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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • My '99 transmission went out at 65K. I do not have an extended warranty. Honda is covering everything; parts, labor and a rental car. It took less than two weeks to get the remanufactured transmission and it will be installed it today. Keep your fingers crossed.
    If anybody needs assistance, write to me.
    I haven't read much from those that have had it replaced?
    I was also shocked that they didn't include the '99's in the extended warranty. At least my '00 Accord is covered!
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    Just read an article on the extended warranty for 00-01 Odys. Why not include the 99 Odys? I thought they are sharing the same tranny. And it should include in this offer. On the other hand, does anyone experience any tranny problem with their 02-03 Odys? I think it should be trouble-free since they are redesigned (5 speed auto vs. 4 speed).
  • At 62k miles my transmission is shot! Dealer made me feel it was my fault since I had never changed the transmission fluid. I had no idea others were experiencing this problem until I logged on to this site tonight! They told me "$5,000 for a rebuilt, $6,000 for a new trans." I'm a female fighting this alone and need to know where to turn for help. mghoreth said to write for help so here I am. How did you get this replaced for free? Anyone's suggestions would be very helpful. I've loved this car and am still in shock!
  • grandtotalgrandtotal Posts: 1,207
    I'm sorry to say I don't think you have a leg to stand on. If you don't follow the recommended maintenanace regime for your vehicle and failure occurs I don't think that any manufacturer will help.
  • dave594dave594 Posts: 218
    I think they got you for not following the recommended maintenance schedule. You should have had the tranny fluid drained and replaced at the 30k service. If you didn't do that, then I think Honda has a case for now doing anything for you now. Sorry.
  • mliongmliong Posts: 231
    So you don't lose critical information when it's time to make a claim - and yes, you have to keep your car up to date on maintenance.

    All automotive manuals state the mileage / dates needed for what. To make sure you never forget it, have it posted somewhere on your windshield as to what needs to be done at what date/mileage.

    Sorry, but you're out of luck there.
  • Our 99 ODY trans failed at 70k. Dealer quoted $5400. Thanks to a previous post, I knew enough to call Corporate. After I provided the service records, they agreed to pay almost everything. We paid $408 for labor. They didn't offer a rental, but after I asked, they offered 50% rental coverage. After calling them back a week later, they gave us 100% rental coverage, max of $30 per day.
    I did not have my service records, but thankfully all my mechanics did, even Wal Mart had the oil change records on the computer.

    We were #300 on the backorder list, but it only took 3 weeks. Honda warranty is 3/30. Outside vendors only offered 12 months.

    This is our 6th Honda, and other than this transmission issue, we will continue to drive Hondas. The corporate office was great, and they have always treated us well. Just remember that you will get NO assistance at the dealer level. We did get GREAT service from Poway Honda, they were friendly, nice and FAST. ( This means a lot to us, as we never use the dealer for service issues.) If you have any reimbursement questions, you always have to call American Honda.

    We are still happy with the van, and with 3 kids, boy were we happy to get it back!

    Thanks to all you happy posters out there who have been so very helpful!
  • Hi, I forgot to add that we WERE NOT under warranty when this occurred.

    Also, I want to remind people that if you had all regular major servicings, then your trans fluid should have indeed been replaced as a part of that service, even if Honda did not do your service.

    Do not waste time at the dealer level, go to the corporate office. My "case manager" was Pat Evans, and she was fabulous.

    I think that Honda has a huge problem with this issue, and in our area, we are seeing a lot of used ODY's on the market, which is a real change from prior years when there were none to be found!

    Good luck to all of you, email us if you have any questions.
  • After only 500 miles, we have noticed that our 02 Ody transmission seems to be prematurely shifting into a higher gear. This is a very subtle problem (unlike the jerky downshifting occuring in previous models). At a constant 50 mph, there is a loud humming sound that disappears only when we speed up to 55. (It's a similar sound to a manual tranny shifted to a 5th gear earlier than appropriate.) This also occurs at lower speeds also. The dealer thinks we are crazy, but two others who also have Odysseys say that there is something amiss. Anyone else with a similar situation?
  • dchoppdchopp Posts: 256
    Had the opportunity to drive three 02 Ody's including my own and they all did the same thing. It seems that the 5th gear is looking for a place to go at that certain speed and when it locks up there is a small hesitation at the lower speed upon accellerating. I think I read the explanation for this on the MDX forum given by Honda Engineers. Basically its a characteristic of the 5 speed. I bought the extended warranty just in case.
  • dkrabdkrab Posts: 77
    My 02 Ody did exactly the same as you describe; resnonance/rumble at 50-55 mph when it shifts into top gear and the torque converter locks up. It's very common in Odys. On mine, a Honda field engineer did something to better isolate the shift cable, and he replaced the original "dynamic dampner" with one off a v6 Accord. The dynamic dampner is a block of rubber coated metal, mounted in a frame, and bolted to the front cross member near the front motor mount. It's about 4" square. This "repair" reduced the noise quite a bit. It's still there, but not nearly as noticable.

