Water Damage

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I pray that someone can help me with how to make this the least inexpensive fix.

Rain for a few days.
I get in the car and the SOS is out, water drips from it. But I think its just me opening the Pano roof.
Driving I turn on the heat and dash, moisture clouds the windows. I turn off the air.
Soon after on highway, lights and ECU warning flashes to Get to workshop without changing gears.
Car turns off, I restart...Dont want to get stuck on NJ turnpike
Get car to mechanic
Mechanic says there was a lot of water on both floor boards, and drains maybe clogged, and ecu's damaged
Car will not turn over, and the codes cannot be read.
Looking at 5K and doesnt know the exact problem makes me go, hmmmmmm


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,482
    Well it's very hard to say what's going on here at this point, without some very skillful and dogged diagnosis.

    On the face of it at least, the ECU isn't anywhere near the floorboards, which suggests to me that the mechanic hasn't yet really investigated the problem but is coming up with "worst case scenario" in order to prepare you for a large bill (not implying he is being dishonest, just pessimistic).

    Certainly a thorough examination of all the fuse boxes is in order, and probably somebody needs to get out the complete wiring diagram for this vehicle.

    Sometimes a thorough drying out will restore functions, as will pulling apart connectors that might have gotten wet.

  • mlevinemlevine Member Posts: 565

    I agree with above letting the vehicle dry out. If posssible some electrical connections may have gotten wet. I have used compressed air on connections with computers and cell phones which helped. Vehicles today are big computers.
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