3.5S with standard side curtain air bags (nobody else does it), leg room, hip room, and shoulder room at top of class, CD player rather than cassette, and folding second row and third row seats is tough to beat in the $25,000 and under category.

    But in the end, we could not get past the roar of the heater in the rear seats and the difficulty to get any heat, in reciculation mode or fresh air mode, in a timely manner on a cold day. Also, although it had easily best legroom out there in a minivan, we felt the extra inch of head room in the third row in the Ody will come in handy as our kids hit 6 feet and higher.

    This Quest van will sell well, but for $2000 less than sticker and long term good resale value, 2004 Honda Ody, even with its dated design and some tranny issues, was the one for us.
  • I guess it depends on what part of the country that you live in. Around here (Cleveland) today's paper advertised 1.9% financing on the Quest and the local dealer has at least 10 Quests that have been on his lot for more than a month.

    Unless he is over charging and that is why he can't sell these van, I can't understand why he would have so many available all of the time. I don't see them on the roads around here.

    Might just be our area though.
  • Van was in the shop for two days last week.
    The heater and fan stoppped working all of sudden. I though it was a factory defect but turn out it was a sqiurrel used the fan compartment to store their winter food (acorns). The whole compartment was full of acorns and jammed the fan and busted the relay. Costed me $650 to fix the problem.
  • Forgot to add ... an email from my buddy said," - content - "
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    inventory is kept at the same level all the time. nissan's policy is this:

    you sell one, you get one. we have had over a dozen constantly since august, but they change over every 45-75 days.
  • Question, can I use regular gasoline or do I really need the expensive premium gasoline? I would love to hear from you on this and other tips on the new Quest.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    no, regular is recommended. premium wont hurt, but i wouldnt waste my money.
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