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2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Akende1,

    I think deals in south Florida are a bit tougher to come by. I leased a 530 with a cap cost of $1500 over invoice(inlcudes $200 mark up on acqusition fee and $500 dealer fee). Not great but fair. Could I have negotiated a couple of hunderd bucks less, probably. However, I don't think I would have ever walked out of there for $1,000 over.
  • I ordered my vehicle with the color and options I wanted.

    My deal was:

    Invoice price (including destination) + $400 dealer profit + $400 MACO + $45 doc fees + tax + license.

    You may have to go out of State if that kind of deal is not possible in Florida.
  • akende1akende1 Posts: 11

    You are correct. It is difficult striking a good/fair deal in Florida, especially S. Florida. I mean, you can set up a great deal that the dealer can walk away with around 1000-$1500, and many of them still refuse to accept. It is a Challenge!!!

  • akende1akende1 Posts: 11

    ?, how did you eliminate dealer fees? Are dealer fees & dealer prep. fees the same thing? (Just a play of terms)

    At what point in the negotiation process, is it the very last chance to strike a better deal?

  • Adende1,

    Not sure what you mean by dealer fees? MACO is for advertising and profit is profit. Why would anyone pay for anything else? Just treat dealer fees & prep. fees as profit. Who really care what those fees are. I simply ask for selling price plus tax, license and doc fees. Just as long as you know the invoice price, then negotiate from that point.

    For me, I sent out a few e-mails for quotes and from the help of some very nice people on this forum, I was able to finalize my deal with a follow-up phone call to match or beat the lowest price from the closest dealer to me.

    That was the best and easiest buying experience I ever had and I get to order my vehicle. Can't ask for much more.

    Good Luck to you.
  • brian500brian500 Posts: 10
    There are some very knowledgeable people here so I thought you may be able to help me with my decision. I bought a Range Rover Supercharged Sport after reading that forum and it really helped.

    Once I add up all the options on a 550… I get to over 70k… I figure I can get a slightly used 06 M5 for mid to low 80k. ..say with 5k miles.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,638
    Thought: You don't have to put every option on the car...

    You can get a nicely equipped 550i for around $62K-$64K MSRP.. a selling price of $60K even..

    That is a long way from $85K for a used M5..

    Of course, if you have $85K to spend, and really want an M5 instead of a 550i.. then, sure... a much better deal..... go get it now.. ;)


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • akende1akende1 Posts: 11
    Since the Prem. Sound option is no longer availabe w/ the 6 disc changer; and Logic 7 pkg definitely does not incude the 6 disc changer.....does anybody have an idea of the cost of the 6 disc changer? (that now must be dealer installed) :(

  • Forget about the 6 disc changer. Don't waste your money. The 07's has the capability of playing mp3 CD which could hold hundreds of songs. Also, the Aux input could play your mp3 player (ipod).
  • akende1akende1 Posts: 11
    I noticed that feature. I have yet to dive into the mp3(ipod) craze. I guess I need to get it together!!! Will the mp3 be fully controlable via the car's normal audio controls? (i.e. voice activated, steering wheel controls) I will look more into the feature, and investing in a mp3 player. (mp3 CD :confuse: )

  • Hello All,

    Thanks for all the help/input provided; I am near the end of my journey of becoming a BMW 5-series owner. I just have one last question: Are dealer document fees negoitiable? If so, what is reasonable? It seems that every dealer has its own cost for document fees.

    Low_ball_88, thanks for your feedback, it has helped tremendously. :D

  • yurygyuryg Posts: 15
    I have '06 530xi w/premium stereo which includes a 6 disk changer. The original single disk plays MP3 disks with FULL compatibility with normal audio controls. It is actually better than regular CDs because MP3's display artist/song name on the screen. Regular CD (either in disk or in changer) do not. The MP3 disk stores about as much music as all 6 "regular" CDs in the changer. It is also capable of displaying menus and sub menus (eg you can have Pink Floyd on "top" menu, then "Wall", "Other Side of the Moon", etc, on the next level, and finally the songs on the final level). My next BMW will be without the totally useless CD changer. Not only is CD changer slow to change and to load, it also rejects about 40% of my burned CD's, which means normally only 3-4 CDs out of 6 in changer can be played. The single CD player plays them without problems.
  • Hi All,

    I found an '02 540 with 20K miles. The dealer (non-BMW) obtained it as a lease return, and is asking $33K. My main concern is that it is not CPO, and has no factory warranty. He offered to sell a 3yr/100k extended warranty for $2.4K.
    What can I do to mitigate my risks in this deal? How can I tell if these were 'hard' miles...

