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Nissan Quest 2004+



  • I could be wrong but I think the cassette deck comes with an optional retrofit for 8-tracks and reel-to-reels. It was only a matter of time before the cassette was eliminated.
  • Everybody's a comedian! It was a serious question. And, since I still have 8 tracks, I'm glad to know that it will play those, too.

    Seriously, I supposed since nobody answered, there's no hope of my playing cassettes, except with my own boom box.
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    Yeah, that's what all other manufacturers are doing. No cassette. It's a problem for me too, since I have hundreds of cassettes at home which we would like to enjoy on the go.

    At least why would no body offer an 'AUX IN' port to connect any external audio player?
  • Why not try and see if you can play the cassette deck through the input of the DVD player. In theory it is an input source. You just convert a Mic. jack-out to an rca jack
  • The only issue I've had with the center instrument cluster, is getting used to the complete darkness directly in front of me at night. Otherwise, I like the control and instrument layout. Since I have the radio and cruise controls on the steering wheel, I really don't spend much time trying to find other controls. I really like the attention to detail. I've owned mine for a month, and I'm still finding new features I didn't know I had.

    PS, Currently a QAE for USAF TPS (EAFB) curriculum and flight simulator contracts.
  • You can attach your portable cassette deck into an FM wireless transmitter via RCA cables, you can transmit your cassette music into your FM radio. I use one on my full size van to transmit my DVDs into my stereo. My van piped the DVDs through one little speaker. I can't live that way.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Try searching online for a possible solution. As the Quest gets "older" there will be more aftermarket offerings. Try a local audio shop to see if they may have a solution.
  • If you own a reasonable modern PC (1.6 GHz or above), the best bet is to buy a device to convert those casettes to CD's.

    Tape has a finite life, especially if subjected to heat cycles when stored in a vehicle. I'm using a Pinnacle Systems Dazzle 90 USB 2.0 device (about $90 retail) to convert VHS and analog camcorder tapes to CD and DVD format. I haven't tried it with a casette deck for audio only, but it should work. It works like a charm with home camcorder movies, etc. It does take a lot of hard drive space temporarily to do it, however.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Kodak says CDs will last 200 years - 3M says 100. Some people say 2 to 10 years is tops (much less than tape, in other words). I know I sure get a lot of flaky movies on CD from the library (tapes too!).

    St. Petersburg Times

    Steve, Host
  • Steve, a lot of that has to do with the quality of the media. (Note: CD's and DVD's look alike, but they are entirely different in construction. The CD is monolithic while a DVD is sandwiched.) Those of us that do movie making and audio copying know the cardinal rule - never buy unbranded blank media, regardless of the price! If the manufacturer isn't proud enough to put his name on a disk, it's probably a reject with defects that will cause problems. Even the best burning programs, like Nero and DVD Decrypter will have problems, like dropouts, writing to junk media disks.
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    "If you own a reasonable modern PC (1.6 GHz or above), the best bet is to buy a device to convert those cassettes to CD's..."

    I have the computer, but where do I take time from? I have hundreds of cassettes!

    Message for all car manufacturers: Please offer a AUX/IN feature on the audio system, and most problems are solved! Easy as that!
  • carzzzcarzzz Posts: 282
    Although the size has increase so much, a few neat features did not carry over to the 2004+ model!
    - flip-open tailgate window
    - 2nd row flip-out quarter windows
    that's outdated but that is the minimal, ody, sienna, mpv offer scroll-down 2nd row

    I would say that nissan should work on this:
    1. shiftable "Center Console" that can be shiftable from the center to "regular" position
    2. Scroll-down 2nd row window, or even 3rd!
    3. 60/40 spilt on 3rd row
    4. the "8th" seat (like Astro, Sienna, Ody EX)
    5. flip-open tailgate window
    6. telescope steering + laser curising!
    7. USE THE MAXIMA or G35 engine to be the top in class HP!
    8. Increas the fuel-tank capacity to @ least 22+ gal

