Suggested maintenance: rip-off or must do?

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yes, some is a rip. yes, some is must-do. yes, some of the times are wildly optimistic and the maintenance should be done earlier.

yes, if you have a specific issue, post it along with make, model, year, and equipment, and lots of car nuts will respond.

yes, indeed.


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    how many of the same topics are you trying to open?
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    Must be a rip off. Don't change your oil at all,then take it to the dealer when your engine blows up and see what the cost is for a new engine. Lets see, $25.00 for an oil change or thousands of $$ for an people make me laugh.
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    Thanks to those who take this serious... and gave me some advice... for the others, thanks for funny answers. My investigation has found out that the dealer's so-called "must have" maintenance to keep my warranty is all bull. Yes, change your oil... but all their other "stuff" that they said must be done every 7500 miles is a lie. Again, thanks for those who took my question serious. The others... thanks for nothing! YOU make me laugh!
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    To be honest, you asked a VERY vauge question, so the answers are going to be all over the board.

    Some assumed you meant the "Suggested Maintenance" in the owners manual of the vehicle.

    Others assumed you meant the "Suggested Maintenance" schedule by a dealer.

    Besides, you got what you paid for. Next time, when you come looking for free answers to your questions, don't chastize those who do give an answer.

    And most importantly, ask good questions with the right amount of detail.

    Grumpy because of a broken PC today, (^)&^*&*&&^ Windows.
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    I totally agree with TB.
    The answers you get will be as good as the info you provide in your question.
    Since my crystal ball has been in the shop, it makes it very difficult to know exactly what the question is without specifics.
    I knew we shouldn't have fired that psychic.
    He could read minds great, just couldn't fix cars. LOL!
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    they call every time I need help.

    oops, I keep making the same mistake... I don't get called by the "psychic friends" network, my calls are from the "PSYCHO friends" network. keep changing my number, but they still get through ;)
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    I have an 01 Trooper with manual transmission. The book says its time to change the transfer case and both diff. fluids. Can the average bear do this and where do you get the right oil (wal-mart?) I would appreciate any help in this area. I am 40 miles from a dealer and would like to do this myself. Thanks
  • zueslewiszueslewis Member Posts: 2,353
    and yes, you can probably do this at home. Make sure to check your manual for the exact fluid - don't assume - before I did my manual on my Mustang GT, I would have never known it took Ford auto trans fluid!

    I would get a push/pull syringe (Wal-Mart sells them, they're metal with a plastic hose). The syringe makes the job a bunch easier, especially on the transmission. You can pull the covers on the diffs, but the transmission...
  • newcar31newcar31 Member Posts: 3,711
    You don't need to pull any cover off the diff. Your truck has drain plugs on the front and rear differentials and they are there for this very purpose, unlike most American trucks. Same deal with the transfer case and transmission. You might need to remove a skidplate for the front diff and transfer case. The diffs probably use a 80W90 weight GL-4 or GL-5. Like Zues says, better check your owners manual.
  • zueslewiszueslewis Member Posts: 2,353
    simply because I can get ALL the gunk and any minute shavings in the diff, plus I replaced the diff gasket as preventive maintenance for future leaks.
  • newcar31newcar31 Member Posts: 3,711
    I don't think the Izuzu has differential covers. IIRC, the differential casing is two pieces of solid iron with a drain and a fill plug. Most RWD, 4X4, and AWD American cars and trucks have a 1 piece casing with a thin metal cover. The Japanese and European automakers were smart to put drain plugs on their differentials because taking the cover off is a PITA and totally un-necessary if you have drain plugs. Drive the truck around for a while, get the diff fluid nice and warm, then park it and pull the drain plugs. Remember to pull the fill plugs before you pull the drain plugs. Let it sit for a while and you should get most of the gunk out. If you can, after it has sat for a while, flush a little fluid through the fill hole. Before putting the plugs back in, check them for magnets. If they have magnets, clean them off.
  • zueslewiszueslewis Member Posts: 2,353
    Plus, gaskets wear out, unless you have a diff like you're talking about, without a cover and gasket.
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    PITA....Pain in the....

    I used to have to remove the diff cover on my Mustang to change the fluid. You can use a machine that sucks the fluid out of the fill hole, but that doesn't work that good. It never leaked, but that's because I did it right. I torqued all the little bolts in sequence and made sure there was no little pieces of sand or dirt between the gasket and differential case. A drain plug would have been much easier. BTW, most Japanese trucks have two piece solid iron differential casings.
  • zueslewiszueslewis Member Posts: 2,353
    in that light. I know I'm sick, but I enjoy doing diff fluid changes and especially auto trans fluid, filter and gaskets changes.
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