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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • abcheartabcheart Posts: 2
    Thanks for tips blueguydotcom, :).
  • hollyahollya Posts: 10
    I have been offered on a Lease: 325xi, 18,000 per yr, 3 years, fold down seat, automatic, power seats, $3,000 at down. I don't want to be taken advantage this a good deal. I am a middle aged woman always wanted a BMW. Leasing is looking attractive, but don't know if this deal is, please HELP!!!
  • hollyahollya Posts: 10
    Sorry - the payment will be $498 per month, 18,000 miles per year as I am a real estate agent put on a lot of miles. Leasing is new to me and I don't understand the money factors. Can anyone tell me if this is a good lease?
  • hollyahollya Posts: 10
    It is a 2006. He said the MSRP was $36,000 +. I need a fold down rear seat only for real estate signs.
  • desi1desi1 Posts: 40
    MSRP 41,345
    (Alpine White, Manual Trans, Cold Weather Pkg, Sports Pkg, Terra Leather)
    Residual 64%
    Cap cost before 725 of 39,590
    base money factor .00225
    factor after 7 deposits .00176
    ( Total of 8 deposits)
    Payment including tax of 538.41
    Amount due at inception 4,988.41.

    Considering the above, please let me know...
    1. How does this deal sound? My calculations show it to be 1,700 over invoice + 725 (625 Acq + 100 doc fee).
    2. I have asked for 39,590 (including the 725), which gives him 1000 in profit (invoice+725+1000).
    3. How much better can I do?
    4. Should I wait to see the July and/or August MF to get even a better deal as the 2007 models should be coming out in Sep?
    5. He keeps adding the tax to the net cap cost when calculating the monthly payment, but when I calculate the tax after figuring out the before-tax payment, I always come up with about 2-3 dollars less than what he quotes. Any explanation?

    Thank you for your help.
  • well I bought the car and I am sooooo happy. It actually ended up costing 30.oo less than I anticipated....walked away without any money changing hands was nice...I fell like I got a keeper
  • vsaxenavsaxena Posts: 202
    For leasing negotiate the following:
    1. Purchase price: $1000 over invoice should be a fair deal and very do able.
    2. Money Factor markup: limited to 0.0004 by BMWFS
    3. Acquisition fee markup: limited to $200 by BMWFS

    Everything else is just math!

    Money Factors and Residuals for the 2006 325xi
    24 mo/15k mi – Residual Value 70% of MSRP – .00285 Base Money Factor Rate
    36 mo/15k mi – Residual Value 60% of MSRP – .00275 Base Money Factor Rate

    If you need more miles beyond 15K, you can buy them now or buy them up to 6 months before the lease ends. The rates should not be very different though you should check what the dealer is quoting you.

    Your monthly payment on a lease consists of two items:
    1. Depreciation = ( Capitalized Cost - Residual)/Number of Months
    2. Interest Charge = (Capitalized Cost + Residual) * Money Factor.

    where capitalized Cost = negotiated price + acquisition fee and Residual = MSRP * Residual Percentage.

    NEVER put money down to reduce the capitalized cost on a lease since you lose the down payment if the car is lost or totalled.

    To reduce monthly payments, you can make multiple security deposits to reduce the Money Factors (interest rate). Each extra security deposit is worth a 0.0007 reduction; you can make up to 7 extra deposits. Note that if you do not make any security deposit you rate goes up by 0.0015.

    Tax treatment varies between states. In most states you pay tax on the total monthly payment.

    Your drive off should be equal to:
    First Month Payment + DMV Fees + Security Deposit(s) + Doc Fee
  • hollyahollya Posts: 10
    Is this a Deal or No Deal? 325xi, automatic, power seats, fold down rear seat, spark. graphite paint, 18,000 miles, 3 years, $3,000 down, monthly paymnt of $498. I'm a woman in my 40's and don't want to get taken advantage of. I really appreciate all your input/help on this. Comparing lease quotes from other dealers, this seems good, but I'm not sure. Can anyone let me know soon. Thank you.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 53,831
    What is the MSRP? Does this include sales tax?


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  • hollyahollya Posts: 10
    I forgot to tell you that this is a 2006 325xi BMW sedan.
  • hollyahollya Posts: 10
    the MSRP, he said was $36,000 +
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 53,831
    Does the price quoted include taxes?


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  • hollyahollya Posts: 10
    yes, it was everything.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 53,831
    It looks like a good deal... Not knowing how the $3000 is broken down, it is hard to give an exact assessment...