    THat will be the best of the best!
  • Just found a great deal on an 04 Quest SE with 6K miles. This is a silver ext with the red and black interior with navi, dual DVD monitors and all the bells and whistles. I still think the 05 Odyssey EXL w/RES-NAVI is a better car but the price difference is my driving factor here, additionally, the Quest's styling while not mainstream is intriguing. And with the two-tone interior of this model this seems to be a rare model which would not be a run of the mill vehicle. Beleive the price will be $27K which is about $10K off a new model and might be $5K cheaper than a new 04 left on a dealer's lot. I've read several informative reviews on these forums and wondered if there are any owners out there with this model Quest w/the options mentioned and if they would recommend it over the 05 Odyssey. Biggest deficit I know of is the better seats, roll-down side windows, and split bench. Actually this is a lot to pass on just to save a couple of bucks. anyway, any and all comments are welcome. I need to make this decision soon and I'm tired of looking.
  • Carzzz,
    The 2004 Quest does have the 'power' out rear quarter windows. Also it does share the same V6 engine used in the Maxima, G35, 300Z, Altima, all of which are tuned differently.
    We would like to see the 60/40 split, but, the others, for us, are trivial. Besides, our kids don't like the wind blowing in their face.
  • We have a 2004 Quest SE, Autumn Red, without Nav and only one DVD screen. We love it. We got ours as a 'demo' with 2200 miles, for $29999 in July 2004. So, I think you have a good deal there. Its quite a stylish vehicle, and with that color combination, would be eye catching. Remember, be sure to get one with VIN# higher than 46000, so that all mid year fixes are done. Also, remember the 05 Odyssey is 'all new' so, you are going to have problems, like all brand new vehicles do. So, keep that in mind. Our VIN# is 48000 (something). We love our van and strongly recommend it. Would only like to see 60/40 split rear seat, since we have 3 kids.
  • lynnwlynnw Posts: 119
    I have a Silver SE with nav/dual DVD. We really love this car. I would not have wanted another minivan. The room in the interior is incredible. You can really feel the space with the skyview roof (which the Ody does not offer.) I really dont think that the Ody seats are more comfortable than the Quest. I actually believe that the Quest captain chairs are wider than the Ody. Definitely have more storage in the front and then also in the overhead compartment of the back. Dont forget the storage in the sliding doors and back where the third row seat is. I think about the only features that the Quest lacks to compete with the new Ody is the split rear seat, which for me is not important. I mean, how often do you really think you will use that to justify the price difference? Also the roll-down middle windows, also not a feature I would care to have since I never allow my kids to roll down the windows for safety. All in all, the Quest SE has been a wonderful van for us and been problem free so far. I love the computerized display of oil life, tire rotation, and tire pressure. Also like having two trip readings just in case I want to use such a feature and like how compact everything is on the center console. I recommend this van to anyone who wants a van with some pizzaz and not a run of the mill weannie wagon. If you notice all the vans on the road are beginning to look alike with the Quest as the exception. Dare to be different.
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    Any idea what the vehicle has been doing for its first 6,000 miles?
  • gg2k2segg2k2se Posts: 109
    I agree with the above comments. My SE is an earlier one that had the recalls for doors, rattles. But it has had only one major issue, rear hatch leak. Everything else was an inconvienance, but tolerable.

    For us, the styling was a big plus over the common boxes. Also, the fold down middle seats and sky roof were more important than the middle windows and 60/40 rear. And as said above, any new vehicle has a strong potential for 1st year issues.

    So for us, the stand-out styling, space and sportiness more than made up for the issues we had to deal with. I recommend it.
  • I'd like to thank everyone for the comments. Guess I just need to decide if this vehicle will suit my needs.

    I don't have a clue what happened during the first 6600 miles. Documentation states it was not a salvage vehicle, so hopefully it was just an owner who wasnt happy. I do need to check the VIN, this may explain why it was traded so soon.
  • Relooked the VIN it shows 4N314272. I may be missing something here, but I don't believe 300K+ vehicles were produced for 04. So what am I misreading on this number? Previous comments indicated anything over 46K should be good.
  • I believe that means you have van # 14272, so it was an early run. Look at the body panel (driver side) to see when it was built, probably late '03. You should ask why the van is for sale. If it from a dealer ask them to give you the previous owners name / number. Most states require them to provide this.

