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I recently changed over to snow tires (Pilot Alpins) for my 2013 TL (SH-AWD). I noticed that the service facility had grossly over-inflated the tires on my drive home, but the TPMS light was not on. I left for a week's vacation the same day. When I returned from vacation, I noticed that my car warned me that I needed to check the TPMS system. I took the car back to the service facility and asked them to check it out and reset the system if needed. During the inspection it was seen that one of the sensors was bad (apparently the right front tire). I have a couple of questions. How come a sensor in a garaged car suddenly go bad? Could the damage have been done during the tire changeover? Would appreciate any comments.

p.s.: I have ordered a new sensor for the RF wheel, and realize that electronic glitches can happen at any time. I am just mystified that the sensor went bad when the car was not being driven.


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    knr5 said:

    I am just mystified that the sensor went bad when the car was not being driven.

    I've had one TPMS sensor go bad since we've had vehicles equipped with them and it was pretty random. Went out in the morning and started the car, the TPMS light came on. Checked the tire pressures and they were OK, went to my buddy's tire shop and they checked the sensor and yep, it had gone bad. As you noted, electronics glitches happen when they happen. Having been around enough tire changes at my friend's shop, (1) the TMPS sensors seem pretty rugged and would seem to need a really big shot to physically damage them, and (2) the sensors are really out of the way of anything that might hit them since they lie flat on the rims away from the bead.

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    usually in the colder months they act up but as soon as you over in flate it goes back to a normal reading- I think the service guy got one over on you. I had my TL SH-AWD for 5+ years with no issuses.
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    So is this car out of its factory warranty yet?
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    My daughter is driving a 2007 vehicle and that's the one that had one sensor go bad a little over a year ago. It's like any other component. Sometimes they go bad. Not sure that the service guy "got one over".

    The TPMS does let me know when the season has really changed. That first cold snap will usually trigger the light as the temps drop and the pressure in the tires follows. The reverse happens every year when things warm up in the spring and the tire pressures rise just out of the top of the recommended range. On our cars, the TPMS light will flash for a bit, go solid, then off as an indication of a "malfunction" in the system.
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    Thank you all for your thoughtful comments. The ordered part (sensor) did not arrive for over 10 days - blame was conveniently placed on some craziness around the holiday season! So I decided to have the sensor replaced at the Acura dealer some distance away (since I was heading in that direction on Christmas eve to pick my son up from the airport). I also got the oil changed at the same time -- 50% oil life left! It appears that somebody was very careless at my usual service place -- the sensor was broken. The Acura guy suggested that I may be able to get reimbursed for some of the cost from my service guy -- like that is going to happen.:) In the spirit of the season, I have decided to let it go. We live and learn!

    Happy New Year!
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    where is the entry level luxury discussion?
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    where is the entry level luxury discussion?

    Are you looking for a specific make/model? "Entry level luxury" is kind of hard to point you at, but it seems you have something specific that it means to you. You'll find discussions like Looking for a low key entry-level European luxury car, but I get the feeling we might be better off starting something new
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