I have a Dodge Ram 3500 1 ton dually pickup sometimes goes into uncontrollable steering vibration.

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Causes for uncontrollable steering vibrations in 2002 Dodge duelly 3500 1ton pu. Steering box is new and everything seems tight in steering linkage. Ball joints are tight


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    How are the alignment specs? You remember how a shopping cart acts with a bad caster angle?
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    Maybe tire/wheel is out of balance? Spinbalance them and/or rotate wheels+tires front to back to see if symptom changes? Also there's gotta be lots more than balljoints in front end that can loosen up. Some bushings may be worn/squished and need swap? Also consider to check all motor mounts?
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    Check the track bar, bushing wear in the track bar can cause a condition nick named "death wobble". Another component to make sure that it is in good condition is the steering damper (looks like a shock absorber) that connects to the axle and the center link on some models.
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    @jjjohnj replied but it wound up in our help system - "solved the problem. It was the idler arm".
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