    But, I assumed an MSRP of $36,500, a selling price of $34,500, residual of 60% for 3yr/45K and base money factor of .00275..

    That yields a payment of about $505/mo.. The extra mileage (54K, instead of 45K) adds about $35/mo.. for a total of $540/mo..

    If your $3K is:

    $498 1st pymt.
    $500 security deposit
    $625 acquisition fee
    $200 title/license fees
    $1080 taxes (6% X total payment? just a guess)

    that just about eats up the whole $3000... So, if my assumptions about taxes and MSRP are accurate, you are about $40/mo. under my deal... That would make the selling price about $3500 off of MSRP, which would be outstanding...

    That stated, small differences in the assumptions can make big differences in your payment... Your taxes could be lower, the MSRP could be lower.. You may find that your quoted payment doesn't include taxes, once you get ready to sign.

    From the information that you've posted, it looks like the dealer is giving you a good deal. The lease program on the 325xi itself is not that outstanding, but the dealer seems to be doing his part.



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I just signed a lease on a new 325xi with automatic, winter package, spark. graphite paint, 12,000 miles over 27 months.

    The purchase price with ED was $32,200 ($1,330 over European invoice), MF of 0.00285, 71% residual, $825 Acquisition fee, $195 documentation fee, no sales tax since I am in NH.

    The monthly payment is $391 a month including 5 additional security deposits. Total drive off costs $3835 ($391 first month payment; $2,400 security deposits; $25 title fee; $825 acquisition fee' $195 doc fee).

    Seems like a good deal, even including the fact that the acquisition fee and doc fee are high. But what am I missing? Am I being taken advantage somewhere I am not thinking about? Thank you for your input.
  • quest123quest123 Posts: 1
    This is a great info, thank you.

    Should also Bank fees ($670) be a part of drive off payment? The dealer asked me for it, but you did not mentioned it. Is there bank fee when the lease is via BMWFS? What is "Money Factor markup: limited to 0.0004 by BMWFS"? Does it mean that money factor is negotiable and they can go below, let's say ".00275 Base Money Factor Rate"?

    Thank you in advance
  • mwildmwild Posts: 2
    I'm a single 34 year old woman buying a car for the first time and am not sure if this is a fair deal. Please advise.

    2006 325xi, metallic paint, premium package, cold weather,navigation system, satellite radio, park distance control. MSRP $41,940 selling price of $39,160 with 200 for MACO and 180 for training service fee. Are these always included? The car has to be ordered so delivery is expected in late July...does anyone know if there will be any incentives on the 3-series?

    Finally, how much is reasonable to put down, if anything, upon ordering the car? I've been told nothing by one dealer, 1000 by another, and 2000 by another. Thanks so much!!
  • hollyahollya Posts: 10
    I am so undecided...and, I know it's all personal preference but I can't decide between the Sparkling Graphite or the Titanium Silver. What do you think? I am a female late 40's. We've had 3 silver type colored cars, I guess I'm just tired of it but I know it looks sharp. I don't want black, although I know it's popular. I thought the sparkling graphite would be nice and it's darker but not black.
  • Hi! I had a 1999 328 convertible which I LOVED, but recently got rear-ended and the car is totaled. I am considering purcharing a 2006 330Ci - sport package, cold weather, navigation, metallic paint, manual shift... Would you be willing to share which dealership in the area you chose to purchase your car from (My 328 came from BMW of Arlington), how much you paid, and whether any incentives were offered. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • I had a 1999 328Ci (2dr convertible) which I LOVED, but I recently got rear-ended and shoved into the car ahead of me leaving a Nats game and the car is totaled. Nats fans headed for Virginia after games beware the on ramp for 295 - it backs up and not everyone is paying attention... I am considering purchasing a 2006 330Ci - sport package, cold weather, navigation, metallic paint, manual shift... I would be interested in hearing which dealerships in the DC Metro area folks like, price range recommendations, and whether any incentives are currently available. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • mleanhmleanh Posts: 17
    This is based on our own experiences shopping for a 3-series, and a handful of our friends and family over the years:


    VOB- one of the larger volume dealers, known for pretty good prices on the sales side. however, a very bad reputation for their service dept. the people i know who have bought there said that VOB was good on price, but after a couple of unbelievably bad service experiences take their car elsewhere for repairs.

    Passport- has a good reputation for prices and customer service. i know 4 people who have bought over the years from there, various models, all very happy with their buying experience.

