Garage drilled drain holes into door and now it won't open (Skoda Fabia)

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I took my car to the garage due to leaking in my car, they said they had drilled holes in the left hand side passenger door as there weren't any to begin with. I took the car home and thought my problem was sorted. The next night i went to open the passenger door to find that the handle was very loose and didn't open. it worked perfectly fine when i took it to the garage. I returned the day after for them to say it's probably just 'unplugged' but if I could come back later as they were too busy. I returned and talked to another man, as the man that dealt with my car walked away as he saw me coming, at the garage and explained the situation, he told me that sometimes the cables snaps and that they would have to take the door apart, hence meaning more money i'd have to pay, although me expressing that i didn't think i'd have to pay as i did nothing wrong. Could they have damaged it, or is it just an extremely bad timed coincidence?


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    It's hard to say. I don't see how drilling in the bottom of the door could make the door handle loose---that would be one very long drill! But who knows what else they did, or didn't do? Not much you can do here. If these are people you have dealt with many times, maybe it's best to just let them fix it. If you don't know these people, they could be up to something. Drilling into doors is a pretty rough solution for a problem.
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