Dies when put in gear. '99 Nissan Quest.

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Was having hard / no start. Changed coolant temp sensor fixed problem. Now when I put it in gear it starts running rough t h entertainment dies. Can feather accelerator and runs fine done road. When you stop engine dies.


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    Any codes?
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    I had a couple of bad distributors on my '99 Quest, but that's an expensive part to throw at it without knowing what the problem is.

    When my last one went bad about 8 months ago, none of the local shops got a code either, even though it was running ragged and would stall now and then. I finally had it towed it to a Nissan dealer who was able to pull up some "deep" codes that pinned the problem on the distributor. The story was that only the dealer had the special code reader that could pull up the "deep" ones.

    When I'd get hesitation problems every 30,000 miles or so, usually pulling away from a stop light or sign, I'd go in and clean the throttle body butterfly with some spray cleaner and that would fix me right up. But it never got so bad it would stall out.
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    You might need a technician to run the idle airflow calibration relearn with a scan tool.
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    Here is a link to the full dealer service/repair manual. Not Haynes or Chilton, it's a service/repair manual. Very comprehensive. Perhaps you can find an answer there.

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    Thanks for posting!
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