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Pontiac Grand Prix: Problems & Solutions



  • I have had this problem since I have owned the car. My car is a 2000 GT. If I get a half inch of rain overnight, my passenger front floor is soaked. I have had as much as 2 and 1/2 inches of water on the floor. I have 2 friends that own a 2000 grand prix and the same with them. I have gone to the dealership and of course no recalls. They offered to look at it, but for $500-1000, I said no. This is a pontiac problem. This is my 3rd pontiac and quite frankly, probably my last.

    Now, I have learned that if I turn my car the other way on my street, it doesn't leak. Unfortunatly, I don't always know when we will get the downpour. If it is a light rain, I don't seem to have the problem.

    I have to beleive it is a design problem, since I know this many people with the same problem.
  • jamie1022 i have a 2002 grand prix gt sounds like the same trouble i had. Took it in many times and it finaly would not start.They changed the fuel pump problem solved,hope this helps.
  • bxdbxd Posts: 186
    I would look at the EGR valve. Should be electronic, and I would check for correct resistance through the solenoids. I have seen this idiosyncracy first hand on W bodies before.
  • I have the same problem with my GP 2001 GT and i`m gonna get the rf wheel bearing replaced tomorrow and this will resolve the problem . :)
  • hi..i just got an '05 grand prix gt. it has only 1200 miles on it. three times now the "service vehicle soon" lamp will come on at the driver information console when i put it in reverse. it does this only once in awhile. the moment i stop and either put it in drive or park it goes off and clears. ive called onstar when it happened and they show no codes. any ideas? thanks
  • I recently purchased a 2001 Pontiac GP GT w/44k miles. When the car first starts moving and the wheels are turned to the right or the left, there is a rubbing noise coming from the front of the vehicle (by the wheel well it seems). I have tried to diagnose it myself, but no luck. I took the car to the dealer and they could not find anything wrong with it. They said if it gets worse to come back in. Has anyone had this problem before or knows what could be causing the noise?

  • I also have a 2001 Grand Prix GT, 53,000 miles, same exact problem your describing. No answers for you, but I can say it has been happening since about 48,000 miles and has not gotten any worse.
  • I have a 1999 GTP with 200000 miles. All 4 windows have broken. I fixed the problems myself! What you will find is the "plastic" window holder/guide on the metal tracks inside simply cracks and breaks away letting the window fall down and not go back up. Cheap plastic parts! I corrected all 4 of my windows by drilling the slide plate and installing "large cotter-key pins" around the window up/down cable that normally locks into the cheap plastic guide. It is difficult to explain... but the bottom line is that the quarter panels would blow off now before any of my window guides ever break again.
  • hi Tracyb,
    I know it's a little bit late to answer this,over a year ,but I think I know the problem.
    The catalyst system must be clogged, I had the same problem with my 2001.
    bye hornet38
  • Hi there,
    By the way, it is not a transmission problem.
    You said that you did a tune up a year ago ,I don't know if you replaced the spark plugs but if you did and you didn't replaced the spark plugs wires, there should be one or more cracked spark plugs and your engine experience misfire.
    there should be one more thing that could be doing, get the catalyst system be checked out, it could be clogged.
    remember that if you replaced spark plugs on this car, replace wires at the same time (with genuine parts)
    good luck SYLVAIN LESSARD (hornet38)
  • hi,
    you should check both front wheel bearings hubs, remember that GM uses those bearings on many models and those are very weak
    good luck
  • Help! Just purchased a 2005 GP used and it has a vibration in the front end. The dealer replaced 2 tires, aligned all wheels and balanced the tires 3 times. The vibration still persists. Any suggestions?? Love the car but sure dont need the vibration. Could this be the factory aluminum rims?
    Also the low fuel light does not work. Is this easily fixed?
    Any help or suggestions are appreciated!
  • lt37lt37 Posts: 3
    I have a 2004 grand prix gt2 with 86000 miles and I have a leak in the power steering rack. Has this been a problem of anybody else, or maybe a I should say a problem pontiac has been having with these cars?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,375
    Did you really mean to type 86,000 miles??!!

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  • Don't know where you live, but charlie meadows transmissions in Asheville NC fixed my overdrive transmission ('99 GP GTP) for $1500 - a full rebuild... and did a very good job.
  • I haven't seen anyone response to this yet, but if my 99 GP is sitting in my driveway at night (seems to only be when this happens, maybe because it's getting colder?) the alarm will start going off every so often, and then turn back off after 5 honks. Last night it was doing it increasingly. At first it did it once or twice while i was awake. Then I went to sleep and awoke to it going off every 3-5 minutes, sometimes even less than that. What's going on?
  • lt37lt37 Posts: 3
    I have a 2004 gp and I have that problem too, I thought it was something else but I see now it must be a pontiac problem
  • lt37lt37 Posts: 3
    yes, actually 87,000 now, long commute to work
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,375
    Okay, in that case 86K is a fairly normal mileage for steering rack wear.