    Hope this helps!
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    I noticed that the Honda transmission (don't know anything about the manual tranny) has some kind of ill manner which has some of metallic sound and vibration when shift. You may not notice it when it's new, maybe a car with few months ago. I can feel it on my '93 Accord with 10,000 miles. I don't know if this is related to the latest Odyssey tranny problem.
  • We have a 99 which was bought only a few weeks before the 00 came out. At 50,000 miles the transmission failed. We are very discouraged that the 99's aren't included in the warranty extension that the 00 and 01's are--Especially since our van is identical to the 00. Honda will cover all of it but won't give us a warranty. IF we pay 500 they will give a 36,000 miles warranty. Does anyone know how to get the 99 included?
  • dchoppdchopp Posts: 256
    I would let them fix it and then get rid of it. At least they are fixing it at no cost to you. Thats more than I can say about some on this forum.
  • Our 99 Odyssey transmission started failing at 67k miles. The TCS light would intermittently turn on and off, and the Check Engine light remained lit. My wife noticed the transmission was not as smooth as it used to be as well. The first time we took it to the dealer, they just reset the Check Enginer light and said to come back if it turns on again. Less than a week later, the light came on again, and this time the dealer agreed it was a transmission problem. Of course, he tells us the cost of parts/labor for a new transmission is over $5k. Thanks to this forum, I was able to tell them about the frequent occurence and how some people got Honda to pay for all/most of it. The service advisor then puts me on hold to talk to his manager, and then tells me that they will talk to the regional Honda manager about the situation. Ten or so minutes later, the service advisor calls me to let me know that Honda will take care of the price of the part, while I will be responsible for labor ($500). That certainly made me happy and I could hardly quibble as I know my warranty has expired a while ago. Better still, they said it would take only a week to order and get the part.

    Kudos to Honda for taking care of their customers. Between my wife and I, we have owned over 6 Hondas, and this was the first time we experienced any major problem. If they did not take of the situation, we probably would be looking at different manufacturers the next time we brought a car.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    My relative has a 2000 Odyssey with 21,000 miles. There is no transmission problem. But the TCS and Check Engine light remained lit. Is this a sign of trouble?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    I would go get it checked out. You are still under warranty and Honda has extended your warranty to 7 yr/100k. So you should have nothing to worry about by taking it to the dealer.
  • My wife and I have a 2001 Ody with 27,000 miles. We have had the TCS and Check Engine light come on intermittently, the most recent case is now. I have a scheduled service for next wednesday. Any suggestions as to how I should "steer" the service department into finding the problem?
  • dchoppdchopp Posts: 256
    The service dept. will do their own steering. The vehicle I believe is still under warrenty. The computer fault codes will indicate the faulty part or parts.
  • Do not be content with paying the $500.00. While you "ONLY" have to pay $500.00, the people that waited until the next year pay nothing if they have problems and it's the same transmission.
    When I was told the same thing, I opened a case directly with Honda America. They covered not only the parts and labor, but also for a rental car!
    I am a 22 year Honda owner. Those of us that "took the chance" on the '99's should not have to suffer.
    Just my two cents.....

    p.s. As far as I know and have experienced, if you have a check engine light and TCS light, you are headed for bad things.
  • mschafermschafer Posts: 317
    The tranny on my 1999 EX has been giving serious slippage and hard shifting problems, along with the CEL coming on. I wonder if Honda would do anything for me on this one with this much mileage?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Them's a lot of miles! Doesn't cost anything to ask, but I wouldn't shoot for the moon. Even the extended tranny warranty Honda is passing out to owners of 2000/2001 models only goes to 100k.

