Hood Won't Close

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This may sound like a joke, but it is NOT! I want to know if the hood should stay closed due to the hood latching mechanism (safety catch and associated mechanism) or should the hood stay closed because the hood struts are designed to hold the hood down? I think that the mechanism associated with the hood safety catch locks and latches the hood down and it may be stuck preventing the hood from closing. My nephew says NO, that it is the hood struts that lock down the hood and the safety latch only keeps the hood from being ripped off when the hydraulic struts fail. Is my nephew all wet or is there truth to what he says. He claims I need new struts to hold the hood down.


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    I believe the struts are to hold hood up, not down (there isn't anything else holding it up is there?)
    In either case the double latch in front should be holding hood down.
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    Well, thanks for the feedback. I just wanted to make sure that I was correct in my assumptions. The hood latch looked like all the rest of the hood latches I've seen, so I figured my nephew didn't know what he was talking about.
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