    If the previous owner was so unhappy why do you think you will be happy? Nobody sells a car for a loss to be a nice guy.

    I love my Quest, but I like my money well spent as well.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    If it from a dealer ask them to give you the previous owners name / number. Most states require them to provide this.

    I wonder how much longer this will apply (or maybe it's not wide spread?). I see from a quickie net search that Wisconsin also requires that info to be disclosed, but people are getting pretty concerned with privacy. I know CARFAX doesn't provide that info when you run a VIN with them. I'd just as soon that my ownership info isn't casually handed out upon request.

    Steve, Host
  • Vehicle is being offered by a BMW dealer. Found out the vehicle was traded on a new X5. Couldn't get the previous owner info, but the deal sounds OK thus far.
  • lynnwlynnw Posts: 119
    The good news is that you know of any issues that have been plaguing this particular van. That means that on the test drive you can pay special attention to these issues and make sure they have been corrected. Also dont forget that it now has a 5 yr/60k mi warranty. Be very dilligent to observe any rattling in the doors or seats when you drive it and check the front lower vents for blowing hot air when the a/c should be on and so forth. If all sounds and looks ok then consider buying it.
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    I'm not sure if there is any documentation required to take the vehicle in for the "Customer Satisfaction Initiative," but, if it's coming from a BMW dealer, you might inquire of your local Nissan dealer how this works. I'd think it may not have been done. BTW, Edmund's estimates first year depreciation at $7500.
  • thanks for the info on the Quest Customer Satisfaction Initiative. Did a websearch and found the following link which spells out the specifics of the program: -053.htm

    did not realize there was so many (nine) items which needed to be fixed. This was extremely good info. I think I shold be able to have a dealer check the VIN and find out if the upgrades have been performed on this vehicle. If not, there still authorized until June 2005. Sounds like a good program and coupled with the extension of the base warranty, sounds like Nissan is really attempting to correct its initial problems.

    That $7500 1st year depreciation is a killer though. If this vehicle didn't work out I was thinking of purchasing new. That's a big "yowee" though.
  • I just wanted to say something about the "extended" warranty on the 2004s. I was about to buy a new 2004 Quest at Robbins Nissan in Humble, Texas, but when I asked about the warranty extension, they acted like they'd never heard of it. Said they didn't know anything about it and that the warranty had not changed from the "original" warranty of 3/36K. Then they did that routine where they made me feel I was being a greedy huckster, and I didn't have any proof with me that day that the warranty was changed. So, I figured if they were so unknowledgeable, I didn't want to do business with them. Since they dug their heels in, I did, too and didn't buy one. Still haven't decided if I want to take the chance on a 2004, plus there's the problem with the cassette....
  • Isn't amazing how many people want consumers to give them $25,000+ for an item on faith, but if we question any details we are made to look foolish. I think some people forget who is paying whom.

    The best tool a consumer has is that we can buy the exact same item, possibly that very car!m from someone else.
  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    I'm in Texas too. (Viva Bush!) The info that came with my my new Quest purchased last month indicates 3/36 bumper-to-bumper warranty, 5/60 only on the powertrain. Nissan's website agrees. Haven't talked to my dealer yet, but I suspect they may only have extended it in certain states.

    What do y'all think about the Edmunds long-term wrap-up on the Quest? Not exactly a glowing recommendation. I disagree on several points, I think "perceived quality" and style are subjective matters. The only objective measures worthy of scoring are volume, feature content, and performance. Only time will tell if it develops a thousand squeaks and rattles as they pedicted.
  • there's the problem with the cassette....

    plashenick's idea (see post #1391) of plugging into the DVD players AV-IN will work ... i've plugged my MP3 player in there already, works fine!

    I'm looking for a TV with AV-Out to plug in there ... Most of the small TVs don't even have an AV-Output. Large one's would defeat the purpose of car portability ... anybody have any suggestions?

    Nice job calling them on their ignorance ... it's their job to know what they're selling.
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