    On the other end of the mileage spectrum, I found an '02 540 with 52K miles from a BMW dealer, and this one is CPO, which adds 2 years to the already expired factory warranty. This one can be had for $27.5K

    Which of these 2 should I focus on?

  • Your best bet is to go to Germany on R&R perferably the Hessen area(Frankfurt) and see one of the BMW US Auto Sales people the deal you will get there will beat anything you find in the states plus most will throw in shipping. Right now 37,300 is the starting price for a 525i, 39,200 for a 525xi, and 41,000 for the 530i. I am in Iraq too and that is the route I took last year down here and got a 06' 525xi with prm pkg,nav,comfort access,sun shades,sports pkg, steptronic,park distance for 46,500 out the door. Now I don't pay the tax because I lived in Germany but that was still better than anything out there at the time. I am back in Iraq and I just bought the 328i 07' on leave I pick it up 1 Nov and it has sports pkg, comfort access, steptronic and I got it for 29,900 and I don't believe anyone stateside will match that. Anyone out there seen a better deal than that yet?
  • I read with interest you comment about the 6-disc CD changer no longer available with the premium sound system. I ordered by 07 530 with premium sound, and it did come with the 6-disc CD changer. Is this something new that they have changed?

    Thanks for your prompt response
  • Yes, it is new for BMW. They no longer offer the premium sound package (1800MSRP) that included the logic 7 and the 6 disc changer. Now they offer the Logic 7 package (1200MSRP) that does not include the 6 disc changer. What it does offer is a interface(cradle inside of glove box) that allows you to connect an IPOD to the audio system or the dealer can later install the 6 disc changer at particular cost. I believe this change occurred around July or August.
  • fm1fm1 Posts: 20
    Hi guys,

    Towards the end of last year, BMW offered sales tax credit to new buyers. Depending on the state, one could save 6.25% without any negociation. Does anyone knows if this program will be offered this year? I have forgot the months, I would appreciate if someone can tell what month they ran this promotion. Thanks.

  • Hi,
    What a great board. Great comments.
    From what I've read, it sounds like I've got a good "sale price" but not a good lease rate. But it would be great for someone to help clue me in before I buy....

    2007 530i Sport
    15,000 miles per year
    36 month lease
    MSRP: $57,070
    Residual: 60% = $34,242
    Sale price: $53,930
    Base pmt: $701.19 (+tax 57.85)

    These numbers were shown as well
    "LSE FCT 0.1750" Due FLSR: 52,337 gp+pac+inc: 51,936

