Oil Consumption caused catalytic converter to fail in 2010 Equinox

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I have the dreaded 2010 Chevrolet Equinox with the 2.4L . I have had numerous issues with this car, that don’t pertain to this issue, so I’ll leave them out.

After a long oil consumption test, GM fixed the engine to stop the oil consumption. It was burning a lot of oil, for an extended period of time to convince GM that the oil consumption was excessive.
Now, the catalytic converter has failed. I contend that this because of the oil burning for so long coating the elements in the cat. I brought the car in shortly before 100,000 miles. In my mind, as long as nothing is seriously wrong with the way a car is running, the cat should last a minimum of 200,000 miles if not the entire life of a car.

In this case, we know that there were some serious issues with the engine, which I contend caused the cat to fail. I presented my beliefs to the dealership to no avail. I then presented them to GM Customer Service and got to a “Tier II” rep, but again to no avail.

This seems simple to me, nearly open shut case of where General Motors needs to step in and do the right thing. Can anyone help me see the other side of this? Is there something I am missing? Thanks for your help.


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    I've been poking around and it looks like the Federal Emission Control System Warranty for catalytic converters is 8 years/80,000 miles.

    The excessive oil consumption may indeed have coated the substrate in the catalytic converter and caused it to stop functioning, but if it's beyond the warranty I'm not sure exactly how much they'll help you out.

    Absent the oil issue, you're right about the converters lasting a long time. I've never had to have a converter replaced on any of my vehicles, and I've run 8 of them into the 220 - 240,000 mile range
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    Thanks PF Flyer. I appreciate your response.
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    hiimdusty said:

    Thanks PF Flyer. I appreciate your response.

    If they acknowledge that there was an oil consumption problem with the vehicle, perhaps they'll be able to give you some kind of relief on the converter.

    On another note, it sounds like you drive like we do... a lot! 100K miles on a 2010 vehicle is a lot of ground to cover!
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    I am also facing the same challenge as I just had to replace my catalytic converter. I am sure we are not the only ones dealing with this issue. I am seeking reimbursement under the oil problem and am attaching your complaint with mine.
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    Do you mind if I ask what they did to fix the oil issue? I have been having the same problem and just learned today that the cat has failed.
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    @aly93084 -- you are responding to a post that's 2 years old, so you may not hear back on that.

    Here's some info on the oil consumption problem:


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