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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • The car salesman I referred to (Rich Rodriguez) told me that he can do it for a little bit less than $1,500 over invoice. Why not try to come over and maybe you could have a deal close to your range?
    Prestige BMW is on Route 17 South (North Jersey) few miles from 287/87 and 17 intersection.
  • Thanks for your help and the info. I am actually trying to see which dealer is willing to do ED for about 1000 (or less) over invoice. I can easily get 1500 over invoice for many dealers in my area.
  • rutegerruteger Posts: 60
    Consider researching the entire US for the ED price you want. It doesn't come out of their allotment, so they don't care.

    The problem will be when you have it delivered to a local dealer. Some of them want a 'courtesy delivery' fee of a couple hundred dollars (or more). It's nothing more than a scam, but they can do it, I suppose.

    But if you check around, you might be able to find a local dealer that will deliver it for free. In that case, you'll easily be able to find another dealer somewhere willing to meet your ED price.
  • 2002 325i purchased in August
    Sport Package
    Metallic Paint
    Heated Seats

    Invoice = $28,580
    MSRP = $31,170
    TMV = $30,678
    Carsdirect = $30,928
    What I paid = $30,400

    That's $770 under MSRP and $1,820 over invoice. I thought the price was OK as it was under TMV price but after reading the posts here I know I could have done better. Actually I knew I left money on the table because that was the first price I offered and they took it (after a 5 minute "talk" with the manager).

    Don't care though, I'm not much of a haggler and I'm happy just to have my Beemer!

    Another side note, didn't really want the heated seats when I bought it but after this morning my [non-permissible content removed] is glad I got'em!
  • thinking of buying the 325xi,is the 4wd worth the extra cost.
  • is the 4wd worth the extra cost?

    That's a personal question, based on your desires and typical driving conditions. Do you live where snowfall is heavy?

    Also consider that the 325xi sits a bit higher than the RWD counterpart. This can detract from the vintage handling/cornering that BMW is known for.

    I, too, was debating about this option. Since I live in Northern VA where there are not many bad weather days, and because of the different suspension, I opted for the RWD.

    FWIW, since you're looking at only about a 1.5-2 K difference in price on an expensive car, I would focus on the lifestyle factor and not the money factor.
  • I just ordered 2003 325i with the following options:

    Black Saphire Metallic
    Natural Brown Leather
    Premium Package
    Steptronic Trans
    Harman Kardon Premium Sound System

    The MSRP is $35,070 and I ordered for $34,070.
    Is this ok price ?
  • I'm a Sailor living abroad in sunny Italy. As a courtesy to the US Government, we get our new models at *about* cost through the BMW military sales program. In my case, Pentagon Car Sales in Agnano (Naples) is the official dealer. Cars are all US specs, not EU. I'm shopping for sedans, bases prices are: 325i, $24,600; 325xi, $26,350; 330i, $31,000; 330xi, $32,750. My dream car now checks around $33,650 before destination. That is a 325xi with the sport, premium, and cold weather packages, xenon headlights, and the navigation system. I'll upgrade the stereo myself, thank you very much. Options are basically stateside MSRP, a few are a little less. And yes, floormats are $100. The destination charge of $580 gets me insurance and temporary liscence plates for a factory delivery, or I can get delivery to Naples. No choice on the charge, fortunately I intend to break in my (future) baby on the Autobahn, as God almighty intended. I also get to send the car back to the US as used after putting 500 miles on the odometer, and if I register here with AFI (Allied Forces, Italy) for six months, there is no import tax! That just leaves federal and state tax, and the title back home in Colorado. The only downside? 1 Euro per liter for gas ($4 a gallon)while the car is here, plus crazy Italian drivers. Baby will be going home after six months. If you work for the US Government as DoD or Civilian and you're coming to Europe or Asia, look into the program at, and especially for Europe. Pentagon Car Sales will send you a price list by e-mail if you ask for one.

    May your roads be empty, well-kept, and twisty.
  • i live in wisconsin, i am interested in 330xi where can i get a good price for a loaded new car willing to go to madison, milwaukee and chicago? and is the sport package worth the money?
  • For a 325i, the sport package is worth the money -- you get an improved suspension. Most people who don't get it wish that they had.

    The 330i already has the better suspension. And the 325xi and 330xi don't get an improved suspension with the sport package. On these cars, the sport package does get you the three-spoke steering wheel, larger wheels, and improved seats.

