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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hey all -- I wasn't kidding when I said in post #179 in the "Present and Future Styling Trends" thread that the utterly bleeping awful and cheapened '04 5 Series would compel me to finally get off the sidelines and buy an '04 3 Series, before it gets redesigned, before it gets I-Drive, and before (I supect) it gets disconnected from the "Ultimate Driving Machine" theme.

    I got off the sidelines today. Ordered a 330 coupe, Orient Blue with natural brown leather, 6 speed!!!, sport package, premium package, heated seats, and the 18-inch wheels for MSRP minus $1,750. I'm in Milwaukee, and did the deal at International Autos. Am pleased to say that I was in and out in about 75 minutes, and suffered absolutely no dealer BS whatsoever. It was honest, straightforward negotiating, and I respect them for that.

    The other dealer in town pretty much said they'd take $800 or $1,000 off MSRP, and if I wanted to do better than that then I'd be wasting their time and mine. Glad I didn't try to do the deal with them.

    Won't take delivery until the end of May. Suddenly I find myself totally unprepared for the next phase of the game. Once you've ordered a car, how do you possibly wait patiently for it to be delivered??? Mark
  • I'm considering getting one around Hampton Roads Area, Virginia Beach.

    2004 325Ci
    5 speed Auto
    Sand Leatherette
    Xenon lights
    Heated seats
    Sports Package?

    I would like to get a Sports Package but not necessarily the Sports suspension which is stiffer i'm guessing (I haven't test drive yet). I was also told that Sports Sus is standard on coupes, is this correct? How noticeable is the SS vs. Non-SS? Also, I like the look of performance tires but weary of its shorter life and again stiffer feel from what I've been reading, please correct me if im wrong.

    Is it also possible to get Heated seats without getting Leather?

    Can I get the 12 way power seat without getting the Premium of Sports package?

    Any help would be appreciated!
  • Hi,

    I'm interested in purchasing a 2004 bmw 325i
    with the ffg options: step, on-board nav + on-board computer, silver gray metallic.

    invoice price on says 29,980... would + 500 = good price to pay ? + sales tax + fees What are these FEES for ? Registration ? and what else? And how much fees are we talking about?....

    how do i know if what they're giving me is brand new vs a test car ? < 20mil on odometer ?

    ANY HELP WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED...can't wait to buy my first bmw!
  • gordonwdgordonwd Posts: 337
    Nav but no moonroof? Anyway, these fees are dealer-dependent and might be negotiable. They should be included on the purchase agreement that you sign, so don't sign until they are explained.

    When I ordered my 325i last week there was a $130 "documentation fee" included. What really ticked me off one time, though, was the Audi dealer that included a "dealer association advertising fee". I argued that one off, but it wasn't easy.
  • doseidosei Posts: 11
    Me and my wife are in the market for a 3series, can anyone recommend a dealer they received good pricing from in either SF area or LA area? If you have a name of a honest salesperson, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    You can mention a dealership name, but not names of individual salespeople. Thanks!
  • gordonwdgordonwd Posts: 337
    >If you have a name of a honest salesperson

    Isn't that what they call an oxymoron? Sort of like "military intelligence" or "jumbo shrimp"?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I don't really think that kind of comment is necessary ... there are a number of very helpful salesfolks participating in our conversations as members of our community just as we all are.

    If we just stick to the topic, everything will be just fine.

  • gordonwdgordonwd Posts: 337
    Sorry, I should have included the smiley emoticon :-). I just couldn't resist the opening. The salesperson who just sold me my 325i at Erhard BMW in Bloomfield Hills, MI was a really nice, straightforward, and totally honest guy and made the sales process very enjoyable.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Ahh! Glad to hear that, and congrats! :-)
  • Dear All,

    Thanks to your support and input I negotiated what I think was a great deal on an 330 cic which I ordered, not off the lot with options:

    Metallic paint,
    premium package,
    sport package,
    cold weather package,

    List price $51,115
    Invoice price $46,740

    Paid $49,000

    Two great dealerships Tulley BMW of Nashua NH, and BMW of Peabody MA. Chose BMW of Peabody who will store my hardtop and winter tires. Paying cash, no hassles from finance office. Will keep posted on rest of buying experience.

    Thanks all.
  • eyeseyes Posts: 2
    im planning to buy 2004 325i series, there was an offer for me in one of the dealers here in las vegas for $36,000 with the following options. premium package, sport package,leather seat, steptronic,xenon headlight, folding rear seat, silver metellic paint. is that a good deal? do i have to wait for the 2005 model instead?
    any advise will be appreciated. thanks
  • gordonwdgordonwd Posts: 337
    I have a 325i on order, and although I'm not going to reveal what I paid, I was a bit surprised yesterday when I went through some old paperwork and found that it is costing me only $7K more out-the-door than what I paid for my '98 Audi A4 1.8T. First off, this was 6 full years ago and prices have all risen since. Then I am getting comparably better equipment and options: 184HP 6 vs. 150HP turbo 4; power, memory sport seats vs. manual; 16" vs. 15" wheels; and heated seats. The only plus on the Audi side was the Quattro AWD which was a $1600 option.

    This was a pleasant surprise since from my standpoint I am moving up quite a bit in most ways, but that's not a bad price difference 6 years later.
  • No, don't! The 3-series will be an all-new (or a nearly all-new) design for model year 2005. That means it will be hit with the Bangle-ugly stick and will have that God-forsaken iDrive "control" interface.

