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Ok so my timing bely is broke on my red rockect(my ford escort) please can some one tell me where to get a book or a diagram to fix it.
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    Barnes and Noble, in the transportation section. I hope there's one in walking distance.
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    Try your local library
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    sell repair manuals too.

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    For the money spent, check out AlldataDIY subscription. It is an on-line manual that is a TOTAL service manual for your vehicle. They use the information direct from the factory.
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    Do these cars have an interference style engine or non? Specifically, i am wondering about the 1997 stock engine. Just curious if i need to schedule a belt replacement for our merc tracer.


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    I was told by the service manager at the dealer that fixed my car (see ZX2 topic) that Ford hasn't made an interference engine for the Escort since 1983.
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    I would seriously be looking at a different dealer if I were you.

    Cause they definitely don't know what they are talking about.

    From Ford's own information system;

    The 97-2003 Escort with the 2.0L DOHC is an interferance engine.

    The 97 Escort with 2.0L SOHC is not interferance.

    Timing belt referance for Fords.
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    Holy Jeezus =o

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    so the 2.0l dohc engine is an interference engine? Unless im mistaken, isn't that the Zetec from the contour? I know of a couple people that have had t belts go on them with no damage at all. I suppose all that matters is that the 2.0 split port engine that is in my car is non interference :)


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    Well, according to Ford, Alldata and Mitchell, the 2.0L DOHC is an interference engine from 97-up.
    To be honest, I have no clue if it is or isn't. I can only go by the information systems on the little cars.
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    What do they say for the contour 2.0l dohc engine? Perhaps knowing that will allow us to figure out if they are even talking about the same engine

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    Not sure. Looking over the info, the engine setups look different. Ford doesn't show whether or not it is interference for the Contour.
    Or not that I could locate. But my time was limited on their system, so I may have to look again later.
    Alldata and Mitchell both show the engine as interference. So I am left scratching my head to confirm this.
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    I have the Popular Mechanics auto repair manual on cd, which includes the alldata TSB database. I'm a little disappointed with the quality of the servicing material - not on par with Chilton's. It's my impression the content basically all came from AllData(?)

    Anyone have an opinion re the AllDataDIY online content?
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    Hmm, understand that the PM disk is a discontinued, for the consumer, not the professional, information disk.
    That being said, the AlldataDIY subscription is the same information system that the professional shop uses, just that it is only for one vehicle.
    The mechanics I deal with, alot of them think that the AlldataDIY subscription is the best value out there right now.
    You see, Alldata uses the information direct from the manufacturer for the professional information systems. The AlldataDIY is the same information as the pro version, the TSB and recall information is updated quarterly instead of daily, with the DIY version.
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    I replaced a timing belt on a previous accord several years ago, looked at a non OEM belt-wanted to save a few bucks-first of all it was kinked into a small box-not supposed to do that it will/can break cords and it did not look even similiar to accord belts-looked thinner.

    If u want to save a few bucks, buy a honda tb on line-about 25% saving vs dealer
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    My local mechanic suggests that I change the timing belt and water pump on my 92 Chrysler Lebaron.He gave me an estimate of apprx $450 for the job.Main cost is labor at 3.5 hours at 64 an hour.Is this a reasonable charge?
    Second, the car has 130,000 miles on it and I don't think I have ever changed the timing belt so i guess it certainly needs to be done.But if I let it go and the belt goes will it cause a lot of damage to the car?
    I read somewhere that certain types of timing belts don't cause damage when they go bad.
    Considering the age of the car,I don't feel like putiing much money into it.
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    Well you either put money into an old car or it stops, right?

    I understand most people's position when they own older cars. The idea is "If something breaks, I'll fix it, otherwise, I'll leave it alone".

    Okay, a sort of attrition policy. Nothing wrong with that, except....except...there is the risk that when that 'something' does break, that something is going to a) leave you stranded some place you don't wanna be and/or b) break other things, too, causing the car to be basically worthless (read: junk it).

    I myself prefer a very reliable car, and I think 130K on any part of a Chrysler LeBaron is already a gift from God.

    I think the dealer's estimates are reasonable, yes.
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    A good point about where you break down.That car has been running about 1k a year in maintenance over the past few years which I guess is pretty good considering how much it would cost to replace it.Timing belt it is! Thanks
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    So $80 a month? Yeah, that's okay for an old car. Beats car payments by a long one.
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    timing belt on lexus 95 es300, the manual recomends to replace at 60k, most people replace at 90k. is anyone has problem with it before it reaches 90k?thanks
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    which is the gamble you're making. do you feel lucky today?
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    It doesn't cost an engine on the '95 V-6 in the camry and ES...it will just cost an inopportune stalling and stranding.

    I think everyone goes 90K on these belts - later on, Toyota went to 90K for the standard replacement interval on the same belt, and same engine.

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