    Steve, Host
  • My 2001 Ody with 27,000 miles, had the CEL and TCS lights on. I took the van in for service last wednesday. The codes identified the problem as EGR system clogged. Honda has provided the dealers with an EGR Port Pipe Kit to fix the problem permanently after the dealer cleans out the clogged ports. Problem fixed under warranty.
  • dawnw2dawnw2 Posts: 3
    I would like to hear more about your problems. Sounds very similar to my own. Did you routinely get the service done at a Honda dealer and was your transmission fluid changed, if so how often?
    They are refusing to pay for my transmission that failed at 62K. All oil and fluid checks were done routinely but not at the dealer. I have now taken it to a transmission shop and he tells me the failure was NOT my fault and the transmission fluid was still clear when it failed (except for the metal shavings in it). Still, Honda has been uncooperative. We've gone all the way to the top and they won't budge. I'm looking at a $4,500 replacement on this out of my own pocket. Thanks
  • mschafermschafer Posts: 317
    So that problem has continued on into the 2001 engines, too! I had it on my 1999 and there was a TSB out on it for 1998 Accords. You'd think they would have fixed that by now.
  • dchoppdchopp Posts: 256
    I wonder if you had the transmission service done at a Honda Dealer, if that would have made a difference that they would have repaired it at a reduced cost? Did you try AMCO or another local transmission Dealer?
  • I would keep calling Honda Corporate on their 800 number. They did agree to fix ours and we had 50,000 miles. I hope that enough 99 owners will call them and ask them to include the 99 in the extended warranty. There is no reason that they shouldn't. Even if you are not having problems now you may be one day.
  • grandtotalgrandtotal Posts: 1,207
    In this post you said that the dealer denied assistance because you had not had your transmission fluid changed. Now you're changing your story, have you got documentation to prove you changed your transmission fluid or not?
  • ocuihsocuihs Posts: 138
    Information from Honda Ownerlink service/maintenance recalls section...

    October 2002

    Automatic Transmission Warranty Extension

    Dear Accord, Odyssey and Prelude Owners:

    American Honda is announcing a warranty extension for the automatic transmission on all 2000-01 Accords, Odysseys, and Preludes. The automatic transmission and torque converter are now covered for a total of 7 years or 100,000 miles, whichever occurs first, from the date of original sale. We are providing this warranty extension because a higher than normal number of automatic transmissions in certain vehicles may have problems due to defects in material or workmanship beyond the 3-year, 36,000-mile new vehicle limited warranty.

    How do I know if there is a problem with my vehicle's automatic transmission?
    If you think your vehicle has a transmission problem, refer to the operating characteristics below. Understanding these characteristics can help you decide if you need to call your Honda dealer.

    These characteristics are normal; they should not require you to call your Honda dealer.

    Quick downshifts. The transmission has a computerized control system called grade logic. When going down a hill, even a light touch of the brake pedal can cause grade logic to downshift to the next lower gear. Downshifting helps to slow the vehicle through engine braking.

    Does not always shift through the full range of gears. This can also be caused by the grade logic system keeping the transmission in the optimum gear for different driving conditions.

    Mechanical noise when selecting a forward or reverse gear. It's normal to hear a slight mechanical noise when moving the shift lever from one gear to another. This noise can sound abnormally loud if any of the windows are down and you are parked next to a wall or another vehicle.

    Vehicle may not hold its position when stopped on an incline in gear (may roll backward when the brake pedal is released). This can occur on most Honda-made vehicles. It is one of the measures used to improve fuel economy.

    Hard shifts before the engine warms up. By design, the transmission shifts a little harder when the engine is cold. It returns to smoother shifting when the engine warms up.

    These characteristics are not normal; if you experience any of them, call your Honda dealer.

    While driving, the D4 indicator on the instrument panel flashes.

    An abnormally loud noise from the transmission.
    Extremely slow or delayed gear engagement, upshifts, or downshifts.
    Abnormal gear slippage during upshifts or downshifts.
    Erratic or excessively harsh shifting.
    Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) leaks.

    In the next few weeks, owners of potentially affected vehicles will be sent a copy of this letter along with reimbursement instructions in case they previously paid to have the transmission repaired or replaced.

    It's important to maintain your vehicle's transmission according to the maintenance schedule in your owner's manual. Not maintaining the transmission properly can void the warranty coverage.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.


    Honda Automobile Division
  • dawnw2dawnw2 Posts: 3
    Sorry, not changing my story, just clarifying it. I had oil changed and all fluids checked every 3-5k miles. The transmission fluid was NOT CHANGED because it always checked out OK. Dumb mistake I now know. Work was not done at a Honda dealer.
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