    I've ordered a 325xi, and I opted for the sport package. I don't care about the steering wheel. I care a little bit about the wheels. But the sport seats are quite a bit more comfortable than the regular seats.

    I'd advise you to sit in both types of seats before you decide.
  • I just ordered a new 325i. I think I got a good price thanks to a lot of info I found on these forums.
    So I decided to give back to the community ;)

    2003 325i (Manual)
    Topaz Blue
    Sports Package
    HK System
    Xenon Lights
    Floor Mats (this is so funny ;)

    MSRP: $31,745
    Invoice: $29,364
    What I negotiated: $30,745 (including the bogus $45 "Doc Fee" which they added afterwards, and "free" Floor Mats)

    I think I paid $100-$200 more than I should have, but I can never negotiate for the last couple of hundreds; they already know I am going to buy the car...
    Still, ~$1400 over invoice is not that bad.

    Btw, the Fleet Manager (Victor Hung) at Peter Pan BMW in San Mateo is very easy to do business with.
    You can negotiate with him if you've done your research and you know what you're talking about. He's quite reasonable when you show him you know the facts, and you propose a reasonable deal.

    This is the first new car I've bought. If I can get a good deal, you can do it too !

    Thanks to everyone who posts here!
  • bgt1bgt1 Posts: 50
    Has anyone been getting this lately? I heard that is what they are offering.

    And if so, also the approx $1k off everyone is getting?

    If so, I might be able to get myself into a 330 instead of 325!! =)
  • I just bought a 325 with $1,000 above invoice. If you are interested in where and how to get this deal, let me know. In short, don't shop at the two deals in the center of Houston, they do not negotiate. If you are willing to drive within a 30min radius, it is not hard to find willing BMW dealers who will give you a good deal.
  • Here in Dallas I was offered a 2002 330i for $1500 off MSRP with 2.9% financing. But the car is black with stone (?) (beige) interior.

    Dunno if I can swing the same discount on a new 2003 330i. (excluding the financing)
  • Did you buy a 2002 or 2003?
  • cab7cab7 Posts: 3
    Does anyone have a good experience to share regarding the purchase of a 330, including price shopping, in the Boston or Massachusetts area?
  • Going to buy a used 325ci 2001,premium package,sports package,30000 miles for $25500 from a private seller in two days. Is it a good deal in FL? Would I be covered the same way as the owner (all maintenance till 50000/4 years,roadside assistance,loaner car etc). This is the first time I am buying a used car and I know ppl on this forum can give me some very good advice asap
  • Could someone please help with some info?
    is 330 really worth the extra money over 325?
    My dealer discouraged me from getting the Sports package, knowing I'm price sensitive...How different is the ride? Is there a really noticeable difference..Finally, this is what he offered to sell the car for (I have already leased two cars from him before, so I'm expecting a good deal)

    325ci coupe
    red, non metallic
    premium package
    leather+wood trim
    steptronic trans

    33k which includes the dest charge...

    IS this good deal?
  • Sammy34- 330 vs 325 is a question that varies and should be based on personal preference and budget. The 2.5 liter engine is more than adequate but most on this board prefer the 3.0 for the added power. The 3.0liter engine is also rated as one of the best engines bmw has ever created in terms of forecasted reliability and performance and the 2.5 is right behind it.

    As for the sport pkg- I think it's a must especially with a coupe. The sports seats are a remarkable upgrade in their comfort, the wheels and white indicator lights look good, and when you sell the car, you will get your money back. Dealers tend to discourage the sport package when they don't have a car with it in stock. I saw this quite a bit when purchasing a 530i...You already have a sports suspension on the coupe but I would get it...

    I don't what kind of demand there is for this car but $33k for a 325ci with auto and premium pkg is not a bad deal considering leather is now not included in the premium package and is an extra $1500... I don't think the leather seats are worth it given the quality of the leatherette seats but that is my opinion..

