What does everyone think about these Astro vans? Looking to get one.

ihatemy04frstrihatemy04frstr Member Posts: 7
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Could anyone give me any advice on these astro vans? I don't have much knowledge on these vans but am seeing a lot that have a ton of miles. Are they good running vehicles?


  • carandetccarandetc Member Posts: 22
    used to drive one, great car, very specious and easy to maintain.

    but watch out when you turn, they are on the higher side, and i dont know how many times I ended up on 2 wheels:)
  • ihatemy04frstrihatemy04frstr Member Posts: 7
    What about the engine? How long did you have your astro? How many miles?
  • carandetccarandetc Member Posts: 22
    Engine was good, little noisy but no issues, bought it with 76k miles, had it for a year. I drove 6k miles, sold it with 82k miles. mpg was 10-15

    BTW What is wrong with your 04 forester :)?
    I've had 2 and think GM crazy for not making them anymore. They are just the right size and comfortable. I gave one to my my and bought the second. He locked up the one I gave him and sent that one to the BONEYARD. I have just started to have some issues with my second (140K mis) since I haven't been driving it daily. The mechanic I have doesnt get right on it and it continues to sit. All in all if ya find a good one grab is my opininon.
    Obviously, the age of these vans are phazing themselves into the ASTROZONE (nobody wants to work on them).
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