    Drive off: 1993.60 (1st month 759.04 + 449.75 lic, + 725 BNK + 28 DMV

    Thanks for any help.
  • Are you sure that the sale price is $800 over invoice? It seems like the sales price includes a $400 MACO. You are actually paying $1,200 over invoice. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Also, I think you should ask this question on the lease forum since the host there recently say that you should pay $0 at drive off. Go to that forum and check it out.
  • You are very right - or close.....
    the $53,885 includes: $380 MACO, $45 Opt TTL, $180 Training - not sure who's getting training......
  • Until now, my BMW buying experience had been perfect. I purchased my 2003 BMW in San Diego at Harloff BMW.. They were above board and can not say enough great things about my experience. I never once felt like i was getting a bad deal.
    Now i am looking to sell my 2003 and purchase/possibly lease a 2007 5 series. In my 2 trips to my sacramento area bmw dealer, i feel like i am getting ripped off. I am finding that sacramento just doenst have the competition, the inventory and treats their customers poorly.
    The dealership i went to had 1 of each 5 series on the lot, and that was it!!!So they were really pushing the ones on the lot, even if it wasnt exactly what you wanted. Then to make matters worse, they wouldnt negotiate off of the invoice only off of msrp... which was like pulling teeth. Also, they wouldnt negotiate until they new if i was going to go lease or purchase. This shouldnt matter, and didnt with my 2003. I hate the game of 'how much do you want to spend each month'... it doesnt matter-- what is the bottom line on the offer and that should be it.
    My question is-- should i just give up on sacramento bmw dealers and go back to sd? has anyone had a good experience just doing the negotiation and purchase via the internet.
    I would really like to get my 530xi but i am soo frustrated with my preview of dealers out here... i w :mad: ould love some insight/guidance on my next best steps to getting my car i want and not feeling like ive been 'raped'.
  • jobiejobie Posts: 47
    I could use some help - a dealer has a 2006 5-series wagon demo with 5K miles (driven by dealership owner for a few months); MSRP was about $56K, invoice about $52K; salesman said they want to move it..."make an offer". I was not really in the market for the wagon, but it is pretty cool in person; I haven't driven it yet, so I don't know how it compares to the sedan. Any educated opinions on how low I could go? Thanks
  • I know exactly what you mean. Been through that frustration before at the dealerships you mentioned. Buy yours in the Bay Area and you will find that they will cut you a deal that you would not believe. When you are the only game in town, why deal. That is their mentality. They have gotten the town thinking that you have to pay msrp or forget about it. Go internet sales and only go into the dealership when you want to test drive. I have found that you will get a better deal if you order a vehicle versus buying one on the lot. Good luck!
  • hi
    i was interested where you ordered your BMW. You have ordered the exact car that I want and have been dealing with the fleet manager and some other dealers in the bay area. Where did you end up buying your car and what was the price out the door? Thanks so much for your help.
  • I just wanted to say that Berkeley would not match the low price I got from 3 other dealers in the bay area. so i did not want to deal with them.

    i thought i talked with the fleet manager but not sure.
    he basically told me to take the deal from the other dealership. LOL
  • What kind of deal was the others offering? and where? I am very surprised that Berkeley did not match.

    Could it be that you are trying to buy a car on the lot. You get a better deal ordering the vehicle since the dealer is just a pass through and do not have to deal with inventory.
  • I noticed that some lucky folks got deals at a $1000 over dealer invoice. At the same time, it appears that you cannot get such deals in all markets (I saw Florida & Dallas in other postings).

    I am looking for how much to expect in the Houston market. I am interested in a 2007 525i w/ premium + automatic. MSRP is $47,470 and Edmunds dealier price is $43,925 (including destination fees). The best deal I have so far is $46,270 (which is $2,345 over invoice), though below the Edmunds True Market Value....
  • my MF was .00010 after a little pushing. '07 530i 15k/36 mo. with MSRP of 56,500 and cap cost of 53600 with 2625 drive off and payment of 691 including taxes.
  • Okay, after months and months of talking to every BMW dealership in Calif. I finally ordered my new BMW530i 2007 last week from the Fremont Dealership. It was a great deal.
    I got Premium pkg, Sport Pkg, Heated Front seats, folded down back seat, Navigation, Metallic Black exterior, black interior and tax, everything OUT THE DOOR FOR 58,247.00 INCLUDING CALIF. TAX AND ALL FEES. I ordered this car to be built in Germany and will receive it in December. If you want a great experience buying a BMW go to the Fremont Dealership
  • mukvijmukvij Posts: 15
    Hi All,

    1. I am able to get a 2006 BMW 525i with about 10000 miles on it for 40K. Worth it? It has premium package, automatic transmission, heated seats.

    2. I hear early 2006 models have a Aluminum Block engine instead of Aluminum Megnisium. Does that make a lot of difference?

    3. My dealer confirmed that in 2008 they will have 528i. Should I worry too much about my car depreciation thinking about that?
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