    Edit: Check out the Future Vehicles > 2005 BMW 3-series discussion. The consensus there seems to be that the new design will come out as an early 2006-model-year debut.
  • hman709hman709 Posts: 11
    From what i understand, i thought the '05 3-series will still have the same look

    But the change will actaully be in the '06 model.
  • Anyone with buying/service experience in Chicago? Im leaning toward Fields in Northbrook, Perillo in Chicago, and Knauz in Highland Park.
  • All you experts, what is a fair price to offer a dealer for a new 03 325i with step, sports, premium, xenon, heated seats? Silver gray w/black leather?

    Asking $34,l45. Seems high to me. What would be a fair offer? Would appreciate any input.

  • Last year when BMW replaced the 5-series, there were some significant dealer incentives that were given out by the factory ($2,000 to $3,000) to clear out the "old" models before the redesign 5 was launched. Has anyone heard anything about special pricing to clear out the '04 3's?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,743
    Brislance... What is the MSRP?

    Sargon.. The '05 model 3-series is going to be the same as the '04.. Don't expect big incentives until much later in the year.



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • sjmurray3sjmurray3 Posts: 90
    Never leased before: Is $1500 down 36MOS 15000 miles money factor .0016 a good deal on a convertible 325? 525 Aquisition fee and a 750 deposit? Can I drive the money factor down?
  • jdb92656jdb92656 Posts: 12
    That money factor seems pretty low. That's roughly a 3.84% rate for the financing. But you never get what you don't ask for. BTW, what are your payments working out to and what dealership? You just might change my mind on leasing a TSX.
  • sjmurray3sjmurray3 Posts: 90
    I have read on Edmunds that some customers have received .00125 with BMW.
  • etgetg Posts: 2
    I recently ordered a 2004 325 Ci and it should arrive in April. Although we agreed to a price, I know from experience when you sit down with the financial guy, they try and sell you a lot of extras.

    Does BMW offer an extended warranty, beyond the 4 years/50,000 mile? If so, does anyone know what is the cost, and is it factory or 3rd party?

    Also, has anyone bought the "BMW Assist" program? How much is it, and is it worth it?

    BTW I ordered Met Blue, Premium package, AT, xenon, PDC, GPS, and upgraded Harmon Kardon and price is 37,000 plus tax and lic.

  • jimm718jimm718 Posts: 6
    I bought a '99 CPO 325i two years ago at Fields. Buying experience was painless and service has been great. Just took it in for an oil change last week.

    I'll buy again from Fields and I live close enough to Perillo that I can walk there!
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    etg... You wrote, "Does BMW offer an extended warranty, beyond the 4 years/50,000 mile? If so, does anyone know what is the cost, and is it factory or 3rd party?"

    Short answer is NO. BMW does not. But yes, you can buy 3rd party extended warranties (really service contracts). I don't recommend 3rd party extended service contracts.

    Do keep in mind that you can extend BMW's maintenance program past the 4/50 initial period. This is on things like oil changes, brake pads, rotors, belts, fluids, etc.

    BMW does offer CPO warranty on used cars. If you buy a late model low mile CPO car, you can have BMW warranty out to 6/100K. But the CPO warranty is different and less comprehensive than the original 4/50 bumper-to-bumper warranty.
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    There seems to be a new program at BMW if I read it right, that will extend the b-b on new cars to 100K miles. I found the thread on a another board, posted by a BMW representative. The most probable best source of information would be BMW NA.
  • sjmurray3sjmurray3 Posts: 90
    Ladies & Gents, was there a $500 price increase on 325 convertibles in the last few months? I found the base price on several cars at my local dealer is $37,300 vs. Edmunds' $37,800? Just curious... These cars arrived pre-January.


    I am in negotiations with several dealers to lease a 325CiC. Got the MF down to .00145 and $1500 down on a 42 MOS 15,000 mile lease? Does this sound good? Is 42 MOS wise? Should I push the button? My first lease, so please chime in! Scott
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    Scott- have you posted the question on the leasing board. It's in news and views. If you provide the mf, residual, terms, msrp he will be able to give you some insight. At the very least, in order for one of us to comment, the same information is needed.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,743
    1) Yes, there was a price increase on January 1.

    2) The "buy rate" MF on all 325 models is .00125, so the dealer is marking it up .0002
    That is pretty typical for BMW dealers. The maximum that BMWFS allows them to mark it up is .0004 To put it in perspective, each .0001 markup will cost you about $8/mo.

    3) The acquistion fee should be $525. Some dealers will also mark this up. They are allowed to go up to $725.

    4) On a 15K lease, I'd rather do 39 months, so I could stay in warranty for the entire lease. But, you'd have to check the residual differences between 36, 39, 42 months for BMW, to see where the sweet spot is. Ideally, grab the longer term if the residual drops less than 1%/mo. 1%/mo. drop is a tossup, and avoid the longer term if residual drop is greater than 1%/mo.

    5) You mention putting $1500 down. I recommend putting nothing down. It does lower the payment, but you are better off with the money in the bank. If something happens to the car (stolen, totaled), the down payment is gone. Plus, it obscures what the car is actually costing you per month. That might be a good thing, if you have to convince the wife to go for it, though.
    I generally only pay the first payment, security deposit and any licensing/registration fees up front. Have them roll the acquisition fee into the lease.

    Good luck!!


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • sjmurray3sjmurray3 Posts: 90
    Very helpful! Scott
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