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  • I just bought a used 1998 Grand Prix. I have been driving it for 4 days. Tonight I just got off of the highway the engine just died. Headlights were bright so the I knew it wasn't the alternator. I put it in park and it started right back up and drove home. Now I am afraid it will die again. Anyone had a problem like this?
  • Yes,my wifes 99 GP (bought new)has done this several times
    since we've had it. No explanation for it.
    Engine just dies and then restarts right away.
  • :confuse: wining noise-I have the same problem with my 2001 gt it wines when I make left turns at first I really had to cut the wheel hard at a good speed but now it does it on slight wheel movements at any speed. It is getting worse. I don't know if it is the power steering ,rack & pinoin or the differential. I would hate to replace all the above and find out it is an axle or somthing like that.
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    A common cause of intermittent stall or no start is the crankshaft position sensor. Difficult diagnose when it's not acting up, though.
  • I have a 99 Grand Prix. Daughter was driving it this past friday, she told me it was acting up on her on way to work, didn't have alot of power. She took it in for an oil change, the guy told her to tell me to also add some coolant. She said the car ran great on way home but no heat. I went out and checked it and saw that the temperature was up on it, temp light was on. I took my other car and went and got dexcool for it. I came home added it to the reservoir, took it for a drive. It ran great, had heat but then it started getting alittle sluggish and temperature started rising. Took it home, got out my manual, let the car cool and then added coolant directly to radiator. I went to start it and it won't start. Any ideas? :confuse:
  • Thanks!! It died again the next day and this time I noticed that it hesitated when I accelerated and then died. Would not restart right away but after five minutes started right up. Felt like fuel starvation. I drove it straight to the dealer (there is a 30 day warranty on the drive train) and told him that I suspected the fuel pump or crank sensor.

    It's a beautiful car and in almost perfect condition so I would love to keep it. Really it is for my 18yo son. He is in love with it.
  • alphyalphy Posts: 3
    I just signed up for this forum also...while doing research on the SAME situation happening to me this past weekend! I own a 99 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP with 112,000 miles. I've owned the car since 2001 without major problems, and have upkept the car well. It was running fine, without any problems. This last weekend, while my girlfriend and I were having dinner at a restaurant downtown, the car caught on fire in the parking garage! I did not know what happened until I returned to the garage to find my car missing. When I called the police, they informed me of the fire and said it was under investigation. The fire investigator notified me a few days later, that he (and 3 other investigators) could not determine exactly what caused the fire, but that it was some sort of malfunction in the engine compartment.

    I still am in shock at how a perfectly fine car can just catch on fire...when it is parked and not running! I was even more shocked when I decided to research a little, and found out that others have had similar experiences!! This is unbelievable. My situation is in the hands of the insurance company right now...i'm hoping they can provide more insight to the situation. Do any of you that have gone through this have any more info?? Has anyone attempted to contact Pontiac Motor Division or GM?? It seems to me that this is a huge safety concern, and if they have a faulty product or design flaw, someone should address the problem. Luckily in my situation no one was hurt, but the state of the car is awful. I saw it for the first time last night at the impound yard...and the whole front third of the car is destroyed. I'm still in shock... If there are more people out there that this has happened to...please add to the discussion or share any advice (besides not buying a GM product ever again!).
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Let us know the outcome, I'd be interested in what it was.
  • Hi I have recently purchased a pontiac grand prix 2001 eight months ago, recntly the car srarted idling up and down kinda spitting and sputtering, husband changed plugs and wires, changed tranny filter, still doing it, now the abs light and trac off light has come on. Help what do i do? :mad:
  • anndjanndj Posts: 3
    Hello Penny and others,

    My 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP also caught on fire this Saturday, 11/12/05 at 2 p.m., while parked in our condo common parking area. We had just gone to the hairdresser and back. The ride was less than 15 minutes to home. The police incident report states that the police and fire depts responded at 2:15 p.m. I was notified by my neighbor's child that my car was on fire at 2:30 p.m. When I ran out to the parking lot, all I could see was about 10 foot flames coming from the front of my car. I didn't even realize the neighbor's Toyota parked to my right was on fire too. It took about a half hour to put them all the way out. On the left of my car was a Honda CR-V. This neighbor was out of town and it was scorched on the passenger's side. All three cars were towed away. I know the owner of the towing company, and asked him what he thought caused the fire. He said it looked electrical to him.

    I notified my insurance company right away. They have taken my car to study/investigate the cause, but declared my 2002 Grand Prix GTP is totaled as well as the Toyota. I notified GMAC too. Have you? Anndj
  • alphyalphy Posts: 3

    My situation was pretty much the same....we arrived at the parking garage around 10:55 pm...and the Fire Investigator told me the fire call went out at 11:15 pm. I had driven the car maybe 25 minutes, with no evidence of any problems. Is your insurance company going to do a thorough investigation to determine the exact cause? The head investigator told me that he (and 3 other investigators) were unable to pin point the exact component that failed (since there are not automotive engineers...) He just said that the fire was accidental, and definatly caused by a failure of an engine component. I asked my insurance company if they would do an investigation....but they said since there were no recalls from Pontiac, they usually do not since the cost and time for an investigation like that can be high. So, I really don't know what part failed....but I requested a copy of the fire investigation report, and am hoping to get pictures from the insurance company. I have not contacted GMAC or Pontiac Motor Division yet. What did you tell them....who did you contact...and what did they have to say?? I doubt they will do anything...they should at least launch an investigation into a possible defective part or design flaw and fix it before someone gets hurt. I wonder how many people this has happened to. When the fire happened to my car, it made the city news (because it occurred on city property)...I thought about giving them a call with the information about how this has happened to other people with the same model car. Maybe they would do a follow up story about the model car...with a little publicity and the word getting out...then maybe GM would do a better job of figuring out what is causing Grand Prix GTPs to burn up?!
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