    Lastly, remember you are already paying mid 30's for a car and paying $3-4k more for a 330ci is not that much considering the capital investment you will make on your purchase... Drive both and go with what you will be happier with
  • I'm looking to purchase an '03 325ci with manual transmission; SP; PP; leather and metallic paint in the Houston area, and was curious to know what a good buy would be. I've been working with a saleswoman at the SW-Houston dealership and she's urged me to order (4-6 wk lag time) my vehicle. . .after some consideration I don't think she's giving me a 'deal' at all (35,620 +TTL). Spombe7 et al, where did you get your good deal?
  • I've found a 2001 330i CPO,5sp, sport, premium,cold weather, xenon, leather, 12K mi. The delaer won't let it go for less than 33K. Looking for feedback - is that a OK deal?
  • nerdnerd Posts: 203
    It doesn't sound like a good deal to me based on what my wife paid for a comparably equipped '02 325Ci last February. How does the price compare with the MSRP?

    If you want to get some competitive prices, I suggest to call Mike Pile BMW in Tyler and Garlyn Shelton BMW in Temple. My wife bought hers at Mike Pile.
  • Cab7 - I am also shopping in the Boston area. I requested some internet far the only dealership that responded (GalleryGroup)did not prepare a quote, but tried to have me come in and "speak" with them. I subsequently received a response from another "representative" from same dealership who indicated that the exact car I am looking for would be arriving in two weeks...interesting since the first "representative" said that the vehicle I was looking for was difficult to find unless ordered...still no quote.

    Let me know if you have any better luck.
  • bgt1bgt1 Posts: 50
    I heard most dealerships are offering deals on their new left over 2002 3-series.

    Either 0% financing or 2.9% and approx $2500 off. I think both come out to about the same.

    I think that is a pretty good deal considering there is almost no difference between the 2002 and 2003 model.

    Any thoughts?
  • It was a 2002 model. I have spoken to a number of people who just bought BMW. Our common suggest is to shop outside the Houston area in order to find better deals. I drove 40 min to a BMW dealer in Clearlake and they would take $500 off the price before I even opened my mouth.
  • The key is to work off the invoice price of the car, NOT the MSRP. Treat the MSRP as an imaginary number and ignore it entirely while negotiating the price of your car. I got a great deal on my '03 325xi outside of Boston (Wagner Motor Sales, the representative said this was a very slim profit deal for them). I was able to get the price down to less than $1000 over invoice.
    Sport Package
    XI Package
    Power/heated seats
    on board comp
    metallic paint
    All for only $34,700!!!
    I did not visit any dealerships. I faxed every dealership w/in an hour drive and told them I was interested in buying a car. Most ofthem called back within an hour with their best price. I let them know what my best offer currently was and let them see if they could match it. It helps to do this at the end of the month when dealerships are looking to meet quota's. Also the site fightingchance helps increibly! Best of luck in your negotiations!
  • First quote received had price as follows:

    2003 330Xi
    Steel Grey Metallic, Steptronic, Cold Weather, Premium, Sport, Bi-Xenon
    Quote $43,200

    Invoice is $40,850 and quote translates into approx. 6% above invoice.
  • jmezzjmezz Posts: 36
    could anyone offer help. got lease price 39 months, 12k yr,418/mo with 1100 inception plus 4500.00 deposit which i get back at end of lease. sounds very good. how is 330xi is is better choice than 525 for only $30 more?
  • Jmezz- I was looking at your deal and $418/39 months $1100 down and it looks very attractive for a 330xi...are you sure this is correct, does this include tax, and what options do you have? What distrubs me when you have a good deal like that is the $4500 deposit...that is absurdly high and my guess is you won't be seeing that money back... If I were you, I would fax that deal w/o the $4500 to other dealers in the area to see if they will match...if no one will match, you know something is fishy about your deal...

    So, the 525i is $30 more? This is more preference... The 525i is a lot more spacious and has a beautiful shape... the 330xi has a high perf engine, 4wd but is extremely tight in the back...If you are getting the 525i in stick or if performance is not a big deal, then go with the 5'er...otherwise, I think the 330 with 4wd (depending on location) is also a nice choice
  • jmezzjmezz Posts: 36
    thanks for info bimmer12! the options on 330xi was just premium pkg and cold weather pkg list was about 39-40k. also maual trans. the 4500 is called a multiple security deposit(mercedes and lexus offer same) and that money is guaranteed to come back to me at the end of the lease in its entirety. it is not cap cost reduction. it is very beneficial to give them this"loan" because it saves you about $48.00 per month of the lease. these special prices are in effect until 12/31 then program could change. their rates are very good on 330 and 5 series.
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