    Tischer/Mile One BMW- i don't know anything about this one, it's further out and a long drive even if it's considered Silver Spring.


    Arlington- they seem to be just ok on price, ok on service. depending on conditions (right time,right car) you could get a decent deal here. sometimes they'll deal, other times they'll hold firm at a high price.

    Fairfax- from my experience the worst reputation among the VA dealers. They tried to pull the bait-and-switch on my cousin. Twice! First, tried to put him into a demo (2,000 miles+) car after agreeing on a "brand new" car price, then tried to switch to a non-metallic color car. He did still buy- after threatening to walk out, they chased him down and gave in. The deal was good for him, but may not be worth the aggravation for you. I would not recommend servicing your car here though.

    Sterling- has a good reputation, and their Client Advisors are very friendly. I'd recommend this one in VA if you don't mind driving out there. They are also the Costco dealership if you are going that route.

    As far as price, if you belong to Costco, it can't hurt to check out their pricing to get a baseline. On the 330i, it was $600 over invoice, options at cost when we looked.

    Or, if you belong to a credit union around DC, also try United Buying Service. Sometimes their prices are lower- plus the dealer is not allowed to charge processing fees. That could save you almost $300 in VA. The one caveat though- sometimes UBS is a pain to deal with. You have to call them first, you can't pick the dealership, they just assign one to you. If you want to change it, to find one closer to you for example, they say you can't do that.
  • Thank you. The information you shared is incredibly helpful!
  • iycrraiycrra Posts: 24
    Does BMW offer free maintenance service on lease cars or on purchase only?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 53,831
    The maintenance is included with every car, and even transfers to subsequent owners until the expiration date... Buy or lease...


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    2006 325xi, metallic paint, premium package, cold weather,navigation system, satellite radio, park distance control. MSRP $41,940 selling price of $39,160 with 200 for MACO and 180 for training service fee.

    Training fee is bogus. MACO should be listed on the car's invoice. Ask to see the invoice.

    Are these always included? The car has to be ordered so delivery is expected in late July...does anyone know if there will be any incentives on the 3-series?

    Expect good sized (2k or so) incentives on the 2006 3 series by fall as the 07s will be the 328i and 335i (more power), thus making the 06s one year lame ducks.

    Finally, how much is reasonable to put down, if anything, upon ordering the car? I've been told nothing by one dealer, 1000 by another, and 2000 by another. Thanks so much!!

    $500 to $1000 refundable deposit is normal.
  • coastal1coastal1 Posts: 3
    I saw this combo over the weekend and it is GORGEOUS. I'm ordering it in the 325xi (with walnut trim). I'm normally a silver or grey car buyer. Never even thought of buying a blue car, but this combo blew me away - beautiful. I saw it parked next to the granite grey and the black. The granite is nice, but the monaco had more punch than both. So excited can't wait!
  • coastal1coastal1 Posts: 3
    Premium package
    Cold weather package
    Comfort Access
    metallic paint

    $36,500 (includes destination / but does not include taxes or registration).

    With taxes, registration, dealer fee, etc. it is 39,585 out the door. Can I do better?
    Please help.
  • coastal1coastal1 Posts: 3
    Forgot to mention this is a 2006
  • andy_gandy_g Posts: 1
    First I'd like to thank everyone on this site. It has been a real help in the car buying process.

    I just put a deposit down on a 330xi. This was a cash purchase, not a lease:

    Manual Transmission
    Cold Weather Package
    Jet Black/Black Leatherette

    Invoice is $36,685 (from Edmunds). MSRP is $40,485.

    I paid:

    + $ 1,866.90 (5% Mass Sales Tax)
    + $ 318 (Registration, Inspection + Doc Fee)
    $39,512.90 Out the door

    I simply used Edmunds service to get a quote from a more distant dealer and then got my local dealer to match it. This was relatively painless process -- so I probably didn't get the best possible deal, but I think I did pretty well in terms of price vs time spent negotiating.

    Hope this helps others in their purchase process.
  • desi1desi1 Posts: 40
    I will be getting delivery of 2006 330i (white, terra, sports, cold) the week of July 10. As this would be my first time leasing a BMW, would you please help me with checklist of items that I need to go through? I read on some forums to make sure to check the Stolen Vehicle Record paperwork, Vehical History Report, Software Version, Rechargeable flashlight, etc. Also, I asked the question of Run Flat Tires and got the suggestion that it would a good idea to ask the dealer now to have the Bridgestones changed to Continentals.

    Thank you for your help.
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